Enhance Your Life With the Right Essential Oils

Published Date 7/19/2018
Category: Health & Wellness

Add essential oils to your bath for a simple way to integrate them into daily life.

Essential oils are powerful tools in many aspects of life. They can help counteract common maladies and boost your mood and memory. They're also easy to blend into your daily routine.

The Power of Scent

Why are essential oils so powerful? These natural tools can be harnessed through aromatherapy, using scents to influence your well-being. Aromatherapy leans on this olfactory power by using concentrated essences of different plants to heal you in various ways.

Essential oils have biologically active compounds and, since they're highly concentrated, give you therapeutic benefits even in tiny amounts. Because you can combine essential oils, there's a huge variety of possibilities, each bringing potential benefits. Since the oils work together, a combination tends to give you a more powerful effect than if you use just one.

How Essential Oils Work

Fragrances affect your nervous system. When you breathe in the scent of an essential oil, the scent goes into your bloodstream via your lungs. Many believe this is how aromatherapy brings its physiological effects. You can also apply essential oils topically, since the oils absorb easily through skin.

Additionally, scents play on the brain's limbic system, the place that controls emotions and memories. You've likely experienced how smelling something familiar can trigger a flood of memories. Essential oils can also play on this mechanism. A telephone psychic reading can help you pinpoint what scents do this for you.

In fact, studies have found that there are links between smells and human behavior and that scents can influence the nervous system's biochemistry. Studies have shown that certain oils stimulate the sympathetic nervous system (the system that governs things like blood pressure, heart rate, and blood vessel constriction), while other oils calm it.

Essential Oils to Use

Depending on the desired effect, there are so many essential oils that will enhance your life. Lavender and jasmine are two great oils to start with. They both uplift your mood, counteract depression, and help soothe insomnia. Lavender has a variety of other benefits, including stress and pain reduction. It can also help stave off anxiety.

If you need to enhance your attention and memory, try cinnamon, peppermint, or sage. If you're having problems with low energy, oils from jasmine, rosemary, citrus, cardamom, and tea tree can help.

How to Bring Essential Oils Into Your Routine

Common ways to use essential oils include rubbing a dot on pulse points instead of perfume or adding them to bathwater. You can also heat them in a diffuser or use them with a hot compress. If you want to massage essential oils into your skin, first blend them with a carrier oil.

Those aren't the only ways to easily bring essential oils into your daily routine. Have a live psychic chat to find other ways to blend essential oil use into your life. For instance, try using essential oils as room deodorizers, cleaning sprays, or to freshen laundry. This will not only let you experience the benefits of the oils, but will also remove toxins you come in contact with when using manmade products. 

With so many essential oils offering so many benefits, using these oils regularly will enhance your life.


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