Get Moving! Exercise Tips for Your Zodiac Sign

Published Date 7/19/2015
Category: Health & Wellness

Your zodiac sign can help you find the exercise that suits you best

If you can’t enjoy your morning coffee without sneaking a peek at your horoscopes, it probably won't surprise you to hear that astrology readings can tell you much more than how your day might pan out. Since zodiac signs “rule” specific parts of the body, they can also tell you which exercise and activities are best for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Aries (Head)

Winning is a real thrill for you so it’s likely that you’ll gravitate toward competitive sports. Avoid anything like boxing that may cause headaches or induce anger and try playing tennis or football instead.

Taurus (Neck)

You’ll probably already know that comfort is important to you. That might be why you sometimes view exercise as a chore. Enjoying a walk or a bike ride amid beautiful scenery can motivate you but remember to stretch your neck first.

Gemini (Lungs)

As a Gemini, you’re probably already on the go most of the time. Add to your already energetic routine by attending aerobics, Zumba, and yoga classes. Make sure you take deep breaths throughout.

Cancer (Stomach)

While you have a tendency to become round around the middle, you can also commit to a long-term exercise plan. A soothing swim or a session on an exercise bike suits your sign perfectly as it will allow you to focus on your abs.

Leo (Heart)

Sports come naturally to you and it’s even better if you can work up a sweat in public. Getting yourself in the front row of a pilates or a power yoga class will help you boost your circulatory system and show off your moves at the same time.

Virgo (Digestive System)

Virgos aren’t big on vanity but don’t mind getting sweaty. Team power walking or abdominal exercises such as yoga twists combined with a healthy eating program will help you indulge your passion for detoxing.

Libra (Back)

Libras' delicate nature mean that you’re prone to tiredness and fatigue. You should avoid frenzied gym classes or anything that could have a negative effective on your back. Instead, try gentler options such as golf or pilates.

Scorpio (Reproductive system)

Scorpios love to take part in strenuous exercise with intense movement and a competitive streak. You can safely ditch the yoga classes in favor of activities such as long distance running or martial arts, but take care not to overdo things.

Sagittarius (Thighs)

You’re probably the healthiest of all the zodiac signs. Extreme sports such as boot camp classes and skiing suit you perfectly, especially if it involves competition. Since you're prone to accidents, remember to stretch your hamstrings first.

Capricorn (Knees)

Immediate satisfaction is not part of a Capricorn’s mindset, so endurance sports such as rock climbing and hiking suit you best. If you find those activities are a little too tough on your knees, try pilates or hatha yoga instead.

Aquarius (Circulation)

Aquarians don’t fare too well with routine, so quirky exercise routines suit you well. Activities such as running, swimming and dancing will improve your circulation, but remember to mix things up.

Pisces (Feet)

Sports don’t come easily to Pisces, so avoid anything that’s too strenuous. You can indulge your love of water by opting for swimming or surfing, but dancing and aerobics may also suit. Taking care of your feet should remain a priority.

Want to know more about how your zodiac sign can help you devise the perfect workout routine and perhaps put an end to sprained ankles and torn muscles? An online psychic reading can help.


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