Clutter and Spirituality

Published Date 1/18/2020
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Whether it's at your home or office, the presence of clutter shows you're experiencing stress, emptiness, or anxiety.

If you keep clutter in your car, home, office, or all of these places, it could signal you’re hiding something deep inside yourself. The clutter may serve as a kind of physical coverup of a problem, question, or concern that’s actually bothering you on a spiritual level. By exploring the connection between clutter and your spirituality, you can address the underlying issues so you can clean up your life, both literally and spiritually.

What Is Clutter?

Clutter consists of items you keep, even though you don’t have an immediate or short-term use for them. You may convince yourself you may want or need these items someday, but that claim is probably questionable. In essence, it’s stuff that sits and contributes little or nothing to your quality of life. In fact, clutter usually detracts from your emotional well-being because of its connection to your spiritual state.

Examples of clutter could include dried flowers from a long-ago significant other, textbooks you haven’t opened in years, and clothes that don’t fit or are hopelessly out of fashion. Despite the lack of usefulness, you keep these and many other things.

What Clutter Says About Your Spiritual State

According to feng shui expert and author Tisha Morris, clutter in your home shows you have unspent, stagnant energy. Just as you have stuff sitting around that has no purpose, your energy is also sitting idle.

Another theory is that the clutter represents hope that’s degenerated into shame and guilt. For example, the clothes you keep that are too small at one time represented the hope that you’d lose weight. Over time, however, they became reminders of your inability to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This idea is one that author June Saruwatari knows all too well. She says the unfulfilled dreams embodied in the stuff you keep can stifle your growth and progress.

Some people fill their home with stuff to hide a feeling of emptiness or self-doubt. By creating a cluttered living environment, they’re able to convince themselves their life is full and they’re successful. All they have to do is look around their home to see that it is true!

Coping With the Clutter

Most experts, including therapists and the best online psychics, agree that clearing away or reducing physical clutter will help you lower the spiritual angst that’s associated with it. Hazel Thornton, a professional organizer, says her clients begin the process of decluttering their homes in a stressed state. When the process is finished, she says they’re feel free from the stuff and the emotional baggage connected to it.

Moving On

To improve your spiritual condition, start getting rid of clutter. Speaking to a live phone psychic may help you figure out where to start. Regardless of where you begin, you’re sure to find that reducing the clutter will remove some of the anxiety, self-doubt, and stress you feel.

By recognizing the connection between clutter and your spiritual state, you can take steps to give yourself the emotional freedom you’ve been lacking.


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