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Virgo Zodiac Sign Guide

Virgo Zodiac Sun Sign

August 23 - September 22

Sun in Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Western zodiac. Virgo is an earthy and Mutable sign, known for practicality and desire to be helpful in any situation. Analytical skills and pragmatism are the gifts of the Virgo zodiac sign. Those born under Virgo are known for their sharp insight, ability to articulate their thoughts with rationality and precision, and capability to bring order from chaos. They often appear unflappable even in high-intensity situations. But Virgo often worries about living up to the high standards they set for themselves. Like the other Earth signs, it takes quite a bit to make them angry. But just because they seem cool and collected 99% of the time, it doesn't mean they don't have a breaking point.

People born between August 23 and September 23 are represented by either a sheaf of wheat, an ancient symbol of the harvest, or the virgin, a priestess dedicated towards service. The Virgo astrological sign falls under the element of Earth and is ruled by Mercury. Virgo has a natural love of order. They want to be of service in keeping the world running smoothly. Virgos have a naturally soothing personality, often acting as the oil that keeps the machine working. Their sharp minds are great at catching mistakes, their own and others. They may come across as critical, but they are dependable people who pride themselves on a job well done.

Ready to dig deeper into what makes a Virgo operate? In true Virgo fashion, let's analyze the complex layers of energies, symbols, planetary influences, personality, quirks, and compatibility of this practical, grounded energy whose steady personality has a steadying power of its own!

Virgo Mode + Element Virgo Ruling Planet Self-Discovery Virgo Spirit Animal
Mutable, Earth Mercury Achieved Through Stability Bear
Virgo House Virgo Colors Virgo Symbol Virgo Crystal
Sixth Gray or Navy Blue Virgin or Sheaf of Wheat Sapphire
Virgo Tarot Card Virgo Lucky Numbers Virgo Body Parts Virgo Lucky Day
The Hermit 3,5,9 Intestines, Liver, Pancreas, Gall Bladder Wednesday
Virgo Chakra Virgo Biggest Fear Virgo Guiding Principles Best Pets for Virgo
Throat Chaos I Analyze Tropical Fish, Hermit Crab

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Virgo Symbolism and Meaning

Virgo is represented by the sheaf of wheat or the virgin. Both Virgo symbol meanings are fitting, as the sheaf reminds us of the work it takes to bring in a good harvest, and the virgin represents temple priestesses of antiquity who dedicated their lives to the good of their community. In an argument with Virgo, you might see them as nit-picky and impossible to please. But they are aware of how little things can shape a situation, and often have good judgement. Virgo's almost hyper-awareness of the details and methodical actions make them terrific problem solvers. They are able to spot an error and come up with several plans to compensate for it. Virgos are equally slow to anger but will get very snappish when pushed too far.

"Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time." #VirgoQuotes

Virgo Season, Element and Mode

Virgo Season is influenced by its Element, Earth, and its Mode, which is Mutable. If you are a Virgo, you'll experience these forces acting directly upon your personality, and if you're not a Virgo, you'll benefit from the energy of Virgo Season supporting you in your endeavors.

Virgo Season

To understand the gifts of Virgo Season, think about the beginning of fall, when the first harvests are gathered. You can see the efforts of all the work that was done begin to pay off, but the harvest time is just beginning. Careful planning will be needed to maximize the amount of food that can be gathered and figure out how to best preserve a portion of it so there will be plenty in the winter to come. Virgo season tells us to make plans and prioritize the things that will feed us. The gift of Virgo Season is productivity.

Everyone can benefit from the energy of Virgo Season, by deciding what it is we truly want in our lives, what we have the bandwidth to accomplish, and make concrete plans that take our resources into consideration to achieve our desires. Be honest with yourself about what you can and are willing to do for a goal. In Virgo Season, you have the energy to decide what your final harvest should look like.

