How Making Fun of Yourself Actually Boosts Self Esteem

Published Date 1/29/2015
Category: Health & Wellness

Learning to laugh at yourself lowers your stress, which makes you happier.

There are many ways to give your self esteem a boost, including taking a healthy view of your own flaws. When people let their foibles overwhelm them, they tend to have lower self esteem and possibly more serious mental health issues such as depression. Being able to laugh at yourself helps you cultivate a healthy view of yourself. Here are some of the ways it helps.

It Makes Life Easier

When you don’t take such a critical and negative view of yourself, life is easier to handle. Studies confirm that the ability to laugh at yourself is an actual personality trait that makes you more easygoing. Researchers believe that people who laugh at themselves have happier moods, a more positive outlook on life, and a good sense of humor. The benefits of these traits make it easier to cope with the problems life throws your way.

It Creates Resilience

Resilience is the ability to deal with problems and bounce back unharmed or even stronger than you were before. Taking an accepting view of your own flaws creates a foundation for resilience, because you realize that most mistakes aren’t catastrophic or even life-altering. Laughing at yourself helps you develop an ability to properly evaluate the magnitude and gravity of relationships and events.

It Gives you Perspective

Being free to laugh off an accident such as a slight stumble stems from having perspective. If you’re having a hard time finding perspective, talk to a friend or a live psychic about your concerns. Learn how to take yourself less seriously by talking to a phone psychic. Psychics can help you talk through your insecurities and flaws, enabling you to understand that they’re not likely to cause you major problems.

It Allows for Self-Forgiveness

Being able to forgive yourself makes it easier to forgive other people. Self-forgiveness begins with learning to laugh at yourself. By giving yourself permission to laugh at your mistakes and missteps, you’re taking a lighthearted attitude toward your own shortcomings, forgiving yourself, and moving on. Learning to extend that same forgiveness to others helps you feel better about yourself instead of going through life holding grudges.

It Encourages Humility

It takes a significant amount of humility to recognize the things about yourself that are less than perfect and then laugh at them. By embracing your faults, you must maintain a humble attitude, which means others are more likely to enjoy being around you. Having people want to spend time with you is a big boost to your self esteem.

It Lowers Stress

If you don’t worry about every little thing you do wrong or the aspects of your body that aren’t perfect, you’re going to have less stress in your life. Learning to let go of the need to be perfect all the time frees you from the stress of trying to live up to unreasonable expectations.

When you learn to laugh at your flaws, physical and otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to have high self esteem. You’ll feel good about who you are, regardless of any shortcomings you may have.


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