Facing Change Is Hard

Published Date 3/25/2017
Category: Health & Wellness

It's easy to get overwhelmed if you take in too much information when making a decision.

When we have to make a tough choice, our minds play tricks that get in the way of our decision-making abilities. Here are a few mental roadblocks we set up for ourselves when facing change and some methods for overcoming them.

Fearing the Unknown

An intense fear of the unknown can keep you from taking chances. When this happens, you stay in the "comfortable" situations, even though you know you're not happy. Thinking about potential change leads to common worries. You wonder about the consequences of making a mistake, of failing, or of winding up in a situation that's worse than what you now have instead of pushing yourself to make a positive change.

The key is telling yourself that no decision is wrong. Frame the choices simply as different opportunities. It's easier to face the unknown head on when you consider each option as exciting.

Doubting Yourself

Thinking about making a big change in your life often leads to doubt about whether you're ready for this kind of challenge. In these moments, what's facing you seems harder and bigger than it actually is.

Looking at the big picture, the task at hand can feel overwhelming. Getting an online astrology reading can help you understand the best times to move forward in your plans. Sometimes you need to step beyond your comfort zone to try something new. Even if it doesn't work out how you envision, you'll know that you tried.

Pretend to Advise a Friend

Once you're ready to face the decision, there are some things that can help you make up your mind calmly and effectively. The decision-making process plays with your emotions, which in turn clouds your mind and prevents you from coming to a solid decision. Pretending you're advising a friend is one way to overcome this.

Think of a friend with a similar personality to you. Envision the types of questions you'd ask them along with the risks you might bring up. It's difficult to shut off your emotions completely, but acknowledging that they can alter your choices goes a long way. By talking to a "friend," you'll keep your short-term emotions at bay while you consider the logistics.

Limit Your Information Intake

It's true that the more information you have on hand, the better decisions you'll make. At the same time, there comes a point when you actually have too much information. Because the mind hates uncertainty, when that happens your mind can overreact by trying to fill in gaps.

This can happen in a few ways. Maybe you did too much research, or you asked a bunch of friends, only to get a variety of opinions. Having a chat with a psychic online will help you sift through the excess information. Instead of speaking with many friends, seek out a few you really trust. You should also realize that most decisions are reversible, so you can take the pressure off.

It's human nature to put up barriers for ourselves when faced with change. There are also plenty of ways to overcome this and make positive decisions.


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