5 Excuses to Get More Sunshine

Published Date 10/25/2014
Category: Health & Wellness

What are the benefits of sunshine? Get outside and feel happy!

Did you know that getting out in the sun makes you healthier and happier? It’s true; sunshine offers all sorts of benefits to your body, inside and out. So, take a look at these five reasons why you should be having more fun in the sun, as if enjoying it wasn’t enough on its own.

Sunshine Makes You More Active and Healthy

When you’re indoors, you’re confined — you can’t run around to get the exercise you need to keep your body healthy. However, when you’re outside in the sunshine, you have the freedom to be more active. Everyone knows that you need to get exercise to keep your body healthy. Yes, you can always run on a treadmill or lift weights at the gym, but exercise is a lot more enjoyable when you’re outside because you can enjoy nature. Plus, playing outdoor sports is a lot more fun than working out at the gym.

Sunshine Improves Your Mental Capacity

Not only does sunshine help you be more physically active, it also helps you be more mentally productive. The sun lights everything up, making you focus on everything a little more. It’s easy to get bored when things are dark because you can’t see things as well. The sun brightens up your day and makes you want to use your brain. That’s why it’s important to your mental capacity. If you need help finding ways to get more sun, talk to an online psychic to start improving your life today.

Sunshine Makes Your Skin Look Better

All that physical activity out in the sun will make your body look better because of the muscles you're building. However, the sunshine also makes your skin look healthier because it absorbs the Vitamin D. This vitamin is important in helping your body circulate toxins. So, the sun helps your complexion and tone. Yes, you need to wear sunblock to protect your skin from UV rays, but a little bit of sun exposure every day is better for your skin than none at all.

Sunshine Helps You Sleep Better

Everyone has an internal clock that tells you when it’s night and day. However, that internal clock can’t work properly without the sun. The sun tells your body when it’s time to get up and when it’s time to sleep. Therefore, you need the sunshine to help you get better sleep at night. Without it, you’d be tossing and turning all night or have a harder time falling asleep. The early morning sunshine is what sets your internal clock, but you need it all day to maintain it.

Sunshine Just Makes You Happier Overall

At night, when it's dark, people feel sluggish. During the day when it's bright, people feel happy and energized. However, you can't get this feeling if you don't get out in the sun. If there are problems in your life that are keeping you inside and away from the sun, find an authentic psychic to help you resolve them because the sun makes you happier overall.

As you can see, you need the sunshine to live a happier and healthier life. Get out in the sun to start feeling better today!5


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