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Earth's Heartbeat and How to Hear It by Psychic Rowan

Date 9/11/2020
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Have you felt the earth's heartbeat?

Have you felt the earth's heartbeat?

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The Schumann Resonance, named for the man who discovered the earth’s heartbeat in 1954 remained as consistent as the rhythmic beat within silicone quartz crystal, until just after the turn of the century. Since the earth’s crust is made up of around 80% silicone quartz crystal, this makes perfect sense, and is the reason that quartz is used in so many applications from timekeeping devices to rocket launchers.

In fact, this resonance has been known and felt by ancient civilizations, mystery schools and today’s native peoples, who are likely the most adept at interacting and living within this magnificent vibration. It is part of our lives in the most fundamental way; many of us do not even realize it exists, nor how it affects and assists us as we go about our lives. It is as intrinsic to our environment as the sunrise or our own shadow. 

The Energy of The Earth

When humans began to explore space, it was quickly recognized that the connection to the earth and its frequency, was critical to the mental well-being of astronauts. The heartbeat of the earth in this way can be seen as something akin to the heartbeat of a mother as the fetus grows in the womb. When astronauts were separated from Earth and her heartbeat for any significant length of time, they suffered symptoms of psychosis, anxiety and depression. The vibration of Earth can be stronger at the intersections of Lay Lines, which are the “bones” of the energy grid that surrounds the earth. Churches, banks and other important institutions can often be found at these places of power. 

The Schumann heartbeat spiked, starting in 2004, and accelerated in 2012 and indicates that Earth needs us to be an anchor for her. A good metaphor for this would be the function of a midwife during childbirth. The mother, in labor and no doubt, in pain, will not be thinking clearly, counting space between contractions, nor any other monitoring activity. Therefore, the midwife takes responsibility for these functions to ensure a smooth delivery, in addition to keeping the mother to be calm. 

Our Unique Frequency

If we apply these metaphors to the Ascension process, the dawning of the new Age of Aquarius and the awakening of the DNA strands called “junk” by scientists (who ignore or don’t understand the metaphysical aspects) we can see that we are experiencing our own Ascension symptoms, along with our beautiful planet. It is imperative during this time to ground daily, center yourself in the present and focus on your breath. If each of us do this, we will create a calming influence on the energy grid, no matter where we are – because everything is frequency. Each of us has our own, unique frequency signature and each of us can affect the grid by what we put out into the space around us. 

Remember the lesson of the seed; in giving birth to a new plant, the seed experiences utter destruction. 

What looks like an end can be a beginning, depending on our perspective.

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