4 Essential Habits for a Healthy Morning

Published Date 12/14/2014
Category: Health & Wellness

Start your day with these healthy tips to feel energized and refreshed

We all know how great it feels to start the day refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge. We also know how it feels to be groggy and unable to focus. If you find that you're struggling to start your day clearheaded and energized, try incorporating these healthy habits into your daily routine.

Exercise in the Morning

By now, we all know that exercise is important for our overall health. New research suggests, however, that exercising in the morning may be even better for your wellbeing. These studies show that 20 minutes of moderate activity can actually boost your mood and leave you feeling good hours later. On the other hand, exercising in the evening can hamper your ability to fall asleep at night. Moderate to intense workouts two hours before you need to go to sleep doesn't give your body enough time to process the adrenaline spike you get after exercise.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

While every person is different, the average human needs between five and eight hours of sleep to stay healthy and function properly. Not only does sleep loss impair your mood, it can also have negative consequences on your health. Chronic sleep loss increases the risk of weight gain and high blood pressure, as well as the risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes. If stress or dreams keep you awake at night and you're not getting enough sleep, consider an online dream interpretation, so you can understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

After about eight hours of sleep, it's important to feed your body and brain, but it's even more important that what you consume is healthy and full of nutrients. A doughnut and a cup of coffee don't have the necessary nutritional resources for a healthy and energized morning. Instead, you should reach for lean proteins like eggs, low-fat yogurt, fruit, smoothies, or oatmeal. As an added bonus, eating a healthy breakfast gives you more strength, improves your concentration, lowers your cholesterol levels, and helps you support a healthy weight.

Start Your Day off with Sunshine

While a dark room may help you sleep at night, it keeps you drowsy in the morning when you're trying to wake up. Not only does sunlight help you start your day, it also helps your circadian rhythm so you sleep better at night. Natural sunlight is best to help you wake up, so 30 to 45 minutes of an early morning walk or breakfast outside will give you the direct sunlight you need for a healthy sleep rhythm. If you have to get up before the sun rises, though, then artificial lights will also work.

If you find that you're following these healthy tips but still struggle to make it through the day, a live psychic reading can help you identify any unhealthy habits that are zapping your energy. Then, you can start every day refreshed and ready to go.


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