How to Love Your Body (Stretch Marks and All)

Published Date 12/27/2014
Category: Health & Wellness

Find ways to love what you see in the mirror.

When it comes to having a healthy body image, it's really important for you to find acceptance of your body, flaws and all. Accepting your body will help you to feel more confident, and if you have any daughters, they will grow up being more accepting of their own bodies. Here are some of the most common perceived flaws and ways you can find ways to love them.

Stretch Marks

One of the best ways to love your flaws is to look for the positives about them. When it comes to stretch marks caused by pregnancy, these are your battle wounds. They're the marks you got by fighting the battle to provide a nurturing home for your little bundle of joy. Be proud of them! You earned your stripes.

If they're from growing too quickly, consider how grateful that you have grown and matured and have a healthy body. Those stretch marks are evidence of that. Don't cover them up. Flaunt them! If this is something you're insecure about, consider talking to an online psychic to figure out the source of your insecurity.

Small Breasts

Many men claim to be into breasts most of all, so having small boobs can make you feel insecure. But think of all the benefits of smaller breasts. No bouncing while running, no need for sports bras, and shirts are more likely to fit. If you really want them to look larger, consider a push-up bra. Other than that, find a man who doesn't care about the size of your boobs and thinks you're beautiful as you are. 

Not Tan Enough

Many feel that a nice golden hue means you're healthy and is a sign of beauty. Why is this? Skin that has been tanned, whether by the sun or tanning beds, is actually a sign of unhealthy exposure to light. Yet many women feel they need to cover up their legs because they're glaringly white! Instead of worrying about the color of your skin, accept that you were born with the color of skin you have and you should be proud of it, no matter the shade. Your skin color is a reputation of your heritage. Be proud of where you come from.


One of the things that women like the least about themselves is cellulite, whether on the thighs, tummy, or rear. One way to get over this insecurity is by understanding that cellulite is normal and it is how women's bodies store fat. Virtually all women have at least some cellulite, whether you're vegan, a body builder, or a bikini model.

It's easy to get caught up with our flaws and to dwell on them. If you are having a hard time accepting your body as it is and loving it, consider getting a live psychic reading to help you figure out what's blocking you from loving your whole body. Don't waste time body-shaming. Start body-loving instead.


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