Mars Astrology

Mars Astrology

Mars Meaning

When you think of Mars traveling through the zodiac, consider the house in which it lands for your personal astrology chart. Wherever it is placed in your horoscope, Mars indicates the beliefs you’re willing to stand up for, and where your most primal energy goes. Mars is all about energy; it fuels your willpower and vitality. Mars reveals when, where, and how you take action.

Mars also also represents any anger you carry within you, and where it is placed in your astrology chart influences your gut reactions to triggering situations, especially your primal instincts around fight or flight. The placement of Mars also reveals how your sexual energy is expressed in the house and sign in which it lands. From a natal aspect or a planetary transit perspective, every time Mars and Venus form a conjunction, passion and romance align.  In addition, Mars Retrograde stirs up powerful warrior energies that can have unintended consequences. 

Seek out a professional astrologer for greater insight into Mars and its placement in your chart.

Mars in the Houses

Mars in the First House

People with this placement are a bundle of energy. They may have often heard a lot of jokes comparing them to the Energizer Bunny. Those with Mars in the First House practically glow with self-confidence. They have very little trouble drawing people to their side or asserting their leadership over a group.

People with Mars in the First House have a hard time walking away from a competition or challenge. They like to be first and like it when others know it too. Their self-confidence can easily become hubris and they might find they are lured by their ego into taking on projects without fully understanding what needs to be done. Conversely, they may only like to take on things that are a quick or easy win if it strokes their ego.

Mars in the Second House

People with this placement aren’t sprinters (like those with Mars in the First House). Their energy is closer to that of marathon runners. Their strength lies in their endurance, and they always play the long game when it comes to achieving their goals. Those with Mars in the Second House are hard to discourage once they make up their mind.

People with Mars in the Second House have an interesting relationship to money. On the one hand, their diligence means they can make it easily. On the other, there is always the temptation of some big-ticket item that they can succumb to in a weak moment. They may even have a hording tendency and sharing can be an issue.

Mars in the Third House

Never one to mince words, people with this placement will readily tell you what is on their mind. They are very good at thinking on their feet and can switch directions in an instant when necessary. They are skilled debaters as well, and love engaging in anything that tests their wits. People with Mars in the Third House also like to keep things moving quickly, but they value quickness of mind more than they value quickness of body.

As can be expected, those with Mars in the Third House can cut people to ribbons with their words when they are angry. There’s often an extra dose of cruelty in their words. They are smart enough to know which ones will hurt most. They are also smart when using words to frame things in a light that benefits them and will often use clever words to escape the consequences of their actions. They can be terrible gossips as well.

Mars in the Fourth House

Do not expect people with this placement to hesitate when protecting their family or close friends. They will always be the first to defend them with whatever they happen to have on hand. They don’t like to show their angry side, but when it comes out it can feel like they are a completely different person, akin to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Whatever their personal goals are, they always take into consideration how reaching them will affect their family.

These are also the parents that are super competitive about their children and their activities, for example the little league dad who keeps telling the coach to put his kid in the game or the soccer mom who never misses an opportunity to brag about her child. People with Mars in the Fourth House often prefer not to confront people directly, but they can be quite passive aggressive.

Mars in the Fifth House

People with this placement have an extra level of intensity about their hobbies. This is the realm of the “super fan”, whether it’s the sports fan that paints themselves in team colors for every game or the comic book fan who never misses a convention. Those with Mars in the Fifth House may find that an element of risk thrills them. They may not all take up extreme sports, but they have a hard time passing up an opportunity to make whatever they are doing into a competition to get a similar high.

People with Mars in the Fifth House can be quite overbearing to others, especially to those who they feel are on ‘the enemy team’—and they are very good at making up enemies where their hobbies are concerned. They may noticeably look down on people who are outside their hobby or just not as into it as they are. They also can act as if they are addicted to the rush they get from competing, and this spills over into romance. If they aren’t careful, they can objectify the people they are with as just another notch in their bedpost.

Mars in the Sixth House

These are the people who regularly win Employee of the Month or who earned a ton of awards (including perfect attendance) in school. It’s usually not enough for them to have a tidy space. They like knowing they have the tidiest. It’s not enough for them to be smart. Those with Mars in the Sixth House like it when other people know it too. They take any job assigned to them seriously, almost to the level of a sacred trust.

People with Mars in the Sixth House can be a little territorial about the tasks entrusted to them. They may look at new co-workers with distrust until they prove themselves. They have high standards and can be vocal about who they feel fails to live up to them. Those with this placement can be quite sarcastic and complain a lot, especially when they feel a task is poorly done.

