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Freedom from Addiction Podcast by Psychic Rhiannon

Date 5/8/2024

Guided Meditation Podcasts

Psychic Rhiannon shares the wisdom she has gained in dealing with addiction issues.


We all have insufficiencies. Each of us is unique in our strengths and needs. That being said, we all have gifts that make our lifewalk extraordinary and endear us to each other and the Mother/Father Universe (God, however we may know Him).

Humans have wrestled with addiction since the beginning of time
. Noah, from the Bible, was said to have become intoxicated with alcohol. How humans choose to cope with the challenges of life can result in joy or suffering. In this article, we move away from traditional ideas of addiction recovery and focus more on intuitive methods.

At least one twelve step program has long been regarded as a successful method for recovering from alcohol addiction. The program is based on consistent meeting attendance, working with a sponsor, and sharing personal experiences. Sometimes, it is not possible for the person suffering from addiction to attend the meetings. The pandemic shed a new light on this challenge. Although internet meetings were made available and have proven to be as effective for some, others have related not-so satisfying results.

Here are three methods for consideration that can be used in or out of conjunction with the twelve step approach. All of the techniques are free, can be used from home, and are easy to do.

Creative Visualization

Using creative visualization, I paint a picture in my mind’s eye of a certain situation or scenario where I’d like to feel more confident. A wedding is a perfect example. I picture what I will be wearing, what my hair and make-up will look like, whatever smells or sounds I might encounter, what I plan to eat, who I will be sitting with and/or talking to, and what I INTEND TO DO when the champagne toast is made to the bride and groom. In my visualization, I take the glass into my hand, thank the host/hostess and may even raise the glass to my lips, but I do not take a sip. I either hand the glass to someone I am with or I place the full glass on a table.

By creating this visualization in my mind’s eye BEFORE the situation occurs, when the actual moment/day arrives, I STEP into the situation I have already created. This allows me to feel more confident and joyful. The beauty of this technique is that it can be used with just about any scenario or situation including casually meeting friends at a local pub or bar, graduation celebrations, holiday gatherings with friends and family, etc.

Positive Self Talk

I like to wash dishes. Not many folks I know enjoy washing dishes. Using positive self talk, I tell myself the things I like about myself. For example, “Gee Rhiannon, I like that I like to wash dishes!” Moreover, when washing dishes, I stay present in the moment and savor the experience. I focus on how the water feels on my skin, how pleasant the dish soap smells, observing the dishes go from dirty to clean, and knowing that I am doing something I love for those I love. “Rhiannon, you wash dishes so well, and you are so good at it! Look at how you are helping your family. I love that about you!” Using positive self talk, I say things about myself TO myself that make me FEEL good about myself.

Positive self talk is a powerful tool that can be used anytime and anywhere.
When it comes to freedom from alcohol, I say, “Rhiannon, I love that you were able to spend fun times with friends and family and NOT suffer from alcohol. I am proud and joyful. I love you, Rhiannon.” Now, keep in mind, sometimes others hear me and may laugh, but I share with them what I am doing. Recently, I heard my own adult son using positive self-talk and I said, “Gee, Rhiannon, your own baby loves what you teach them! How awesome are you?”

Manifesting My Desires

As children of the universe, it is our birthright to have our desires met. All we need to do is ASK. Prayer is probably the most often used technique folks turn to to manifest desires. However, prayer is usually associated with negative situations from which we are asking deliverance. Using manifesting my desires, I make a contract with the universe of all I intend to do and/or receive. Resonating positive energy, rather than negative, has proven, in my life, to be most effective. Manifesting my desires focuses on this principle. It is also easy to do, can be done anywhere and anytime, and I don’t need to leave my home. 

I cannot strongly enough emphasize the power of putting pen to paper.
I believe it to be sacred. Using manifesting my desires, I put pen to paper to make a list of everything I intend to obtain, achieve, and/or experience, now that I am free from addiction. This includes:  having more money in my pocket now that I am not spending it on alcohol, enjoying more satisfying relationships with friends, co-workers and family members, feeling more confident when I am in situations where alcohol may be served, feeling better, looking better (hair, nails, skin), extending my life. The list can be as short or as lengthy as I desire and can also be used with just about any situation. Combining positive self talk and creative visualization while I am writing my list makes this an even more powerful technique.

It is my sincere intention to share these powerful techniques to move those that are guided to trying them from suffering to joy. Blessings always . . . . Rhiannon

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Advisor Rhiannon is a Master level teacher and spiritual social worker with experience counseling children and families, aging and disabled individuals, mental health clients, HIV-positive individuals, and the dying. A life-long learner with a penchant for service to others, Rhiannon continues to explore new and innovative ways of acquiring and honing lightworker tools. Recent intriguing topics include remote viewing, Chaos Majik, Sigils, and Using Mindfulness Based Techniques for Freedom from Addictions.


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