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Leo Zodiac Sign Guide

Leo Zodiac Sun Sign

July 22 - August 22

Sun in Leo

Leo is the fifth sign of the Western zodiac. Leo is a fiery and fixed sign, known to draw attention wherever they go, which is just how Leo likes it. Passion and generosity are gifts of the Leo zodiac sign. Those born under Leo are known for their magnetic personalities and leadership abilities. They have no problems rallying admirers or supporters to their favorite causes. While Leos like to take it easy when they can, they will roll up their sleeves and give their all for something they believe in. Leos are known to work hard so they can party harder. Behind that glittery exterior is someone who knows how to handle responsibility and wear its weight well.

People born between July 23 and August 22 are represented by the lion, a symbol of power and leadership. The Leo astrological sign falls under the element of Fire and is ruled by the Sun. Like the Sun, Leo is bold and exceedingly hard to ignore. They also have sunny personalities that draw others to them. Leos love being in the center of any social situation and have no problem creating opportunities for themselves to get out there and shine. As a Fixed Sign, they have a stubborn and imperious streak when they feel they've been crossed. But that stubbornness serves them well when it comes to reaching their goals.

Ready to dig deeper into what makes a Leo purr? In true Leo fashion, let's celebrate the rich layers of energies, symbols, planetary influences, personality, quirks, and compatibility of this fierce, fiery energy whose sunny personality has a magnetizing power of its own!

Leo Mode + Element Leo Ruling Planet Self-Discovery Leo Spirit Animal
Fixed, Fire The Sun Achieved Through Recognition Dragon
Leo House Leo Colors Leo Symbol Leo Crystals
Fifth Orange & Gold Lion Ruby or Sardonyx
Leo Tarot Cards Leo Lucky Numbers Leo Body Parts Leo Lucky Day
Strength, The Sun 1,8 Heart & Upper Back Sunday
Leo Chakra Leo Biggest Fear Leo Guiding Principles Best Pets for Leo
Third Eye Lack of Appreciation I Will, I Create Siamese Cat, Bull Mastiff, Exotic Pets

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Leo Symbolism and Meaning

Leo is represented by the lion. The Leo symbol meaning is fitting, as the lion is the regal king of the jungle. Leos tend to act as if they are wearing a crown and it isn't their fault if people fail to notice it. In an argument, a Leo will come off as domineering and egocentric. Lions are also known for their loud roars. But they have a lion-sized heart to match their self-image. An actualized Leo who has a true understanding of their own power is often very generous with the good things they have accumulated. Those born under the Leo astrological sign love to see those who are a part of their pride succeed too.

"If you know the way, go the way, and show the way — you're a leader." #LeoQuotes

Leo Season, Element, and Mode

Leo Season is influenced by its Element, Fire, and its Mode, which is Fixed. If you are a Leo, you'll experience these forces acting directly upon your personality, and if you're not a Leo, you'll benefit from the energy of Leo Season supporting you in your endeavors.

Leo Season

To understand the gifts of Leo Season, think about the free-wheeling days of late July and early August, when you know the balmy weather is going to last for only so long, so you want to spend every moment living life to its fullest. If you've got it, flaunt it! That's Leo's way, who realizes life is too short to downplay who you are or miss the chance to have fun. Leo season tells us to confidently embrace all that life has to offer, which includes any gifts we have been blessed with by either birth, chance, or work.

Everyone can benefit from the energy of Leo Season, by taking a moment to assess your strengths, figure out the things you like about yourself, and celebrate them for goodness' sake! The gift of Leo Season is to keep asking "Who Am I?" and dig past all the labels and outward manifestations of your identity to claim your most authentic self. In Leo Season, you have the power of the lion on your side, ready to find the parts of you that sparkle and shine them up so everyone can be warmed by the light from your glow.

Leo Element

Fire is the light that guides our way in the darkness. Like Fire, Leo isn't afraid to burn brightly and allow others to follow their lead to better things. Leo's fire can be very warming, reminding you of your own shine. It's like a giant bonfire, inviting everyone who sits around it to share a sense of camaraderie (or just spend time having fun) and make great memories. But like any fire, it does demand attention, or it will go cold before you know it, or even worse burn wildly out of control. The Leo element will devour anything that stands in its way without proper control.

Leo Mode

Leo Mode is Fixed, meaning that the Sun enters Leo mid-season. Fixed signs offer stability, consistency, and determination, qualities that can pass for stubbornness but offer the gift of perseverance and long-term success. Leo is the steadiest of all the fire signs, probably because it, more than all of them, feels responsible for the welfare of the people they care about. If they fail in their mission to lead/protect/ succeed, those who depend on them also pay a price, and Leo is deeply aware of that. Emotionally healthy Leos, honoring the wisdom of their Fixed mode, know that as much as they value their own gifts, life is better when people pool their special skills for the benefit of the group. And as Stan Lee once wrote, "with great power comes great responsibility," so a self-aware Leo will do their best to make the most of what they have.

