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Creative Writing for Healing by Psychic Jae

Date 4/15/2021
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Creative writing can be very healing.

Creative writing can be very healing.

At the time this is being published, it’s April 2021, and while we are making progress, the pandemic isn't over yet. You can use this time of being at home as a time to heal and for personal growth. You may have heard that writing is a form of healing. When people think of healing through writing, they usually think of journaling which is a proven way to process your thoughts and emotions. 

A Self-Date for Journaling

I like to use journaling as a self-date where I spend quality one on one time with myself. I just listen, accept and log my thoughts and feelings in a book or online document. You can do this too by setting aside sacred time for yourself. Make the moment count! Treat yourself as if you are the most important person in your world, because you are. Before I start writing, I take a shower, slowly caress my curves and enjoy the heat/steam. I apply the lotion afterwards in a loving way. In my robe, I'll brew a cup of my favorite tea, then curl up with a blanket in my meditation corner, and then sip my way into a relaxing evening of creative expression. Yes, I'm doing that right now as I write this, and this tea is DIVINE.

Try Creative Writing for Healing

There is also the process of creative writing. Creative writing is where we tell a story from different vantage points. It's imaginative and inventive and meant to entertain, but also explore the journeys and psyches of humans and life. It can serve as an active meditation where the repetitive movement, typing or writing with a pen and paper lulls your mind into a relaxed state.

You can use creative writing for healing in several different ways. The creative writing I speak on is when you write out a story from your own past experiences.

  1. Different Points of View
    Have you ever been stuck in your POV? Our egos like to tell us we are right and others are wrong. However, when you write a story based on the other person's POV it can take you out of your own mind to get a deeper understanding and appreciation for the others who were involved. It's freeing to see things as they are, instead of a limiting belief.
  2. Change the Story
    Have you ever said, if this had happened in my past, I would have ______ (fill in the blank)? You can write out your story the way you "wish" it had been. Sometimes just doing so is healing. Additionally, your mind might start to actually experience itself as your written rendition instead of identifying with all previous wrongs which can help you feel better.
  3. Revisiting Moments
    You don't have to change the story, but you can offer an insightful, helpful and loving presence to the story that helps you heal. As an adult, you can write out a past trauma where the current “you” becomes the parent to your younger self. You tell yourself what you needed to hear at that time. It can be painful as you revisit the past, but also empowering once it is all written out.
  4. Framing It
    This is for those who have never spoken or even let their minds dwell on a past hurt. As you write it and after reading it, you can articulate your story to yourself and others. And as you know, the truth will set you free! Being able to tell yourself the gut-wrenching truth, can liberate lifetimes of pain. You don't have to make it pretty, keep it real and raw. Don't spare anyone's feelings because it is just between you and the page. And if you decide to share your story, you might upset people in the process and that's ok. You are to be compassionate to yourself first and foremost. Don't let anyone rob you of expressing the truth of your story.
  5. AHA Moments
    As I write, I've had many moments where I now realize where certain behaviors stemmed from. I’ll discover why I did or didn't do something or why other people did or didn't do something. These AHA moments can and should inspire change. Once we are clear on the “why” we can focus on how to improve. Oprah says that an AHA moment is a remembering of what you already knew. It is where your mind remembers what your soul already knows. And we all know to never doubt the wisdom of Oprah!
  6. Reliving a Good Memory
    Healing can be where you retrain your mind and heart to focus on the good things. Writing out one or more of your fondest memories will rekindle the love, joy, and perhaps safety you felt at those times. 

You don't have to write perfectly, nor every day in order to use creative writing for healing. Do it when you're inspired to or make an agreement to do it together with a friend, family member, or partner. Before you get started, welcome in the creative energy just with your intentions then surrender and let it guide you.

Blessings Abundant!

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Jae has always had an infinity for the Divine. She started studying to develop as a psychic-medium at the age of 15. Over the last 20 years she has dived heart first into healing herself and passing on what she's learned to others. Her teachers range from master mediums in Lilydale to self-taught lovers of the Tarot and dedicated energy healers with more than 100 years of experience between them. She is constantly learning. Forever a lover of life, Jae only shares wisdom in her articles from first-hand experiences and remains committed to supporting the spiritual community.


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