How to Love Yourself

Published Date 1/29/2019
Category: Health & Wellness

Have you mastered the art of self-love?

Even if you're an affectionate person who dotes on your friends, family, and pets, self-love doesn't always come naturally. If you're struggling to channel as much love toward yourself as you give to those around you, don't give up hope. Learn how to love yourself in six simple steps.

Make Self-Care a Priority

When you truly love yourself, you develop a strong sense of what you need to be your best. Whether those needs are mental, emotional, or physical, don't hesitate to meet them. To make self-care a top priority, identify the level of physical activity, the nutritional balance, and the amount of social interaction that help you feel and do your best. Then find a way to integrate these essentials into your daily routine.

Learn to Be Mindful

Mindfulness is another key to self-love, as mindful people typically have a fine-tuned sense of what they need, how they feel, and what they stand for. As you practice mindfulness, you'll find you stop reacting to circumstantial situations or immediate stimuli. Instead, you'll make decisions based on what you believe and where you stand, which helps you cultivate self-love.

Put Yourself in a Loved One's Shoes

If you find that directing compassion to yourself isn't quite as easy as feeling love for family and friends, try putting yourself in a loved one's shoes instead. Remind yourself that you deserve as much love as those around you do, and talk yourself through challenging situations the same way you would help a loved one navigate similar circumstances.

Change Your Narrative

When you find yourself struggling to show yourself the love you deserve, it's time to change the narrative you've always told yourself. Rather than repeating the same negative language, try giving the story of yourself a positive spin. Talk with a video psychic to practice crafting a positive, loving narrative about yourself.

Know How to Forgive

You may have had ample practice forgiving loved ones, but have you learned to forgive yourself for both minor and major infractions? Accept that you're just as human as everyone else, and make a regular practice of forgiving yourself for mistakes. Try reframing mistakes as opportunities for growth, and begin approaching them as new chances for nurturing self-love.

Set Essential Boundaries

Just because you're generous with the love you give to family and friends doesn't mean you shouldn't set a limit once in a while. After all, if you give all your love away, you won't have any left for yourself. Feel comfortable setting boundaries when necessary and declining activities, conversations, or interactions that leave you feeling drained. Remember that you have to protect yourself in order to love as generously as you'd like.

Self-love is a key component to happiness, so mastering this ability is essential. If you feel like you aren't making sufficient progress, talk with an authentic psychic to gain additional tips for making self-love part of your regular routine.


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