Finding Balance Anywhere

Published Date 3/30/2019
Category: Health & Wellness

You don't have to find perfect balance all the time, but a little goes a long way.

Balance may seem elusive for many people because they feel caged in by their daily obligations. Whether it's working overtime in your cubicle, cleaning the house, or running the kids back and forth to extracurricular activities, you might think that balance remains frustratingly out of your reach. However, if you redefine what balance means to you and make a conscious effort to harness it, you can find balance anywhere.

Take a Break

You don't need an actual balance sheet to balance out your life. Instead, you have to make room for the things and people you love, sometimes in small doses. If you've spent the last few hours crunching numbers at your accountancy firm, take 10 minutes to call your spouse, kids, parents, friends, or online psychic. You could also spend that time reading a magazine, watching funny videos on YouTube, or brainstorming about the next watercolor you want to paint.

Every break should prove mindful. It needs a purpose so you feel more balanced. If you don't really want to talk to your friends now, don't use your break for that purpose. Instead, select an activity that makes you feel more centered and fulfilled.

Get Comfortable With Discomfort

Sometimes you have to make uncomfortable choices to become more comfortable. For instance, you might feel embarrassed or guilty about saying no to a colleague who wants help with his or her assignment. However, you have your own work on your plate, so muster up the courage to say no in a nice way, then move on with your day.

If you say yes to every opportunity and obligation, you'll run yourself ragged — and balance will fly right out of the proverbial window. Set boundaries in advance so you don't have to think under pressure. For instance, you might decide now that you're not willing to take on any other responsibilities for your child's parent-teacher organization.

Understand What Balance Means to You

Many types of balance exist. Some people define it as a sense of accomplishment accompanied by low stress levels. Others see it as an even balance between interests. You have to decide what type of balance makes the most sense for you.

Think about how you've spent every day for the last week. Did any day seem more stressful than the others? If so, try to figure out why. Maybe you took on more than you could handle. Perhaps you missed date night with your spouse. Learning how you define balance will help you make it a reality no matter where you are.

Most importantly, learn to recognize when you're off-balance. Emotions can help you notice triggers that put you off your path so you can put yourself in tune again. A psychic phone reading can help you get in touch with your higher power so you'll learn this information faster.

You don't have to travel to Tibet or feng-shui your entire home to feel balanced. Instead, find balance in the little things by paying better attention and noticing how you feel during the day.


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