Mars in the Seventh House

Have you heard of the term “charm offensive”? Those with Mars in the Seventh House have elevated it to an art form. They prefer to pinpoint potential opponents and win them over to their side. They will never confront anyone if they can send a proxy to deal with it instead. They usually have many to choose from since they’re good are carefully cultivating their circle.

Since the Seventh House is related to marriage and partnerships, it might not be easy for people with this placement to find a life partner. As much as they prefer to use charm as their weapon of choice, they also tend to want a partner who will stand up to them. They respect someone who speaks plainly and can be more brash. When they find someone who is the perfect balance of challenging and compatible, they stick around.

Mars in the Eighth House

People with Mars in the Eighth House have a laser focus when it comes to solving a mystery. They seem almost allergic to leaving any questions unanswered. This makes them ideal researchers and investigators. But they can get so caught up in finding answers that they neglect anything and anyone else around them. It is hard to convince them to let things go or even ease up a little.

There’s always an undercurrent of intensity with those with Mars in the Eighth House. It can be very hard to resist—and they know it. But that intensity can have a dark side left unchecked. They will rarely admit to any weaknesses or allow any to show. Also, people with this placement can be downright vindictive when crossed. Gaslighting, psychological warfare, nothing is off the table when they are angry.

Mars in the Ninth House

Many people talk about bucket lists, but those with Mars in the Ninth House fully intend to cross off every experience they have listed on theirs before they die. They often are immensely optimistic about any new undertaking, minimizing, or ignoring possible risks and drawbacks. People with placement are usually the most enthusiastic member of any team, bolstering everyone else.

Enthusiasm can become zealotry in people with Mars in the Ninth House. They can be unable to stop themselves from extolling the virtues of their latest new obsession to friends and even complete strangers. Those with Mars in the Ninth House can become self-righteous, to the point of nastiness, if they feel their efforts to enlighten others are rejected.

Mars in the Tenth House

Those with this placement often know exactly what it is they want to do as a career (even from a young age) and will single-mindedly focus on doing whatever they can to get themselves there. Their relentlessness will attract notice and they often find themselves in leadership positions in their field, perhaps even innovating aspects of it. They do much better when they can call the shots themselves, often feeling dragged down if they must wait for approval or consensus.

It's not a surprise that this placement often results in someone’s job becoming their entire identity. They are usually workaholics and can cut off anything and anyone that stands in the way of their career goals. People with Mars in the Tenth House have no patience with anyone who circumvents rules or tries to disrupt the proper (to them) order of things. They have authoritarian tendencies and little patience with anything based on emotional arguments.

Mars in the Eleventh House

Those with this placement are naturals at getting groups together and mobilizing them to take action. If they see a need in their community, they often take it upon themselves to fill that need and gather as many like-minded people as they can to help them. They may not necessarily have as strong a drive to lead things as much as to make sure things get done. But they still make excellent leaders for their causes.

The need to be a crusader might consume the life of those with this placement. They may find friends and family get impatient with them for spending so much time on it. But because they are so enmeshed in their cause, they may not even notice if some friends or family drop out of their lives because of it. There is also a possibility that people with Mars in the Eleventh House will find themselves taken advantage of by people looking to exploit their need to help others.

Mars in the Twelfth House

This is an especially difficult placement for Mars (which loves to show off) because the Twelfth House’s energy tends to involve hidden things. Grand ideas coupled with constant self-doubt is the norm. But those ideas tend to be quite rich and boldly imaginative. People with this placement typically have a measure of artistic genius. They tend to come up with inventive solutions for problems. They also may have innate psychic ability that spontaneously manifests itself when least expected. People with this placement are often unusually kind, though they brush off any compliments about it.

Those with Mars in the Twelfth House are often their own worst enemy. They can either get too lost living in their own head or torpedo their best and most imaginative ideas due to self-doubt. There is a tendency to either over-emphasize their natural intuitive gifts or reject them completely out of fear. If they aren’t careful, their kind and good-hearted nature can be easily exploited by others, especially if they’ve managed to shut down their intuition.

Putting It All together

Click here to deepen your understanding of the influence of Mars on the 12 houses of the zodiac and the impact of Mars Transits on each of the zodiac signs. The placement of Mars in your Astrology Chart can reveal the way your primal instincts play out in your life. An astrology reading will help you calculate your Mars placement and what that means in your life and relationships.

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