Finding Festive Cheer Even on the Darkest of Days by Psychic Levana

Date 12/19/2015

Don't let the holiday season stress you out!

Don't let the holiday season stress you out!

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“Tis the season to be jolly” can sure sound like a lot of “fa la la la la” when your chips are down. 

Sometimes, no matter how much you try, your moods and feelings just refuse to align and cooperate with the tone and expectations of the annual calendar. While the festivities abound, you may very well find yourself in the throes of despair or the unflinching grip of anger. Where do we turn to then, in times such as these, to plug into the joy, spirit and gratitude this time of year promises? How do we abate the constant inner chatter of our restless minds and soothe the ache of our seething heart? 

Like with so many other things, here too the answer lies within. 

Discovering your Emotional Landscape
Your feelings are much more than inconvenient truths that threaten to pop forth at the worst moments possible; they are an index of your innermost state of being… sometimes conscious, other times beyond it. In essence how you feel, moody or not, is an expression of your soul and just how it is faring today. Really, your emotional landscape is a sacred domain that echoes your innermost thoughts and deepest longings. This is the most authentic echo of who you are, here and now. It is why often no amount of cheer, tipple or hiding can change the way you feel, festive season or not. 

Honor Your Feelings
In truth, the very feelings you may be running from, and the situations that come with them, hold the key to finding your way out of them. If you want to run into the arms of inner bliss and outer joy, take a moment to take stock of and process how you really feel today, here and now. Instead of trying to circumnavigate your feelings, walk through them. Not only will you get to the desired destination, you can be assured those nasty feelings are tempered once and for all. 

Yes, this process may require patience, time and effort; but the beauty of it, is that once you set off on this sacred journey, every inch and aspect of your soul comes to your aid. Anchored in compassion, love and healing, this is a movement from being at the mercy of your emotions to becoming their enlightened master. As you connect with your inner realm and take responsibility for it, you unlock the infinite potential that lies within your divine being, bringing you more reasons than one to celebrate and revel in this season. 

This holiday season, keep in mind these 5 tips, and you are sure to find more joy and a lot less emotional landmines:

1. It is okay to not feel great. Like the stars and the storms, this too shall pass. 

2. Find a safe place to feel and process your way through. A daily meditation ritual or just a few minutes 
during the day can help you get in touch and access the healing potential within. 

3. If you are overwhelmed, try writing down how you feel. Or you could sing your heart out, whatever works for you! 

4. Be patient. The journey is just as, if not more, important than the final destination. 

5. Celebrate the little things. Remember, just one joy or one reason is a lot to celebrate and be thankful for.

Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday! 

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