Can Meditation Be Dangerous?

Published Date 1/7/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

Meditation is a great way to grow on your spiritual path, but be aware of the dangers.

Though meditation seems like it would be a harmless activity, and it's considered one that is very important for stress management and a balanced life, some have experienced dangers while meditating of which you might want to be aware. These dangers typically come with those that practice a deep meditative state.

Letting Meditative Experience Halt Your Progress

While you are meditating, you may have a fantastic experience that is very enjoyable, and it might be something that you would like to experience again. The problem with getting attached to these experiences is it stops you from progressing spiritually. This is especially true if you are only meditating for these experiences. You could feel a little empty without them if they stop.

In Buddhism, those who halt their progress by leaving the path for these meditative experiences are reborn into lower realms, such as the animal realm. These experiences could include visions, seeing events from this world or another, seeing different beings, or hearing conversations in strange languages. If you feel that there is something in the way of your spiritual progress, consider getting an authentic psychic reading to help determine the obstacle.

Being Unprepared for the Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul is when your connection to God disappears and you feel a deep loneliness and darkness surrounding you. When this happens, some abandon their spiritual development feeling that God must not exist. However, this experience actually will lead to a deeper connection with God if meditators continue to meditate and work through it. Some believe the dark night of the soul is the last step you need to take in order to reach true enlightenment.

Seeing Lower Worlds While Meditating

Just as you can catch a glimpse of higher worlds while you meditate, depending on your state when meditating, you can also catch a glimpse of lower worlds. This comes from having a negative energy or attitude when you meditate. You can experience severe consequences including insanity and frightening dreams. If that happens, it can also make you not want to meditate. For this reason, make sure you are in a positive state of mind before each meditation session.

Realistic Frightening Dreams

An excess of energy from meditations can lead to clear dreams that feel very real, making them appear more like visions than dreams. Because these dreams are so real, you may end up actually physically feeling what happens in the dream, causing you to sit straight up in bed or even jump out because of how realistic and scary the dreams are. This type of dreaming can make you anxious and want to avoid sleeping. Consider contacting a dream interpreter online who can help analyze the dream and help you through the experience if this happens to you.

The important thing is to understand what can happen to you while meditating, so when these experiences come, you know how to handle them and are prepared. Having a good guide to help you is a great step.

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