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Exploring Sound Healing

Date 2/23/2021
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Soothing sounds like a cat's purr can provide healing benefits.

Soothing sounds like a cat's purr can provide healing benefits.

When your favorite song streams from the radio, you instantly feel more upbeat and positive than you did a moment ago. Sound healing capitalizes on that same notion, but in a more scientific way.

What Is Sound Healing?

At its most basic, sound healing is the use of noise at specific vibrations and frequencies to encourage physical or psychological healing. Sound waves can influence brain waves to promote tissue growth, immune system responses, and visualization.

How Do Different Frequencies Impact Healing?

Some people get more benefit from online psychic readings, while others prefer tarot readings. Similarly, distinct parts of your body respond to different sound waves.

For instance, higher vibrations might work on larger areas of your body or those that are closer to the surface, such as skin, muscles, and veins. Lower vibrations work on a more cellular level, stimulating activity in the smallest and deepest parts of your physical form.

Can Sound Healing Improve Mental Function?

Sound healing isn't just effective for physical healing. It can also have a profound impact on your state of mind. You might feel more relaxed, focused, or positive after tuning in to various sound waves. Sound can also boost or deplete your energy levels, which makes it critical for healing.

How Does Sound Healing Work?

Sound healing or sound therapy can be entirely passive or partially participatory. For instance, you can wear a set of headphones while you lie in bed and let the sound drip into your ears. Alternatively, you can create the sound yourself through vocalizations, drumming, or playing an instrument.

Can Natural Sounds Prove Beneficial?

You don't have to rely on mechanical noise for sound healing. Research suggests, for instance, that a cat's purr can have long-lasting benefits for your health. You might feel calmer while you're in the presence of a purring cat, and you might even feel a little sleepy.

A cat's purr has also been associated with lowered risks of heart disease and blood pressure conditions. Studies suggest that the sound can help reduce inflammation in wounds, speed bone healing, and reduce the symptoms of certain diseases.

What Other Options Exist for Sound Healing?

You can undertake sound healing sessions in a clinical setting, or you can do it at home. Some popular instruments include tuning forks, metronomes, and even sound machines.

A sound machine can prove relaxing, especially before you go to bed. You can choose the sounds that calm your nerves and encourage drowsiness, whether it's the crash of ocean waves or the chatter of bullfrogs around a lake.

There are also recordings intended specifically for sound therapy. Download them to your phone or tablet so you can indulge in sound therapy on the go. If you have headphones, you won't disturb the people around you.

Sound healing is just one option for people who are suffering from serious illness, recuperating from an injury, or suffering from psychological distress. Certain frequencies and vibrations can help your body do its job while you heal and also improve your state of mind.

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