Virgo Element

Earth is the nurturing soil in which life springs forth and flourishes. Like Earth, Virgo energy is abundant and productive. Its natural inclination is to be the source of nourishment so that all life can benefit from it. Steady Virgo wants to be in harmony with the larger world, living up to their responsibilities in creating an environment that is optimal for everyone's growth. As an Earth sign, security matters a lot to Virgo, who works to create solid structures people can rely on. They know that people are depending on them, but more than that Virgos demand a lot of themselves. Being a part of something that brings stability and order fills them with pride.

Virgo Mode

Virgo Mode is Mutable, meaning that the Sun enters Virgo at the end of the season. Mutable signs are changeable, adaptable, and flexible which helps them better navigate the ups and downs of life. It makes for a very interesting combination with the solidity of Virgo's element, Earth. But it does mean that Virgo is especially gifted in being able to make solid, executable plans efficiently, no matter how many twists and turns life throws at them. It allows them to keep their center when everything around them is chaotic and pivot gracefully until they get to a place that is advantageous for them.

Virgo Ruling Planet

Mercury, the God of intellect, is the ruler of Virgo. Mercury energy is masculine, lively, clever, and communicative. With Mercury as the ruling planet, Virgos know how to think fast on their feet. They are adept analysts and gifted troubleshooters. Virgos enjoy a good puzzle, but they especially like it when they can use their sharp minds to cut through knotty problems. They require intellectual stimulation to thrive. Mercury bestows shrewdness to Virgo, while Earth's gift to them is practicality. Theory is nice, but Virgos prefer to use their able minds to find real-world solutions. Anything else feels too much like navel-gazing to them. Virgos may seem as if they are quiet, but usually, they are just deep in thought. When they have something to say, they will not hold back.

Virgo Ruling House

The Sixth House of the zodiac symbolizes one's physical health and wellbeing, as well as daily routines and the causes one devotes their time too. It rules personal responsibility, appropriate action, practical life skills, and wisdom. With the Sun in the Sixth House of Virgo, it confers on Virgo a calling to do meaningful things. Meaningful doesn't mean grand. There is a humble quality to this placement, as well an almost devotional aspect to the work that one does. You don't have to do big things to have a big impact on other's lives.

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"Virgos would like their mind to give them a break, but it doesn't have a single day off." #VirgoQuotes

Virgo Traits and Characteristics

All the astrological factors come together to define the pattern of Virgo traits and characteristics that make up their personality. While Virgo characteristics can be expressed in nuanced ways based on common social patterns of gender, the basic construct can be universally applied to understand Virgo men and Virgo women alike.

Virgo Personality

Virgo traits include being dependable, analytical, and thorough. They have keen powers of observation and a high intellect. Though you may not always like what they have to say, Virgo will always be upfront with you, making them a trusted companion.

Virgo's drive to be consistently productive extends to everything they do, whether for work or pleasure. At work, they're taking on projects, reporting on results, taking notes, and following up. If they're exercising, they're hitting the treadmill or the gym six days a week to get their full workout time in. If they're reading, they're working through a book list and ticking off titles every week. If working on a home project, they're mowing the lawn, painting the living room, and fixing the leaky faucet. More than likely, they're doing all of these things and more, simultaneously and well. This is a sign with high standards who doesn't cut corners. Occasionally, they'll declare they've had enough and chose a vacation where all they need to do is lie on the beach. The next five vacations will make up for that one, with hiking, rock climbing, or some other well-planned activity for each day.

Virgos are hungry for knowledge, specifically its practical application. They notice everything, instinctively taking in body language and words to form an insightful picture of what is really going on. You can't fool a Virgo. People will often say of a Virgo that they're the smartest person they know. The charm of people born in this sign is that they're not boastful about it. They possess great insight, empathy, and understanding, as well as an ability to communicate persuasively in any situation, choosing their words with precision and care. Though some people are intimidated by Virgo's formidable intellect, this down-to-earth personality is the most sociable of the Earth Signs, highly skilled at building relationships, and thanks to Mercury, able to talk to anyone about anything.

