Crystals for Beginners

Published Date 3/28/2019
Category: Health & Wellness

What crystal will be your first?

Crystals can harness incredible energy, but if you don't know how to use them effectively, they may not have a noticeable effect. So, how should you choose your first crystal when dozens are calling out to you? Browse our brief guide and learn how to begin incorporating crystals into your life.

Rose Quartz

Life has a tendency to get busy, and hectic schedules and jam-packed days can quickly become normal. If you're seeking to slow things down and achieve a greater sense of calmness and contentment, rose quartz is a smart choice. This crystal excels at helping you find harmony in many aspects of your life, and it's particularly effective in romance. When you add rose quartz to your meditation practice, be prepared to open your heart and embrace new connections.


Thanks to its connection to the sacral chakra, carnelian is closely connected with passion. This crystal can inspire creativity, improve confidence, and even increase stamina. Consider choosing carnelian when you want to motivate yourself, avoid procrastination, or simply move forward with your intentions. This vivid orange-hued crystal can easily stimulate your creative juices and give you a new perspective that propels you forward.


Known for its cheerful yellow tone, citrine radiates positivity as brightly as the sun. If you're struggling with negative energy, you'll want to incorporate citrine into your life. This crystal excels at clearing negative energy, and it can alleviate lingering tensions from unhealthy relationship dynamics. This yellow stone's positive energy can also inspire prosperity and wealth, and it tends to be an excellent motivator. Consider using citrine if you're starting a small business or embarking on new financial endeavors.


If you've ever worn jade before, you know that it tends to attract good luck. However, this green stone can do much more. It encourages happiness and prosperity, yet it still keeps you grounded. Incorporate jade into your life when you're seeking good luck and clarity, especially if you're traveling away from home.


Amethyst is much more than a mesmerizingly beautiful crystal. This purple gemstone is known for its clarity. It excels at absorbing negative energy, alleviating stress, and clearing your mind. Add an amethyst to your practice when you want to look within yourself, deepen your spirituality, or connect with your psychic gifts. Try an online psychic reading to learn more about how amethyst can help you tap into your intuition.


Achieving stability isn't always easy, but hematite can help. This multicolored crystal aids in keeping your emotions in check, thanks to its ability to handle negativity. If you frequently deal with stress or anxiety, hematite can absorb these unpleasant feelings while keeping your emotions even and your mind clear. Consider adding hematite to your practice when you need to hold steady during rocky times.

Struggling to decide which crystal is right for you? Talk with an authentic psychic to learn which crystal creates the best connection for you.

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