5 Simple Steps to Listen to Your Heart by Psychic Brenda

Published Date 8/27/2014
Category: Health And Wellness

Take a deep breath and relax. Namaste.

In the times we live in, we’re surrounded by the constant barrage of noise from the world around us. It’s imperative for our health and wellbeing that we take time to immerse ourselves in the silence of our own company. 

For those whose minds run like a jogger on a never-ending treadmill, you may say that’s a great suggestion… but how?

The simple answer is the act of following your breath. You’re breathing, as you may be aware, is a process that happens without any thinking or support on your mind’s part. Therefore, breathing is a direct line to what’s actually happening inside your whole being, not just the whiz-bang chatter in your head.

Try this on for size:

1. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Bring a blanket and a pillow and turn the lights down low. Set a timer for ten minutes.

2. Sit on your pillow and wrap yourself in your blanket (if you can’t sit, lie down). Put one hand on your heart and the other hand on your belly. 

3. Begin breathing. When you inhale your belly should rise into your hand.bWhen you exhale your chest should fall underneath your hand. Don’t try to change or fix your breathing – just watch it happening. If your mind starts to wander simply bring it back to focus on your breath. You can label your breathing saying “in” when inhaling and “out” when exhaling.

4. Now that you’re watching your breathing, notice how your heart feels. Let your breath fill your heart with a golden honey-colored light. Breathe in that honeyed light and breath it out.

5. Your timer will signal when you’re done. Slowly move to your next activity, taking time to notice each step you take and each choice you make.

Allow the breath-awareness to follow you wherever you go.
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