What Virgo fears are disorder, mistakes, and complications. They don't tolerate laziness or chaos. With a Virgo zodiac sign as your Sun Sign, sometimes you compensate for your fear of disorder by being something of a control freak, micromanaging everything to its smallest detail. Your Mutable Mode gives you a measure of flexibility when it comes to dealing with the unexpected, but although you are supremely capable in a crisis, you really hate it when things don't go as planned. You have a tendency to be something of a loner, not trusting just anyone to live up to your standards. You are your own harshest critic.

If there's a Virgo in your life, you know they can appear introverted, retreating into their cave for contemplation, only to emerge ready to talk over a detailed plan to deal with a current issue. Respect their need for space when they go off on their own. Virgo can move quickly but are often resentful when forced to do so. Virgos deeply appreciate those who respect their desire to think things through fully, especially in matters of the heart. Don't ever try to issue an ultimatum to a Virgo. It will not go well. People assume that because Virgos are so mentally focused, they are not interested in romance. Nothing could be further from the truth. But like in all other aspects of their lives, they spend a lot of time worrying if they are doing things the right way. Help them to relax and reinforce your belief in them.

Virgo Man

The Virgo man personality isn't the flashiest and it takes some work to get past his defenses, but he's worth it. Firstly, he has a wry wit and is genuinely funny. Underneath the snark, there's a genuinely gentle soul. The outer cynic hides an inner idealist who just wants to make his corner of the world a nicer place. His neat streak means he'll do his fair share of housework without complaint. Virgo also understands that being in a relationship requires work in general. And once he decides something is worth his attention, he will put in the work needed.

You may need to work hard to get his attention in the first place. Virgo men can be a little oblivious. He doesn't play games when he's the one initiating things. He's very direct and likes his partner to be so as well. The Virgo man isn't into one-night stands or casual sex. Sex without trust is unfathomable to him and he very much prefers being in a committed relationship.

The Virgo man is an Earth Sign and has the same innate sensuality that accompanies that element. He is a considerate and attentive lover. You can read more about the rewards and challenges of Loving a Virgo Man in this article by Psychic Iris which further describes Virgo man characteristics.

Virgo Woman

The personality traits of the Virgo woman embody independence and rationality. The Virgo woman is the epitome of self-control. She has her life already well-arranged to suit her. She needs a good reason to make a change. Courting her is a bit like applying for a job; she wants to know why you think you'd make a good match for her and takes what she learns to imagine what things will be like months down the road. When she decides you are worth her time, she is exceedingly loyal and surprisingly passionate. She takes the idea of partnership very literally and will not let you down when things get hard.

Virgo likes her living space to be tidy and well organized. A chaotic home will drive her crazy, fast. She is capable of relaxing, but there's often some bar she needs to meet (like decluttering a countertop or making sure the last item on her to-do list has been crossed off) before she'll let her hair down. She wants a partner who, if they aren't as devoted to order as she is, at least will go with it when she establishes an organization system for the entryway. Stores that specialize in items to help with organizing are her happy place. A Virgo woman curates her home décor by choosing every harmonizing color, pattern, texture, and appliance with care, as if it were an extension of herself. She prefers a more minimalist aesthetic over clutter. It's easier to keep clean.

Virgo Strengths

Virgo strengths are as capable, reliable, and discerning people who want to bring order to their spaces so life can run more smoothly for everyone. It's been said that Virgos like to feel like they are in control, but the truth is they don't want to run things as much as they want to be sure their efforts contribute to keeping things stable for the people around them. They're fixers. They want to help. Thanks to their Mutable Mode, they know how to adapt to change and indeed welcome it as a way to help themselves and others move forward.

Many Virgos feel that they have a strong calling to serve their community. Guided by altruism, Virgos want to apply their problem-solving prowess to help others. They shy away from anything too public though, preferring to serve in the background by doing a lot of the routine work that people overlook (or push off to other people).

There's a stereotype of Virgo being cold and emotionless, and it's true that people who are inexperienced or insecure may be intimidated by their sharp intellect and self-control. But the reality is that Virgos are warm, kind people who are often very funny and fun to be around. It takes time to get to know them. Once you have earned Virgo's trust, they will gift you with a glimpse of their softer side. It does exist. Virgos have a steady and loving center, ready to protect and cherish the people who matter to them most.

