Easy Mindfulness Exercises for Busy People

Published Date 6/8/2018
Category: Health & Wellness

Even brushing your teeth can be a moment to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness takes some practice, and if you're busy, you might think you just don't have the time to slow down and be present in each moment. However, you don't need to change your daily routine at all to practice mindfulness. Simple exercises develop a mindful lifestyle, and you can do them without altering the things you do as you move from activity to activity.

Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Routine

No matter how busy you are, there are certain tasks you complete each day. Instead of rushing through these simple tasks, you can use things like eating and brushing your teeth as an excuse to practice mindfulness. Once a day, get rid of distractions and eat a meal in silence, turning off music and the TV. Concentrate on one bite at a time and let yourself experience the smell and taste of your food. Notice how your body reacts.

Psychic hotlines are a good resource if you're not sure what moments in your day can be used for practicing mindfulness. Simple, everyday tasks can be turned into exercises. For example, you can turn brushing your teeth into a moment of intentional mindfulness. Try brushing your teeth with your nondominant hand. This quick switch makes you slow down, turning each movement you make into something deliberate. Let yourself concentrate on how this focus shifts your daily routine and brings you into the present moment.

Listen and Meditate While You Walk

Walking from place to place also provides a built-in moment to practice mindfulness each day. While you're moving, take a moment to listen to the noises around you. If you're in a city, pay attention to the many sounds you encounter. If you're in a quieter place, listen to the songs of birds or the shifting of leaves.

Walking is an ideal time to meditate. You won't lose time out of your busy day, but you'll give yourself time to pull your attention to the moment. Let yourself notice how your feet feel different things when they touch the ground, and focus on your breathing. An online psychic chat can help you pinpoint other moments in your day when you can integrate meditation without worrying about getting behind in your busy schedule.

Pay Attention to Your Breathing

Being intentional with your breathing is a great way to incorporate mindfulness exercises into a busy schedule. After all, no matter how many things you have to do in a given day, breathing is essential!

Steal a few minutes in a quiet space each day to do a breathing exercise for a few minutes. In a quiet room like an empty conference space or even at your desk, focus on your breathing. Inhale, exhale, and inhale again deeply. You don't need to do this for more than three minutes at a time, but you'll build mindfulness into your daily routine.

You don't need to alter your day-to-day life to become more mindful. In fact, these simple exercises are easy to weave into your routine, and they'll help you learn mindfulness in every activity.


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