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Published Date 5/6/2019
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How do you practice self-care?

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As a community, Psychic Source provides a platform through which we can share empathy, a safe place to hold energy for others. Video psychic readings especially allow for a crisp, clear connection and empathic communication. 

To fully use that space, that which we call the reading, one must be wholly present. Both, the advisor and the client, must clear away all distraction. As an advisor, I must be fully present, actively listening, and aware. I can use emotional (automatic), and cognitive (deliberate) empathy in this space, and much healing can happen.

Are You an Empath? 
Empathy and sympathy, two words often interchangeable in writing, yet the meanings differ significantly.  Sympathy is offered as a platitude; the soothing kind words murmured when we don't know what to say. The popular vernacular suggests that sympathy has something in common with pity; we're placed outside (or above) the situation. Still, sympathy has an important role, and one can offer encouragement without feeling (or becoming depleted by) the other person's loss. It's not always necessary to take on another's pain or grief.

Empathy, however, intimates a shared reality where we do take on another’s emotional energy. It is not nearly as tidy as sympathy for we do feel the other person's pain. Empathy is the intersect where we discover a foundation for guiding our actions toward others. We feel their pain, and we experience their joy. 

Those highly sensitive people who identify as Empaths can feel very drained by emotional communication. Caregivers, nurses, counselors, and other professionals who take on vicarious trauma can develop compassion fatigue. 

To manage emotional overload and understand fatigue before it occurs it's especially vital to practice self-care. Here are my...

10 Tips for Self-Care:

Exercise and eat properly

Drink plenty of water

Get a good night’s sleep

Get outside – spend time in nature

Share time with animals

Take a mental health day – or better yet a vacation

Talk to someone who cares 

Embrace your spiritual practice; pray, meditate

and make time for play!

Take good care of yourselves, and I hope you’ll try a Psychic Source Video reading soon! 

Thanks for reading, I'm so glad we're on this journey together!

Bright blessings,
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