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Published Date 3/5/2020
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There's more to a drink of water than you may realize!

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We’ve all been there. It’s a hot day, we’ve worked up a thirst and without much thought, we pour and drink a glass of water; when we’re done, we’re out of breath but the feeling of thirst is replaced by a cool, liquid, full sensation as it disperses to where it’s needed. 

Likely one of the most taken for granted privileges in the first world, fresh drinking water, whenever we need it, for the large majority of us. In 2012 we heard about Dr. Maseru Emoto, and his book “Messages from Water and the Universe” which details how water holds the vibration of thought and emotion. He proved this by freezing drops which had been exposed to positive, negative and neutral thoughts, feelings and music. The way that the drops looked under microscope while frozen is quite remarkable and proved that there is something substantial to his theory. 

Make Your Cells Sing!

If we consider his work plausible, we might then consider our own relationship to water, and how with small changes, we could cause our cells to sing in harmony with our loving thoughts. You might be thinking, how on earth do I make my cells sing? Let me share a few suggestions:

1. Before you consume a glass of water, take a moment to direct your thoughts toward it. Put as much love and light into your thinking as you can, then send it to the water. Dr. Emoto had a little prayer he’d say when he collected samples in the natural world. With each sample, he’d say: “Thank you. I love you. Please forgive me. I’m sorry”. Consume the water with the intention of it blessing your body, carrying your loving energy into every cell, filling you up with light and love.

2. Our bodies are made up of more than 70% water. By directing intent and love to the water already within our physical selves, and our loved ones, we can apply this same knowledge by virtue of the science of Dr. Emoto, on a microscopic and metaphysical level.

3. Quartz crystal has a special quality that is very similar to water in structure. It is what makes silicone quartz more like a plasma than a solid or a liquid. This structure, being similar to water, can be communicated with in much the same manner. Picturing the innards of a crystal as fluid, it can be easier to “swim” with your quartz in meditation by sending loving thoughts to help unlock inner pathways.

Water is essential to all life on our beautiful planet, and we are constantly finding reasons to conserve it. In certain areas it is becoming more and more scarce; this is even more reason to give love and thanks to and for the water we enjoy every day. 

Think of drinking water as a silver river, carrying loving kindness to all the cells of your body. Think of the human race as a river, of love.

Bright Blessings,

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