Virgo Weaknesses

Virgo's steady personality isn't without its drawbacks. Their impossibly high standards often cause them to suffer from imposter syndrome, fueling a drive to bury their insecurities even deeper within the reaches of their psyche while compensating with even greater productivity and perfectionism. Their sense of duty can be so engulfing that they may forget the human component of what they are doing. From an outside perspective, it may seem like people aren't as important to them as their ideals. Because they hide their emotions, they can come across as cold and intimidating. But in reality, they're tormenting themselves about why couldn't they have done more and what could they have done differently for a better outcome. No one is as cynical as a disappointed idealist, and Virgo's eye for discerning the flaws, within themselves as well as in the people and institutions they cherish, often leads to them being disappointed. After all, what's the point of creating order when life is just going to come along and mess things up again?

Taken to extremes, Virgos under stress can become obsessive and neurotic. Neat and fastidious by nature, they can devolve into germaphobes. Their interest in health can turn into obsession and devolve into hypochondria. Their self-criticism can turn outward to sharp, sarcastic words for others, and inward to depression. They may nitpick or withhold affection from those they care about. The more they repress their emotions the more it feeds their inner anxiety. They may over-indulge in alcohol or turn to drugs to numb the pain.

Virgo's growth comes from accepting that they're perfectly imperfect. By shifting their quest for self-improvement to a quest for self-acceptance, they can learn to integrate all the messy, emotional, irrational parts they've repressed, and recognize the strength they bring to their weakness. They do this very naturally as parents, offering unconditional love and acceptance to their children while they teach them to express their feelings and face their challenges. With the right support, Virgo can learn to apply that same skill to re-parent their own inner child, and in doing so make peace with themselves, without the need to stay propped up on a pedestal.

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"I rely on myself." #VirgoQuotes

Virgo in a Relationship

As a friend, Virgo is loyal and honest to a fault. They are the kind of friend who will let you know when something is a terrible idea but will be there to help you pick up the pieces if you go through with it anyway. A Virgo friend isn't the easiest to get to know. You may start getting acquainted when you get a glimpse of their humor. Virgos are too shy to be the class clown but are very low-key funny, specially equipped to see through the ridiculous aspects of life and skewer them verbally. Virgo is picky about who they call friends though. Be assured that if you have a Virgo as a close friend, it's because they see something they admire about you. They will give you frank advice (sometimes whether you ask for it or not) and stay at your side through whatever life throws at you.

As a lover, Virgo's walls come down to reveal a responsive and romantic partner who is unfailingly loyal, and earnest. If sex begins with the mind, Virgo's mind offers irresistible sex appeal. Virgo is a surprisingly passionate lover, wanting very much to please their beloved. They do not play games and are repulsed by those who do. Keep it honest and keep it real with Virgo. Love assets for the Virgo Sun Sign are gentleness, faithfulness, and honesty. The love challenges for those born under the Virgo zodiac sign are having a hard time relaxing and learning to trust their partner.

Dating a Virgo

In dating, a Virgo will probably need his or her date to do most of the work of initiating. Someone who's a bit more naturally flirtatious and aggressive, yet honest and open will help get things started. Virgos can be a little clueless or awkward in the initial stages of the dating process. Sex is a very intimate thing for Virgos, and they will take the time to vet their potential partners rather than settle for a casual hookup. They have to trust and respect you on some level before entering into a sexual relationship.

Virgos want to learn as much as they can about potential lovers and are genuinely interested in what you have to say. They also have an understated, sometimes dry sense of humor, to help put you at ease. Virgos are often very clever and love having deep discussions. They like seeing how other people think. It doesn't matter how old the relationship is, Virgo will always want to know what's on your mind.

Virgo's favorite dates include low-key outings. A picnic at a favorite park or an afternoon at a coffee shop are good choices. The venue doesn't matter as much as the company they are with. It's tricky to plan a romantic getaway because they are so pragmatic. But make sure to leave time for unstructured activities and connecting with one another.

