How to Connect Mind-Body-Spirit to Banish Negative Energy

Published Date 1/30/2019
Category: Health & Wellness

Are you struggling to leave negative energy behind?

No matter how much you want to embrace positive vibes, it isn't easy to eliminate negativity without first aligning key elements. Discover how to connect your mind, body, and spirit to banish negative energy once and for all.

Take a Break From Negativity

The first step toward banishing negative energy from your life is identifying the source of these harmful vibrations. Whether you have co-workers who complain constantly, family members who never seem satisfied, or friends who always seek drama, take a break from them. Inform them that you won't be engaging, and then make good on your promise.

Forgive and Forget

Even after you've identified and eliminated the origins of negativity in your life, you might still feel the effects. Rather than allowing these harmful forces to drag you down, decide to forgive and forget the negative impact they've made. You may continue to feel hurt and anger for a period of time, but choosing to release those emotions will help you get much closer to positivity.

Act Happy

You may not feel particularly positive yet, but acting the part will help you feel genuinely happy much faster. Make a point of smiling, laughing, and engaging in other positive actions. You'll soon feel your body relax and spirit lift to join your mind in feeling happy.

Welcome Love

When you're feeling negative, you're likely to repel sensations of love and attraction. As you strive to banish negativity, be intentional about welcoming love into your life. If you aren't sure how to align your mind, body, and spirit with love, psychic channeling can help you elevate your vibrations.

Breathe Deeply

The simple act of meditation is one of the most effective methods for aligning yourself and doing away with negativity. Set aside a few minutes, allow your body to relax, and breathe deeply. Focus your mind on an affirmation, and allow your spirit to center on positivity.

Practice Self-Care

Many acts of self-care involve the body, mind, and spirit, making this practice one of the most effective ways to welcome positivity into your life. From regular exercise and a healthy diet to massages and warm baths, self-care takes a variety of forms. Find the one that speaks to you, and align your body with your mind and spirit.

Invite Fresh Energy Inside

Even when you take care to free your mind of negative energy, it can still persist in your home, work, or leisure space. Fortunately, replacing old, stale energy can be as easy as opening the windows to invite fresh energy inside.

Change Your Space

If replacing the energy doesn't do enough to eliminate negativity, try refreshing your environment. Change your space with a major cleaning session, by rearranging the layout, or by removing clutter. You'll find that this simple refresh aligns your mind, body, and spirit while leaving ample room for positive energy.

Whether you're struggling with negativity or you could use a hand with aligning your elements, an authentic psychic can help. Talk with a trusted advisor for insight into welcoming positivity into your life.


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