Being Kind to Animals Big and Small

Published Date 7/21/2018
Category: Health & Wellness

There are so many ways to be kind to animals!

Whether you're a pet owner, a baby animal lover, or someone who can't resist petting every dog in sight, you know how wonderful animals are. What you might not realize, however, is that being an animal lover is actually good for you. Find out how to be kind to animals big and small and learn how they can make you happier.

Consider Your Pet a Lifelong Commitment

Even if you're an animal lover, it's essential to consider whether adding another pet to your brood is best for the health and well-being of the animal. After all, animals may be cute when they're small, but you don't have to be a pet communicator to know that they grow quickly. Some can be challenging to train, and others may be difficult to house in a small apartment or in a community with breed restrictions. Always consider your pets to be lifelong commitments, and show kindness by planning ahead for their care.

Approach Strange Animals Gently

Your pets may gather around the door when they sense you're home and shower you with affection after a long day apart, but not all animals know and trust you. When you approach a strange animal, remember that it has to trust you on its own terms, and forcing an interaction could result in an injury. Rather than reaching out to pet a strange dog, be kind by allowing it to smell you first before deciding whether it trusts you.

Respect and Love Wild Animals From Afar

No matter how much you love the rabbits that live in your backyard or the badgers you encounter on a hike, remember that they're wild animals. Feeding them or interacting with them may disrupt their habitats and ways of life, which could have detrimental effects. The best way to show kindness to wild animals is to respect them and love them from afar. Enjoy spotting and photographing wildlife rather than attempting to get up close.

Donate to Animal-Friendly Organizations

If you're concerned about animal welfare but you can't take in any more pets or provide care for injured animals, don't feel as though there's nothing you can do. Find an animal-friendly organization that does work you admire, and make a donation. You'll feel good knowing that you're helping animals even if you can't care for them directly.

Embrace Kindness and Encourage Good Health

Being kind to animals makes more of an impact than you might think. Not only can you better an animal's life through a simple act of kindness, but you can also boost your own health. Studies have shown that being kind to and caring for animals can relieve your anxiety, make you more social, and lower your stress levels. Having a pet can also make you more attentive, promote relaxation, and may even prolong your life.

Being kind to animals requires little effort, yet offers so many health and wellness benefits. Start incorporating more animal cuddles into your day, and try an online psychic chat for more insight into how being kind benefits you in the long run.

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