Drawing Energy from Unique Water Sources by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 3/29/2019
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Take in the power of water with all 5 of your senses.

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The ocean, our bodies, the rainfall - all in all, there is much energy in water (H2O) and there are more ways to enjoy all sorts of unique water sources in order to raise your energy.

What does water do for us?  Simply put, not unlike blood, it is a source of life. Everyone feels amazed glaring into the ocean - and our bodies contain a massive amount of water to sustain us. It's hard to disagree that water is a source of life - yet somewhat a mystery as to its often-untapped potential.

Using Your Good Senses - Think About It
Remember all the senses, the 5 we were taught and other senses that we all know are real and different in everyone. How does this relate to the blessings that water offers? Can you truly say you've experienced water using all your senses? Let's explore the value of using all your senses and even your gifts to explore the power of water.

1. Remembering the 5 Basic Senses
Sight - Viewing water in its many forms (liquid, frozen ice, steam).
Touch - Feeling it run between your fingers.
Hearing – Hearing it as a roaring waterfall, gentle ocean waves, or a slow drip from a sink.
Taste – We’ve all drank water, nothing more to say here!
Smell – Water may not have much smell, but the salt or chlorine found in it certainly can.

Think of all the unique things you can do to explore the water with all your senses.

2. Using Your Gifts or Unknown/Unnamed Senses
Good or nagging feelings or sensations within us that can't be explained for a lot of reasons because (a) they are random, (b) cannot be defined and (c) are individual to each person. 

Personally, I meditate on the water, thinking of it and the endless energy possibilities it controls, so using thought and or extra-sensory perception I experience water beyond the five basic senses.

3. Synesthesia
The production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body. You can explore water in depth by using Synesthesia.

Use every sense available to take in all sources of water. 

How to “Sense” Water 
1. Breathing the hydration in the air - although you can't see it, much like air itself - we breathe in vapor all day long.

2. Using all the senses create an actual vaporizer and/or sense the mist. Think about it, mist is needed to clean our eyes or hydrate our lips, nostrils, inside the ear and our skin and a very valuable source of water 

3. Immersing our entire body into water or sitting in the shower on a chair so like a waterfall, the spa-like sensation and draw of energy from the water surrounding us and the sense of touch - the drops of the water and every part of your skin- use all your senses to experience water and you will feel cleaner than you've ever felt before, and from the inside out.

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