Find Your True Needs: Listen to Your Body

Published Date 7/15/2021
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Is your body asking you to fit more steps into your day?

Is your body asking you to fit more steps into your day?

Americans tend to live very externally focused lives. You're always thinking about the things around you, but you frequently overlook what's happening within. An external focus could make you think that you need a new outfit, makeup, and hairstyle. Looking inward, however, you may discover much deeper and more critical needs. Try these tactics to get in touch with what your body is really after.

Ground Yourself in Your Body

Pull your focus inward and ground yourself in your physical body. Draw your attention to what you feel. Try a simple meditation to help you reconnect with your body. Lay flat and breathe deeply. Beginning with your toes, flex tightly for five seconds and release. Move up to your calves, knees, and thighs. Work all the way up your body until you're releasing your shoulders and head. 

Envision pulling your energy inward and see it as a glowing light encompassed within your physical form. Focus on feeling your body and becoming aware of its alignment, comfort, and pain points from head to toe.

Ask Your Body What It Wants

Sit in a comfortable position and take three deep breaths. Close your eyes and silently ask your body what it wants. Still your mind and wait for a response. You'll often find that your body answers quite clearly. Honor that response, even if it's not what you anticipated. Keep a journal so you can jot down everything that came to mind while this inner conversation is still fresh.

Your body may ask for a drink, a jog, or a massage. When the body asks for a leisurely stretch or an hour of yoga, you may be tempted to respond with, "Ok, but we're busy today. Maybe later." Avoid the urge to put off your body's needs and find ways to nourish it now.

Watch for Problem Signs

When you're not actively listening to your body, it will make itself heard. Watch for signs such as fatigue, confusion, trouble sleeping, headaches, illnesses, elevated heart rate, and pain. When these pop up, make the extra effort to listen. You may even try a tarot reading or online psychic chat to make sure you're receiving all the messages coming to you.

Nourish Yourself

When your body is giving you warning signs, you need to act. If you're pressed for time, start with simple steps such as carrying your water bottle and getting plenty of hydration or switching to healthier meals. Meditate when you can and incorporate more movement into your day, whether it comes in the form of a Pilates class or simply climbing the stairs to your office. 

Don't ignore your body's messages. Get into the practice of checking in with yourself and honoring your body's requests regularly. This can help you avoid some of the more disastrous signs of trouble such as injuries or disease. Feed your physical needs. Your body will thank you for it.


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