How to Cleanse your Home of Negative Energy by Psychic Joseph

Published Date 10/19/2016
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Autumn is the perfect time to cleanse your home of negative energy.

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Sometimes, the members I speak with will ask how to cleanse their house of negative energy, so I wanted to share my guide to help anyone else wanting to do that very thing.

Part 1 – Prepare Your House
A house cleansing is best done when the moon is waning from new to full. The best time to start cleansing is Four days after the Full Moon. Start by cleaning your home from top to bottom (sorry!)  Make sure to throw out all the old things that you no longer need (or donate them for extra karma points).  I like to use a natural soap and add a few drops of lemon and a pinch of sea salt to the mop/scrub water. This will bring about a more cleansing energy and smell good at the same time.

Part 2- Remove Negative Energy at Home through Smudging
Now that the house has been physically cleaned, it’s time to cleanse away the remaining negative energy.  This cleansing can be done by smudging.  The word Smudge means "sacred smoke."  Smudging is to let the herbs smolder and the smoke will cleanse the area of unwanted energies.  I like to burn loose white sage in a bowl or dish.  However, smudge sticks work just as well.  If you do not have a metapsychical store in your area, you can find them for sale on the Internet.  Just search the words "smudge sticks" or “sage wands” into your browser and you will get an almost endless list of sites that sell them.  

With the sage burning, start at your front door and walk in a widdershins (counter clockwise) direction from room to room.  Let the smoke fill the air in the room as you walk through, paying special attention to doors, windows and corners, or any space where negative energy may linger.  Be sure to open some windows for the negative energies to escape.  As you walk from room to room, repeat the words "I cleanse and banish all negative energy from this space", or any similar words that mean something to you.  

After you walk through the entire house, return to the front door.  While standing at the front door, say the words: "All negative energies are gone.  Only love lives here.  Only healing lives here. Only prosperity lives here." Repeat this or something similar until you feel that there is only good energy in the house.  Be sure to include the final chant, as when we banish one energy we need to replace it with another. 

Part 3 – Cleanse Yourself
The final part of the cleansing is easy and quite enjoyable, cleansing your body.  Just fill your bath tub with water and add sea salt and white vinegar (about 1/2 cup of each is fine.)  You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils if you like.  Soak in the bath and visualize in your mind the bath cleaning your aura.  See all the negative energy on and around your body being washed away into the bath mixture.  When you are finished, rinse yourself off and see yourself clean both physically and spiritually and ready to embrace the abundant energy of the coming season. 

As the cool nights of the autumn turns to the cold mornings of winter, I wish each and every one the Brightest of Blessings as we celebrate the changing of the seasons.

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