Virgo Expectations in Relationship

For those born under the Virgo Sun Sign, love means a steady relationship with someone who is as committed as they are to creating a stable and comfortable life. Virgos have an abundance of loyalty and expect their partners to be the same way. They need a partner who offers the same level of reliability and compassion they so readily give to others. Respect, thoughtfulness, responsibility, and faithfulness are just some of the 'traditional' values Virgos expect in a relationship. They prefer a discreet and mature person who doesn't fall apart at every crisis or invite drama at every turn because as much as they like to fix things, they really want to focus on the more important aspirations and life goals and look for a partner who is similarly inclined.

The way to Virgo's heart is to commit the small details to memory. Know that after a hard day at work, then after dinner and listening to everyone else's day, and then after her work out, she likes to read and snack on a 3 oz bag of organic kale chips, unless she's really stressed and then will have exactly one individually wrapped square of organic dark chocolate with 6 oz of red wine and talk about her day. He prefers to follow a long day at the office with a 3-mile run through the neighborhood, followed by a dinner while he catches up on home life and helps with whatever problem solving is needed, then an hour more for work emails, and finally an hour to stream the latest episode of the current detective series, with his martini, shaken, not stirred... at which point there's no need to talk about whatever was stressing him three hours ago. Virgo adores a partner who understands their patterns, indulges the details, and lavishes them with praise that is genuine and heartfelt.

Although they have a reputation for being high maintenance, Virgos are actually very forgiving of faults. They don't demand perfection in anyone but themselves, so having a partner who loves them unconditionally can help them cope with this aspect of their personality. They love to be helpful and feel appreciated for their intellect and problem-solving. They appreciate directness and candor in their relationships; they can handle emotionality with understanding and care. They're self-aware enough to value traits in a partner that balance their own tendencies, seeing in this a source of strength for the relationship even if makes things a little harder at times. Virgos also believe they can fix anything, including relationships that aren't working. It takes a lot for them to decide to leave, but once they are gone, they're gone for good.

Virgo and Sex

Virgo is a gentle and responsive lover who will always try to attune themselves to your desires. There's an ardent lover behind the analytical exterior who is looking to please you in the best ways possible. Though they keep their sensual side under wraps most of the time, they let it run free in the presence of their lover. They like to take their time to get to know their lover's desires and enjoy long, slow lovemaking that includes clear communication (talking is a turn-on) and leaves them both satisfied. Just make sure the bedroom is uncluttered and the sheets freshly laundered.

Best Compatibility with Virgo

Grounded and sensual, the most compatible signs with Virgo are other Earth Signs -- specifically Taurus and Capricorn, and Water Signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, who nourish the Earth and encourage new growth. The least compatible signs with Virgo are Fire and Air Signs - Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, as Virgo needs substance over the drama that Fire and Air Signs bring.

Keep in mind that compatibility is driven by more than your Sun Sign and its associated Element and Mode. Knowing where the Ascendant, Moon and Venus appear in your chart and that of your partner or person of interest can help you understand zodiac combability at a deeper level as these positions can mitigate or overcome incompatibility at the Sun Sign level.

Virgo Virgo

Virgo and Virgo

Two Virgos make a rock steady couple with well-established rhythm to their lives. They are deeply committed to the health of the relationship and share the same values and priorities. But this couple can easily find themselves in a joyless rut and may turn to sniping at each other's quirks. Although they are practical, they need to make time to connect with each other emotionally and remember why they fell in love in the first place. Leave room in the schedule for regular date nights, even if it's just a candlelit dinner on the back porch.

Virgo Taurus

Virgo and Taurus

Neither one of these two will ever be known for moving quickly. And their need to feel secure in a relationship will mean this is going to be a long courtship. But once they make the decision to be together, there is almost nothing that will keep them apart. Taurus will be impressed by Virgo's clever mind and ability to keep cool under pressure and Virgo will admire the way Taurus stands by their values and their down-to-earth sensuality. But Virgo's high standards might rub laid-back Taurus the wrong way sometimes. And Taurus's tendency to dig into a position, even after being given logical reasons to move may drive Virgo mad. They both need to learn to dial those traits down a notch, and not see the other as a problem to fix or an adversary, but part of the same team.

