6 Healing Crystals for August Sun Signs by Psychic Tallis

Published Date 8/3/2019
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Fire Agate is one of the powerful healing crystals for Leo.

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Are you a crystal lover with an August birthday or do who want to share the gift of healing with a loved one whose birthday is in August? If so, here are my three favorite crystals for each of the Leos and Virgos out there.

Three Healing Crystals for LEO:

1 - Carnelian
For the Leo that believes in “going all in” and “seizing the day”, carnelian is a wonderful stone. Carnelian helps channel all this effusive energy, but never dampen it. Carnelian helps balance life force energy between body, mind and spirit. Ensuring all that energy goes to productive use!

2 - Fire Agate
Fire agate is especially well suited for the romantic Leo, that loves fiercely. Fire agate resonates with the heart chakra, supporting unity and love but tempering intense emotions. As well as, the sacral chakra, promoting independence, yet companionship and intimacy. And finally, the root chakra, to ground energy, bringing stability to those intense and tumultuous romances.

3 - Kunzite
Yes, the brave and noble Leo gets the job done but they can become a bit hardened and closed off along the way. Kunzite is a powerful crystal helping Leos get back in touch with their crown chakra and balancing it with their heart chakra. Getting back in touch with their softer, more spiritual side, creating a resounding peace within them and as a result a more serene approach to life.

Three Healing Crystals for VIRGO:

1 – Amazonite
The perfectionist in many Virgos, often gets trapped in overthinking. And overthinking hones a critical eye. Amazonite is a crystal that supports the heart chakra, bringing compassion and empathy for self and others. The heart chakra is also the home of faith and trust, helping Virgos let go and let live. The throat chakra is also stimulated by Amazonite, enabling the Virgo to speak their personal truth, stop editing themselves and voice their thoughts instead of ruminating on them

2 – Amethyst
Well known for their practicality and tempered emotions, there is a whole world going on within the Virgo, they are “ducks on the pond”. Amethyst helps nurture the creative, spiritual and deeply emotional side of Virgo that only the chosen few have seen. Amethyst stimulates both the third eye and crown chakra, not only helping calm an anxious mind, but also making room for more spiritual, serene, creative thoughts, breaking the narrow confines Virgos may box themselves up in. 

3 – Unakite
Whether it is the loyalty, their modesty or their overall kindness, to be loved by a Virgo is to be well loved. Unakite resonates strongly within the heart chakra, helping Virgos open their hearts. Unakite also helps them to remember themselves and balance the give and take of healthy relationships. Though faithfully loving, Virgos are sometimes prone to a quick temper, Unakite will help soothe a sharp tongue and grounding energy, returning them to the sweet Virgo you love.

Don’t be hesitate to experiment and explore crystal healing, as an affordable, accessible, easy way to improve your life.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” - Hippocrates

Love and Light,
Tallis x3403
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