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Cutting Cords with Toxic People by Psychic Kristine

Date 10/19/2022
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Don’t let energetic ties to toxic people hold you back a moment longer. Psychic Kristine explains when and how to cut them for peace of mind.

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By Psychic Kristine x8223

We have power and control over our lives and boundaries and how we let people negatively impact us. Everyday is a new chance for a new start and a new life, the choice is ours. 

Forgiveness is the foundation and the root for all healing but most importantly for cutting ties with toxic people. When we hold onto anger or pain, what we are doing basically is keeping our energy connected to them. If we want to let them go we definitely don’t want to do that anymore! I really feel compassion is a way to help us forgive those who have created trauma or heartbreak in our pasts. Compassion and knowing their nastiness towards you was coming from a place of pain from their past, or even karmic lessons that are playing out in this lifetime from way back.    

Patterns repeat in others lives until they face their shadows. If they are not willing to, then all we can do is forgive them for how it affected us, send them love and prayers that they will learn what they need to learn instead of repeating toxic lessons, and walk away. Many times things effect and hurt us, but its not about us, it's about their karmic lessons.  If we hold onto resentment, or anger or even expectations, what that does is lowers our vibration.  Bottom line, forgiveness will allow you to heal so you can open your heart back up to others. You don’t want to go into your next relationship projecting these patterns and self sabotaging what could be a very blessed future relationship. 

A huge help would also be cutting ties with the person and or their associates/connections with them. There are many ways to set boundaries: Blocking their number, explaining to them why their toxic behavior is not something you can allow in your life anymore. Sometimes part of this is also having to set boundaries with mutual friends or family that are interconnected this this person. 

Using astrology and most importantly the new moons really can help us to let things go and also to set intentions for what we want to manifest in our lives. When the moon is new it’s a new cycle and a fresh start. It’s the ideal time to let things go and to pray to god and the universe to help us with our manifestations, planting our seeds metaphorically. When we let things go, including people, we are making room for future blessings to hold space. Using Fire to transmute the energy can be hugely beneficial. A great way to do this is by writing down what you want to let go of, ripping those pieces up, and then burning the paper

Focus on the future. It's normal for us to miss people after we release them or let them go, so of course out thoughts will go there for a while. What we need to do is redirect the past thoughts that come up to future intentions. A hugely beneficial tactic could be looking at the pain and hurt as a blessing in disguise. These things you went through what they really did was help to point you in a better direction for future. Maybe you would have taken your next lover for granted if you hadn’t seen how crappy a partner really could be. 

Really mean it when you say you are moving on. Don’t feed into drama for short term attention or to get a reaction to see if they care. Sure you miss them, but that short term gratification of hearing from them or reaching out to them may drag out your pain. Cutting ties does not mean you gave up, it means you have control over what drains or enhances your life and/or energy day to day.  The sooner we release people, the sooner we make room for new energy and people to fill that void. We can still love people but it's hugely important to release them.  

Sometimes the path to healing is lonely. Take the time to be alone for awhile. If you jump into a new relationship too soon you will just be projecting all the hurt, pain, and disappointment onto the next person.  This healing phase gives you the time to process the pain so that you can forgive yourself for saying no to them and having boundaries. This takes your power back to you so that your source is strong. You can still love them and release them and their toxicity from your life. Sometimes we have to love ourselves more than we love them.

May we all be blessed in the future with healthy and supportive relationships, including the one we have with ourselves. Take care and big hugs.

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