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Before You Move into A New Day... Move into Yourself by Psychic Paulina

Date 3/24/2020

Practice this exercise each morning with self-care and self-love.

Practice this exercise each morning with self-care and self-love.

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After falling and suffering a brain trauma injury, my view on life has changed to the extent that it’s as if I am no longer the same person. Thankfully, I am a better person! It’s hard to imagine that after nearly dying, after being alone in the ICU for so long, that on the other side of that situation I can say that I’m thankful for the opportunity to nearly die, and to have new abilities and new perspectives on life. 

From the mouth of chaos, one can take new life and reform. This has been true for me and I’m forever grateful. One concept I’ve come to understand is that each new day is a lifetime in itself. It’s a new chance for me to make the better of. It’s as if in each new day, I am reborn. Now you will learn to add value to every new day, and it will only take a few kind moments each morning.

Let’s face it, life can be an ever-changing puzzle, it can be unfair and unkind. Life can be so confusing that no amount of questions or answers seem to properly sort out the mess. Yet, we keep waking up. We keep breathing. We keep being alive. I’m going to pass on a beautiful practice for you to bring a restored sense of balance and joy to each morning. Setting this tone for the day will carry you much further than waking up and starting out with no time for yourself. Rushing isn’t living, and you ought to really take time to sort yourself out prior to beginning a day full of responsibilities and things to do. 

So, right now, or as soon as you get the chance, do this exercise. Then repeat each morning, as soon as possible after waking up, so that it’s not forgotten or pushed aside.  Make it a habit and keep this practice going each and every day. It’s your gift to yourself

    • Find a quiet calm and private space.
    • You may sit on the floor or in a chair or sofa. Firm is better. I sit on the floor. 
    • Back upright and shoulders slightly pulled back. 
    • If on the floor, sitting crossed-legged is easier if you can comfortably sit like that. Using a cushion will help if you need extra support.
    • Arms relaxed at your sides, palms upright, resting on your thighs close to knees.
    • Now… Breathe in through your nose – hold it – Exhale through your mouth – BIG breathes.
    • Repeat slowly 15 to 20 times. Be gentle. Allow yourself to feel the flow of life force.
    • Now, rest a few moments.
    • Raise your hands up to your heart in a prayer position.
    • Greet yourself good morning. Greet the world good morning.
    • Give thanks for what you have and are able to experience.
    • Set an intention- what kind of day will you have ______.
    • Raise your arms up, slightly open, hands open to receiving, head drops gently back.
    • Now, take in love and radiant goodness into your heart – allow the heart to receive love.
    • Allow your head to slowly come back up.
    • Bring your arms back down and rest your hands back on your thighs.
    • Lastly, begin to hum or chant softly (loudly if you’d like) a sacred word. Om, Hum, Love, Joy, any one-syllable, purely positive word. 
    • Then, rest and slowly take in a few healing breathes, and know you are set to begin a new day in the cycle of rebirth after waking from the sleep that takes us away from this world. 

Today truly is the first day of the rest of your life. No need to rush through without giving yourself the gift of time, space, and energy for self-love. 

As you treat yourself, as you make time to be important, with self-care and self-love, so too will life follow.

DISCLAIMER: If you have any condition or limitations that would cause you any harm in doing this exercise, please refrain from this practice. In doing this exercise, if you feel in any way uneasy or any ill effects, please discontinue and consult with your physician.

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