Gifts for Navigating the Holidays - The Gift of Self Care Podcast by Psychic Roxanne

Published Date 11/23/2018
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Psychic Advisor Roxanne guides you on a meditation to help you find your center to get in touch with what would help you personally feel more balanced and whole.

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By Psychic Roxanne x3051

How to Stay Grounded During the Holidays and Beyond
It’s easy to get trapped in a vicious cycle of rushing to get things done, resulting in feeling stressed while trying to balance your time during the holiday season. To feel connected to yourself and loved ones, take time to clear out the noise and gain clarity about your priorities. Incorporate these simple self-care tips into your daily routine, and you will find yourself feeling calm and relaxed, ready to enjoy your day.

Improve the Quality of Your Day
You may find yourself feeling stressed when commuting, waiting in line, or doing chores or tasks you really don’t want to do. Make that time more enjoyable by incorporating small rewards. How do you do this? Listen to an inspiring podcast while driving, take a book with you to read while waiting, or go to your favorite café and take your work with you while enjoying a delicious treat.

Meditate for Clarity and Guidance
To clear your mind and set your intentions, start your day with a simple meditation. Remember, meditation doesn’t have to be an elaborate and lengthy process in order to be effective. You can meditate in silence, or you can use a guided meditation to help shift your focus to what you want.

Get Some Fresh Air
If you feel overwhelmed, go outside and take a few deep breaths of fresh air while taking in your surroundings. Simply walk a few laps outside your building or take a break to sit down at a park or outdoor area. You’ll feel refreshed and balanced when you return to work. Fresh air can give a fresh perspective on troubles and worries.

Move Your Body
Exercise is one of the quickest ways to improve your mood. Even if it’s just walking for a few minutes, move your body to get your circulation going and boost endorphins. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get the benefits. A quick walk around the block can help you feel energized and happy in minutes!

Schedule Some Down Time
Self-care doesn’t have to be a day at the spa or a day off from work. You may be extremely busy, so get creative in scheduling time for self-care. Whether it’s catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee or treating yourself to a day of doing absolutely nothing, give yourself a break when you feel the stress rising.

Limit Stressful Activities and Commitments
This is the season to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Along with celebration and joy, there will also be events and people you would prefer to avoid. Be deliberate with how you allocate your time. Think about the people you want to connect with, and schedule those plans to make sure you see them.

Next, think about the events and activities that leave you feeling stressed and unfulfilled. To maintain balance and happiness, be prepared to say no gracefully to commitments and people that drain your energy.

Take Care of Yourself First
Staying grounded and caring for your well-being isn’t selfish. To fully give to others and be your best, you must make yourself a priority and take care of yourself first. If you take just fifteen minutes each day and incorporate some of these quick tips in your life, you will be able to feel more centered and balanced as you give to others. 



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