Holistic Ways to Cope with Pain and Get Back to Life by Psychic Tallis

Published Date 3/15/2020
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Try some Rose Quartz to help with stress and pain reduction.

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As we head into spring and warmer weather, I am reminded of the chill in the air of the past few months. During winter, it may invoke images of sitting with the one you love by the fire or cuddling up with the family for a movie night. However, for some the damp chill brings aches and pains. Of course, some of us don’t need a damp chill in the air to rouse our aches and pains. Some people struggle with chronic pain year-round, due to migraines, back pain or widespread joint pain, etc.

Pain can greatly impact our day to day life. Whether it keeps us from spending time with the people we love or doing the things we enjoy, pain can seriously derail our mental wellbeing along with physical. 

While holistic advice should never replace sound professional medical advice, here are a few wellness tips that can be used in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations, to help you cope with pain and keep you living life to the fullest. 


Stress can cause chronic pain and underlying ailments to flare. By adding 5 to 10 minutes of meditation to your daily routine you can lower stress and tension. Start with 1-2 minutes and work your way up. You can use a guided meditation found free on our website or connect with your favorite energy healer at Psychic Source and ask them to guide you through a guided chakra alignment or energy clearing.


Depending on what your doctor says, some movement could be helpful in your pain management. It doesn’t have to be much, you are trying to ease your pain, not trigger it! It may be a leisurely stroll with a furry friend or a loved one, some gentle stretching, a ride on a stationary bike or a nice swim, a great low impact activity for achy joints. 

Healing Crystals

Healing crystal can be an affordable, gentle way to cope with chronic aches and pains. You can use healing crystals during meditation, by placing them in your bath water, wearing them as jewelry or with a few drops of essential oil added as an air freshener or perfume. Some wonderful crystals that are affordable and easy to find are:

- known as a “master healer”. Amethyst is believed to help lower inflammation, ease stress and help lessen pain. Also known to be helpful when dealing with anxiety.

Rose Quartz
- a multi-use crystal that packs a wallop in terms of inflammation, stress and pain reduction. Known as the “master soother”. Rose quartz is also a helpful stone for heartache and grief.

Clear Quartz -
another “master healer”, helps align chakras, ease pain due to spiritual blockage. A wonderful support for all types of pain, but particularly powerful for headache and migraine.

And never forget the power of talking with someone you love or a trusted Psychic Source Advisor. You don’t have to suffer alone, sometimes the greatest healing energy is friendship and love.

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