Balance Your Chi Energy to Develop Your Intuition by Psychic Jackie

Published Date 10/15/2016
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Visualize a white spinning ball of energy.

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Everyone has untapped psychic abilities. In some cases, these intuitive skills are dormant for many years. On the other hand, there are people that experience bursts of psychic abilities that they can’t explain. All psychic related skills are driven by energy. If you want to improve those skills you need to learn to balance and focus that energy in the right direction. Enhanced intuition of your psychic abilities starts by balancing your “chi” energy.

The Power of Chi 
“Chi”, also known as Qi or prana, is the universal life force. The word “chi” translates as “aliveness” and comes from ancient Chinese medicine. Chi energy exists within all living things. Our most basic energy is impacted by events and bad habits. Tragedy can disrupt energetic patterns. Negative experiences and even developed patterns (like smoking or drinking alcohol) often affect how the chi energy flows. We can literally block, or do damage to the very life force that sustains us.

When our energy is off-balance our intuition and psychic channels close. Simple meditation combined with visualization techniques are vital tools to clear and balance your energy. 

Steps To Develop Your Intuition:

1) Start by getting comfortable. Now imagine that you are surrounded by a bright white light. This light is a reflection of the energy in your aura. Allow it to feel like a magnet for inspiration and positive emotions, Envision the light as your own personal energy catcher. It protects you from all the negative and draws the positive towards you. 

2) Once comfortable it’s time to focus. Imagine a bright white spinning energy ball right in front of your eyes. It should be electric, powerful and fascinating. It is also totally non-threatening.

3) Watch the dynamic chi energy. Now visualize this energy getting brighter and changing colors. It is still spinning around, as it changes from white to green to shades of blue to purple, and back to white.

4) Keep your focus. Imagine the energy clearing out any negative chi energy obstructions. By holding the image of the free spinning ball you are clearing and balancing your chi.

5) The various colors you use in your visualization are balancing various chakras. Green represents the heart. Light blue for the throat or the voice. And dark blue is symbolic of the third eye or your psychic vision. Purple is the highest spiritual color and represents the crown chakra. Remember that your crown chakra and your third eye are both sensitive areas. They need to remain open, in order to receive visions, insight and inspiration.

Your psychic abilities may be active or still hidden. Either way they can be enhanced. Continue to balance your chi and you’ll also magnify your psychic ability! 

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