Virgo Capricorn

Virgo and Capricorn

You will not find a more sensible couple than Virgo and Capricorn. Both have very defined priorities in their lives. They are both straight shooters, and mutually respect one another for it. Virgo appreciates Capricorn's driven nature and Capricorn likes how Virgo makes plans and sticks to them. However, they both have issues when it comes to expressing their emotions, guarding their feelings like mistrustful poker players protecting their cards. They also need to watch their 'I can do this on my own' attitudes don't devolve into pushing each other aside. This is a couple that can provide steady support for one another and a real understanding of their loved one's goals. All it takes is real and regular communication around the deeper things to keep their relationship strong.

Virgo Cancer

Virgo and Cancer

Virgo is the rock in the middle of Cancer's stormy sea and Cancer is the wave that smooths out Virgo's hard edges. Both live for the small moments that make up their lives, preferring time spent doing a mundane chore together over some grand romantic gesture. It's in those moments they find connection. But Virgos can hurt Cancers' feelings all too easily when they're in a nit-picking mood. And Cancer's mood swings feel alien to always in control Virgo. Fights may develop over who sacrifices the most for this relationship. Both of them need to appreciate the way the other brings balance to the relationship.

Virgo Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio

Both these signs have a high need for trust in their relationships and very little patience when that trust is broken. This may be one of the bedrock elements of their relationship, as well as the ability to just 'get' the other one when it comes to intense, but private emotions. Virgo appreciates how well Scorpio can bring out their passionate side, while Scorpio loves the layers of depth in Virgo's personality. But their inclination for privacy might create a stumbling block between them, especially if there is the slightest question in either of their minds about the seriousness of the other's level of commitment. Both need to learn to let go of their pessimism.

Virgo Pisces

Virgo and Pisces

Gentle Pisces knows how to pull Virgo from a dark mood. And Grounded Virgo knows how to help Pisces find their focus. These two both want to leave the world a better place than they found it. The only difference is in their focus. Pisces is a big picture person and Virgo is all about the details. Virgo might get exasperated by Pisces' dreaminess and impracticality, while Pisces can dismiss Virgo's concerns as nagging. They need to find a way to meet in the middle between the world of theoretical ideas and grounded facts. Once they do, they will find they can truly bring out the best in each other.

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The Virgo Parent

Virgo parents are involved, stable, and devoted parents. As with the rest of their lives, the decision to raise children wasn't made lightly by them, and they come to parenthood clear-eyed about 3 a.m. diaper changes and teenage rebellion. They are ready for this task. They are very patient parents who prioritize their children's needs, committed to raising their children to their fullest potential.

The Virgo Mother

Positive qualities of a Virgo mother are providing structure, attentiveness, and pragmatism. Challenges for the Virgo mother are a tendency to nag and micromanage her children. A Virgo Mom does not lower her standards just because the people in question are her children. But she will stop what she is doing to help her children or teach them how to do something because she's a firm believer in providing direct guidance. She wants her children to learn to think clearly and express themselves without hesitation. She is never too busy for her kids.

The Virgo Father

Positive qualities of the Virgo father include being present for his kids, interested in what they think, and wanting them to have the best possible future. Challenges for the Virgo father are that he has high expectations and can be something of a neat freak. He is there for every little moment in his child's life. The Virgo Man is an excellent caretaker when his little one is down with the flu. But he often projects what he would be likely to do in a situation on his children and isn't good at hiding his surprise when they do something different.

"I do it best when I do it myself." #VirgoQuotes

Virgo Career

Virgos are disciplined and pragmatic leaders in their fields. They won't get seduced into half-baked plans and flashy sales pitches because they have the clear-eyed vision to see through the hype of smoke and mirrors, and they're not afraid to ask all the practical and challenging questions. They dislike being micro-managed and left to their own devices they excel at what they do. Although they prefer to work behind the scenes, as bosses they are hard-working, modest, sensitive to those who report to them, and capable of being both visionary and practical.

