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8 Steps to Wellness and Weight Loss Through Mindful Guided Meditation By Psychic Artemis

Date 12/16/2022
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Support your weight loss goals by shifting your inner talk and mindset with this guided meditation by Psychic Artemis.

So many of us spend so much time caring for others, we forget to care for ourselves. If you’ve ever traveled by air, you know that in the pre-flight safety orientation, we’re told, in case of trouble, to put the oxygen mask over your own face first, before assisting another person.  

In my world, I’d ended up caring for several of the sick and dying elders in my family, one right after the other. Having an Alzheimer’s patient under my care, under my roof 24-7 resulted in me ballooning up to just under 300 pounds. MY blood pressure was through the roof! There was no pre-flight advice for dementia caregiving.

Many of us have just come through and continue to go through challenging times due to the pandemic. That number “19” isn’t just about the virus but it also seems like an average weight gain many of us have put on, during months of uncertainty and comfort eating. Stuck at home, we were moving less and had easy access to snacks. On top of that, hormonal responses to stress can make our bodies hang on to calories. So please don't beat yourself up if you've put on pandemic pounds, of if you’re forgotten to put your physical health and wellbeing first, due to obligations and circumstances.

In my own weight loss journey, I had to overcome some limiting beliefs and get back into meditation to make self-care a priority. By looking inward and turning to Spirit, I found the strength to prioritize healthy eating and explore new movement and the discipline of intermittent fasting. This gave my digestive system the rest it needed by only eating during certain windows of time during the day and creating a cut off at a certain time at night. Through perseverance and valuing myself, I was able to get the weight off. And my blood pressure normalized. While I can tell you it wasn’t easy, meditation made it easier.

I’ve created an accompanying guided meditation to help you get into the mindset of weight loss, when it feels to hard to get started on the path to wellness. Along with listening to the guided meditation, I’ve put together a list of eight additional ways you can put more focus on yourself, jump starting your journey to a better you. These techniques work for me and many of the clients I coach. Remember to check in with your healthcare providers regarding your weight, if appropriate, to make sure you’re clear to lose a few pounds. 

1. Logging Your Food Intake

Keeping a food journal can help you identify eating patterns and become more aware of what, when and how much you’re eating. Whether you choose to use an app or just a notebook, this brings about a sense of mindfulness and accountability regarding your relationship to your daily habits. I recommend the free MyFitnessPal app.

2. Create a Plan for Healthy Meals and Movement

I always think of the Five P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 
Planning ahead is key to making healthy choices. Tempted by fast food?  What replacements can you plan that are satisfying and kind to your wallet and waistline? And just like you might schedule a meeting at work, schedule time to move and exercise. If you don't block off time or make a plan, you are more likely to skip out or make excuses.

3. Stop and Think Before Eating.

If you think you’re feeling hungry, try drinking a big glass of water and distract yourself for 10 minutes or so before grabbing those junky snacks. Are you actually hungry or simply bored or stressed? 

4. Out of Sight, Out of Mouth

I swear, chocolate should have a cloaking device. If you’re working remotely, try setting up your home office far from the kitchen. Or just keep tempting junk food out of your home altogether. 

5. Don't Drink Your Calories

Calories in soda and alcohol add up fast and don’t provide much in the nutrition department. Even fruit juice can give our bodies an unwanted blast of liquid sugar, jolting our inflammatory, glucose responses. Sip on water, unsweetened tea or sugar-free drinks instead. Staying hydrated will also help keep you full longer. Refer to item number 3.

6. Too Much Comfort Food Can Mean Less Comfortable Jeans 

Simple carbohydrates like bread, cookies and processed foods might feel satisfying in the short term, but nutritionists tell us they just make us hungrier and more likely to overeat later. Lean proteins and high-fiber carbohydrates l help you feel satisfied and maintain your blood sugar throughout the day.  Think sweet potatoes over sweet rolls if you want to lessen the muffin top.

7.  Skip the Fad Diets

Certain fad diets cut out entire food groups, cutting your nutrition, and when you return to normal eating patterns the pounds return! Make gradual changes you'll be able to maintain long-term.

8. Start Simply and Do Activities You Love

You don’t need a gym membership. Get up and walk outside. Start with 10 minutes a day. Then build to 15 minutes, then 20. If walks outside don’t thrill you, dancing while you're doing dishes or trying yoga videos your phone, computer or TV might be a fun change of pace.  The real key is to discover exercises that don't feel like work, or a chore.

Weight loss isn't a one-size-fits-all plan. 

Listen to the guided meditation, where we look at our “truths” with the R.A.I.N. technique, wherein we

Allow (or Accept)
Nourish our obstacles and truths.

Try these ideas, and stick with them. Soon, you’ll be fitting in to something smaller and feeling more fit!  If you’re feeling blocked, consider connecting with a Psychic Source Advisor to get a reading on energy and self-care.  Easing tension and finding clarity can help your body balance and more toward your optimal set point.
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Artemis is a Certified Angel Tarot Reader and Intuitive that has been drawn to the mystique of the Law of Attraction, studying with many thought leaders from the films “The Secret” and “What The Bleep Do We Know”. With a Master’s degree in Transformational Psychology and a background in Reiki, teaching yoga and metaphysical energy work, she uses her psychic abilities and spiritual coaching skills to help clients identify and overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives.


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