A Sense-sational Guide to Self-Care

Date 8/21/2020

There's an essential oil for nearly everything you need!

There's an essential oil for nearly everything you need!

While it’s true that we are all spirits having a human experience, it is also true that appealing to or soothing our physical senses is good for our spirits. No matter how spiritually evolved we are, we have manifested in a physical form on this earth, and that form requires care. Psychic Izzy says treating your senses is a compassionate act that can help you “feel more grounded into who you really are at the core.” Developing compassion for yourself is an important part of fostering self-love, which is so important in any self-care regimine. 

Let the Sunshine In 

We are hard-wired to respond positively to light. The lack of it in wintertime is known to cause feelings of sadness. Remember, the frequency of every color is contained in a ray of sunlight. Those colors correlate to energy enters in your body known as chakras. A little time in the sun can positively stimulate your chakras. Plus, there is just the simple pleasure in enjoying the way the sun feels on your skin. 

Color Your World 

Speaking of colors, you can use them too to bring a pop of energy into your life. There are general associations we have with colors (for example, blue is calming while yellow is energizing) but feel free to follow your intuition with this. You can wear a specific color to draw in some of the energy of that color or chose specific colors in decorating areas of your home. If you want to give one of your chakras a boost, put some drinking water in a glass container the same color as the chakra you want to activate and let it sit in the sun for a bit. Drinking it will let you take in some of the energy of that color.

Sounds Good to Me 

How do you feel when you hear cars honking in traffic? How does the sound of a flowing stream affect you? Different sounds can make us feel frazzled or put us at ease. For a reset of your energetic vibration, consider indulging in a sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls. You can also use mantras, or repetition of a sacred sound, like “Om”. Also don’t discount the power of a good playlist. Whether your aural happy place is on Broadway or at rock festival, create a couple of playlists of songs that you know help elevate your spirits.

Scents and Sensibility 

Have you ever had a particular scent bring you back to a special time or place in your life?  Our nose and sense of smell connects us to the areas of the brain that process emotion and learning. Aromatherapy and essential oils use the connection between scents and the mind to lift your mood and facilitate good health.  Essential oils have biologically active compounds and, since they're highly concentrated, give you therapeutic benefits even in tiny amounts. Because you can combine essential oils, there's a huge variety of possibilities, each bringing potential benefits. 
There’s an essential oil for every purpose you can think of. People often use aromatherapy for stress relief. Lavender essential oil is highly recommended for anxiety or depression. Need to improve your concentration? Try a little rosemary oil for focus. Good essential oils for romance would include sandalwood and jasmine.   

So what is the best way to use essential oils? Common ways to use essential oils include rubbing a dot on pulse points instead of perfume or adding them to bathwater. You can also heat them in an essential oil diffuser or use them with a hot compress. If you want to massage essential oils into your skin, first blend them with a carrier oil.  Try using essential oils as room deodorizers, cleaning sprays, or to freshen laundry.

Make Friends with Flowers and Plants 

Essential oils aren’t the only way to work with flowers, plants, and herbs for self-care. Peppermint makes an energizing tea that can also help you with stomach pains. Ginger tea can work wonders on a both a head cold and your confidence.  Look into flower therapy as well. Flower Therapy is the art and science of using flowers, and flower essences for healing, manifestation, and abundance. Simply having flowers in a room can elevate the energy. For instance, a bit of baby’s breath is great to have around after an argument. If you are trying to attract more prosperity into your life you should plant or keep some sunflowers nearby. Roses heal emotional wounds, open the heart chakra center, fill your aura with beauty and love to improve your relationships. Look into Bach flower essences to target specific emotional issues, like honeysuckle for mourning and oak for workaholic tendencies. 
Whichever way you choose to pamper your senses, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it needs to resonate with you.  Find what feels positive and healing for you and be sure to treat yourself to it regularly.  

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