Their desire to help often has them pursuing a career in medicine, where their analytical minds, along with their ability to comfort and soothe, are put to very good use. As business people, they're good with analytics and financials, not only because they can quickly grasp the data but also discern the story behind the numbers. They are astute students of human nature and make good marketers and psychologists.

Quality assurance is a natural fit for a Virgo, but they will excel in any career where troubleshooting is a core part of the job description. They'll find all the bugs in a project and come up with detailed solutions how to deal with them. Virgos also do well in careers as craftsmen and artisans who produce products with exacting attention to detail. They often have an innate ability to work with their chosen medium, but it comes from years of experience analyzing what works and what doesn't.

In a team, they prefer taking on tasks that require strong attention to detail, leaving presentation duties to an attention-loving Leo or a garrulous Gemini. They're often the introvert on the team too, preferring to do their part quietly before handing it over to the rest of the group.

Virgos need to be needed. This shows up in all aspects of their lives, from relationships to work. With their ability to bring order to chaos, they're perfectly suited for humanitarian pursuits like disaster relief and emergency response. You'll often find them using their spare time volunteering for causes near and dear to their hearts.

Virgo and Money

Virgo values money, but only as a means to an end (security) and not as a goal in and of itself. Their pragmatic nature leads them to establish a budget early on, and they are usually sticklers about keeping to it. They don't want to have to worry about getting financially overextended; it's just not worth it. As soon as it's possible, they establish a savings account. They aren't big risk-takers and prefer safer investing bets like mutual funds. They usually manage to save enough to have a comfortable but not lavish lifestyle.

Virgo doesn't care one bit about luxury items or status symbols. They are however very practical with their money and will pass over a cheap item if they know a more expensive one will last longer and end up costing them less in the long run. They do their research before making a big purchase and they can always find the receipt if there's a problem with the product.

Their keen eye for details means they often can figure out what gifts might appeal to those closest to them, but they may be utterly lost about what to do with anyone outside their inner circle. Whatever they do decide on will be beautifully presented -- Virgo's wrapping skills are a meticulous as everything else about their persona.

Virgo Intuition

Although Virgo is a very down to earth and pragmatic sign, they have a strong measure of intuition. It comes across strongest with people they spend the most time with because they always notice enough small details around them to notice the slightest changes and draw conclusions from them. They are very adept at spotting patterns, and that includes patterns of behavior.

Virgo Health and Wellness

Virgo is associated with the intestines, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder, and health concerns often manifest there first. Diabetes, gall stones, nervous stomachs, and irritable bowel syndrome are common Virgo complaints.

Virgos are apt to be up at dawn and will have completed their morning workout just as others are arriving at the gym before work. Ever practical, always on a quest for self-improvement, Virgos enjoy exercise insofar as they consider it a cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle, and it gives them a positive outlet for their emotional energy. So while they may not be the most competitive cyclist or jogger on the trail, they are the most consistent.

Their high standards apply to their general approach to health too, so Virgos aren't likely to overindulge. If anything, they may get so lost in their work that they forget to eat. They prefer light, healthy, and nutritious food, exercise regularly, and drink in moderation. A strong mind-body connection is an important part of their identity. Perhaps because their stomachs are so sensitive, they've learned to trust their gut. They're keenly interested in health-related research and can tend to be a bit obsessive-compulsive about their own health concerns. This is a sign that tends to get stronger and healthier with age.

Virgos appreciate having their minds diverted in order to relax. They are especially fond of games involving strategy, like chess or word games that exercise their mental capacity. They also like to do things with their hands, like woodworking, needlepoint, or knitting. A Virgo will also be charmed by the detail involved in putting together model kits or working with miniatures.

