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Published Date 12/7/2018
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Guided Meditation Podcasts
Psychic Advisor Evelina explains the concept of harmonizing the energy of a room, so everyone present can feel grounded and free to enjoy being in the moment together as she guides you on a meditation to help create that harmony.

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By Psychic Evelina x3078

I did not set out to become an energy worker, but in the 1990s life sent me opportunities that led to that outcome. 

After a healing crisis sparked by a car accident, I became a student of Taoist meditation and inner alchemy as taught by Mantak Chia and his network of senior instructors. Right away I could feel energy – also known as chi – surging through my injured sacrum. It moved because I told it to (and because I used the proper techniques). 

That’s how I learned one key lesson of energy work: The will can direct chi.

The next major lesson came in 1994 on the first day of a retreat with the Nine Gates Mystery School. A couple dozen people and I were ambling into a comfortable room in a retreat center. We arranged ourselves into a standing circle, took each other’s hands, and turned our attention to the leader.

The leader started talking about the power of grounding, which we can do by using our root chakras to connect with Earth energy. She gave us a simple instruction: 

“Put your attention in your root chakra,” she said.

Standing there holding hands, I felt the energy shift, from a loose collection of people beginning their day, toward a more coherent grouping. 

My body relaxed. It became heavier. My mind calmed and focused. My feet tingled. 

Now, I had done grounding meditations for years. But I don’t think I had ever felt my feet and lower pelvis respond this dramatically.

Then I realized it was not just my energy affecting my body. This was not the same as doing a grounding meditation on my own! Everything was bigger. I was feeling in my body the energy created by everyone amplifying their root chakras at the same time.

Just holding hands with people in the circle didn’t do that. We had come into harmony because of the principle of resonation. We began every morning’s circle with a resonation on whichever chakra she was teaching about that day.

The instruction was built on the physics of vibrations. Think of a room full of stringed instruments. If you pluck an E string on one, every E string in the room vibrates. Similarly, if your heart chakra is open and vibrating powerfully, the heart chakra of every person around you will resonate to the extent that each person’s chakra is capable. This happens whether you intend it to, or not. 

In that room, everyone was resonating from their root chakra and amplifying a unified peaceful presence. In just a couple minutes we had grounded each other and changed that room into a grounded space.

In this podcast, I teach how you can help shift the energy of a person or a group in specific ways. 

Listen to the podcast to learn how to amplify your energy, so that what you broadcast matches what you want to put out into the world.

Like the participants in that retreat circle so many years ago, each one of us constantly broadcasts whatever energy is dominant in us at the moment. It is up to you whether you are aware of what you are broadcasting. And it is entirely possible for you to change your own energy in any given moment using the foundational techniques of energy work that I teach in the podcast.

You already broadcast, randomly, all the time. Take charge of your life by choosing what you broadcast, so that you resonate with higher vibrations and make a positive contribution to the lives of those around you.



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