Feng Shui for the Home

Published Date 1/2/2020
Category: Health & Wellness

Using feng shui, you can arrange your home to enhance the flow of positive energy.

Feng shui helps you transform the space you live in to enhance your life. Perhaps you feel like you want to change course, or that your energy is blocked. Good feng shui in your home can help resolve this. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Pay Attention to Entries

Feng shui isn't just about arranging furniture in the right away. There are countless easy ways to enhance the flow of good energy using feng shui. For many people, doors are a great place to start. If you're like many out there, you drive into your garage, then enter your home through the back door. Though it's convenient, it limits the opportunities you'll get from good energy.

The entry door in your home represents how chi comes into your home and, from there, your life. By using the front door more often, you'll bring in more good energy. Take a short walk, or open and close the door on your way to visit a friend. Making this small change to your routine helps bring feng shui to your home.

The sounds your doors make are also more important than you might think. You may not notice how your entry door whines when you open it, but it's the first and last thing you hear when entering or exiting your home. That crying sound can subconsciously affect your well-being. Oil door hinges throughout the home, paying the most attention to the entry door.

The Commanding Position

Use the commanding position to situate your most important furniture, especially your bed. Your bed is at the top of the list because so many passive hours take place there while you sleep. While you're lying in bed, you want to face the door but not be in line with it.

In an ideal layout, you'll put the bed diagonally across from the door to your bedroom. Sometimes the format of a bedroom does not allow for this, though. If that's the case in yours, place a mirror so it lets you see your door while lying in bed. Psychic readings can help you decide if you've placed everything well.

Plants in the Kitchen

You may not pay attention to the tops of your kitchen cabinets, but they play a big role in feng shui. It's best to have no space above the upper cabinets. If there's a space, it pulls in dust and stagnant energy along with it, getting the chi stuck.

Don't worry if your cabinets don't reach the ceiling. Place some beautiful, green plants or objects you love above the cabinets to fill the space. Ask an online psychic what objects you should use. Objects you love and green, vibrant plants bring life into this often overlooked area and transform the energy of the space.

You spend a lot of time in your home, and you want to make sure it's helping you instead of holding you back. Improving the energy of the space you inhabit will push you forward, and learning about feng shui puts you on the right course.

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