Virgos prefer to keep their weekend activities low key and close to home. Keeping their home exteriors, lawns, gardens looking their best is a favored Virgo activity. They usually manage to pick up a few home improvement skills and are avid DYI-ers. If the weekend activity involves any sort of traveling, Virgo will do the research and create a detailed itinerary.

"Virgos like things to be set in stone. They don't have time for a maybe. It's either you can do it or you can't." #VirgoQuotes

Virgo Chakra

Virgo's ability to be forthright comes from their connection to the Throat Chakra. An open Throat Chakra assists in speaking our truth, while a blocked Throat Chakra can lead to stunted creativity and lack of connection.

Virgo Purpose, Inspiration, and Mantra

As a Mutable Earth sign, Virgo knows to be truly stable one must plan for the unexpected. This is why a Virgo's purpose in life is to bring order from chaos. Virgo wants to be the one people depend upon when life gets complicated. Inspiration comes from creating something lasting where there had been nothing before.

Because the flip side of Virgo nature is a tendency to never be satisfied with themselves, a mantra such as "I do what I can, and it is enough" would be a positive reminder to accept that they do not have to fix the world's problems singlehandedly.

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Other Virgo Taurus Facts

Food Virgo eats to live, not the other way around. They stick to sensible, nutrient-rich choices and make sure their meals are balanced.
Fashion Virgo prefers a classic style, with clean lines. They will not wear anything that looks stained, ripped, or otherwise subpar.
Color-Palette Virgo looks put together in navy and shades of gray. But they also look well adding some greens and browns for an earthy palette.
Virgo Luck Virgos are lucky with windfalls for modest amounts of money.
Halloween Costume Any character known for their sharp wits or powers of observation, like Sherlock Holmes, Hermione Granger, or Dr. House would be a good match for Virgo.
Travel Destination A Virgo does not need a lot of flash to be happy. They do however get nervous on trips that don’t have a lot of planning or structure, so please let your Virgo enjoy themselves by coming up with an itinerary. Singapore City has a reputation as one of the world’s best-planned cities, so consider it for a big vacation.
Gifts for Virgo

Virgo prefers practical gifts. They generally aren’t fond of things whose purpose is solely decorative, dismissing them as dust catchers.

  • Multipurpose kitchen tool
  • Subscription to a meal prep delivery service
  • Organizational supplies
  • Blank notebooks or planners
  • Good quality outerwear
  • Supplies for a DYI project

Virgo in Your Chart

Moon in Virgo

Your Moon Sign describes your emotional energies, instinctual reactions, and what you need to feel emotionally complete. If your Moon is in Virgo you long to bring sense and order to the world. There is nothing like the satisfaction you get when you know you've been a part of establishing some idea of stability or structure to a situation. You have the devotion of a priestess of old to your mission to create harmonious order from chaos. This gives you a somewhat serious outlook on life, but you aren't without a sense of humor about the strangeness of life.

Rising in Virgo

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, describes how you appear to others, as well as how you go about getting what you want. If you're a Virgo Rising, you may appear to the world as enormously competent and controlled. People look to you to restore a sense of normalcy when their life turns upside down. You often have people asking you for your opinion because of your reputation for level-headedness. People respect your ability to analyze situations and come up with a plan to meet them head-on. The faster-acting signs might see you as a stick-in-the-mud, but they often don't question the wisdom of your assessments.

Venus in Virgo

The position of Venus in your astrological chart describes how you relate to others romantically. The appeal of Venus in Virgo men and women is that they are alive to every input to their senses and have the discernment of a connoisseur when it comes to beauty and quality. You also may have some sharp senses when it comes to figuring out phonies, whether you are discussing art or people. You also never seem to age. Your comfort with sensuality makes you a sought-after lover, but you take your time when picking out a partner.

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." #VirgoQuotes

What Does Your Astrological Chart Say?

If you're a Virgo or have Virgo in your astrological chart, you've probably recognized yourself in these descriptions. Now it's time to apply Virgo wisdom to your life -- the situations you're facing, the decisions you need to make, and the possibilities yet to be revealed. An astrologer can guide you through all this and more, building on the Virgo Awareness you have from reading this guide.

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