Banish Negative Energy by Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 1/24/2019
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It is important to balance your Mind, Body and Spirit.

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People instinctively love strong individuals with corresponding strong mind, body, spirit connections. We attract others and comfort ourselves with a rich array of gifts. It’s the combined mind body and spirit connection that gives us the whopping dose of natural energy to banish negative energy.

Self-Control: There's Nothing Like It
Our mind seems to run everything, right? With a keen sense of self-control using the mind, we can help our bodies and spirits combine forces to banish off the worst negative energies. The mind controls much, including the body which regulates our physical and emotional health. 

Our Physical Self and Surroundings
Our bodies and our homes should be free of negative energy at all times. Since our mind was smart enough to know this, let's learn how to banish bad energies from the physical self and your surroundings.

Many have rituals they do throughout the day. Use the following tools to free of your physical space/home and body. 

4 Methods for Cleansing Energies
1. Go Green - Eating green is healthy and a way to rid negative energies within the body. Including plants in every room which filter naturally the negative energy is super smart.
2. Salt - Taking salt baths help cleanse our auras.
3. Burn White Sage - Sage is a well-known cleanser 
4. High-Frequency Music – Can help increase energy and as an added bonus it also has been known to help balance the Solar Plexus Chakra which helps improve self-confidence and self-esteem. 

The Spiritual Body is Connected to Energy 
Wellness and keeping the mind, body and spirit from negative energy is a conscious choice. Our lifestyle reflects balance, self-control, and the promotion of both physical and mental health fitness. Marked by a balance of mind, body, spirit, we rise above more things than not. Combining all healthy, balanced mind body, spirit is not unlike maintaining a balanced diet. Both are very important to our longevity and a happy, peaceful life.

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