Leo Ruling Planet

Technically a star, the Sun is the ruler of Leo. Sun energy is very outgoing, masculine, and dynamic. No one has to tell Leo that their planet is actually a star. They already feel the 'star power' of their ruling heavenly body, and act accordingly. There may somewhere, due to the arrangement of their other planets, be a shy Leo. But for the most part, Leos crave the limelight. An ignored Leo is a miserable Leo. Extroverted Leos thrive in the company of others and can get quite protective of people whom they see as members of their tribe. These solar-powered lions have a reputation for being very ego-driven, but they will always do their best for the people they love.

Leo Ruling House

The Fifth House of the zodiac symbolizes expression---creative expression, romantic expression, and anything that gets you noticed. This encompasses the idea of your reputation (or notoriety). What are you known for? What would you like to be known for? With the Sun in the Fifth House of Leo, it confers on Leo an appetite to really leave your mark on everything you do. Because of the way the Sun's heat maintains life on earth, there's a desire to create big and impactful things that others can enjoy for a long time. The Fifth House also rules pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing -- some of the most existentially creative undertakings of the cosmos. Who else but Leo to benefit from this enormous creative power as a part of its intrinsic makeup?

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"A Leo's anger is one large nuclear disaster." #LeoQuotes

Leo Traits and Characteristics

All the astrological factors come together to define the pattern of Leo traits and characteristics that make up their personality. While Leo's characteristics may be expressed in nuanced ways based on common social patterns of gender, the basic construct can be universally applied to understand Leo men and Leo women alike.

Leo Personality

Leo traits include being inspiring, jovial, confident, and tenacious. Their confidence allows them to try a lot of things and their tenacity means they usually stick with them long enough to get a measure of skill at it. They are often 'Renaissance people', with knowledge and skills in an impressive number of subjects. This earns them praise, which is food for their soul; they truly love being complimented. Leos don't mind being copied -- for them, it's the sincerest form of flattery. Social and gregarious, Leos are true people-persons. They love music, art, culture, and the finest that life has to offer. They have a natural affinity to that which society considers the epitome of luxury and style.

Once a Leo decides you're one of 'their people' they will defend you for life, making them very loyal and devoted spouses and friends. Leo's confidence often garners them a lot of attention and willing lovers. Leo can be picky where that is concerned, but once they choose you, they will shower you with the lion's share of attention.

Leo's journey to self-actualization represents the developmental journey from fear-based expressions of the ego, such as self-consciousness, to love-based expressions of the ego, or self-realization. There are three levels of soul evolution in Leos: the sphinx (great teachers), the lion (king of the jungle where they protect their loved ones and have big egos), and the lion cub (immature and underdeveloped), who are scared of new things, cling to others, and don't like to be alone. To master this karmic journey, Leo needs to fully understand the false self of ego personality and rise above it. It is a process of spiritually discarding all the sought-after titles, labels, and status symbols that differentiate Leo as an individual, indeed, all the things that make the sun outwardly shine. This epic journey seems counter-intuitive, but the reward is a spiritually awakened self, a consciousness of unification with the divine. It's not about the outwardly shining rays of a star after all, but that mysterious molten core of the Sun, burning with all its creative, loving power.

Leo's spiritual odyssey is not for the faint of heart, and beneath their bluster, the fearsome lion can be the pussycat. What Leo fears most is being ignored, being unimportant, and being alone. With a Leo zodiac sign as your Sun sign, you sometimes compensate for your need for attention by being a demanding diva, though you will reign it in if it negatively affects those you love. Your Fixed nature can sometimes keep you going down a road that doesn't lead anywhere; you hate admitting you were wrong. You can be quite loud and dogmatic about your views. But if anyone can force a piece of coal to become a diamond, it's Leo. They will willpower their way through things until they achieve exactly what they feel they deserve.

If there's a Leo in your life, you know they love getting attention, perhaps status-obsessed at times, and that they like to take the lead. Recognize that even confident Leos need their regular dose of encouragement and they will reward you tenfold with their own cheerleading. They will not stay where they feel unappreciated and if they feel they have been ignored for too long will eventually flounce off in a dramatic way that will make old Hollywood starlets look reserved. But they are happy to stay as your leading man/ lady when you show that you value them and their interests.

Leo Man

The Leo man personality oozes charm and sexual magnetism. His confident energy draws all eyes to him when he walks in a room. Leo is the 'sun king' of any gathering who knows how to make the person he's with feel like royalty too. Once he decides on a mate, he'll go out of his way to make sure they feel protected and cherished. The high energy and drive with which he pursues his goals often make him successful and well-known in his field.

Leo loves the thrill of the hunt. His outgoing nature often has him meeting new people. And sex with him is also electric and energetic. But Leo can get tired of empty conquests, especially if they don't feed his need to be truly adored. Although they may seem to have something of the playboy about them, Leos are very happy in committed relationships. Once he makes the decision to settle down, he follows through with it.

The Leo man is a very energetic Fiery sign, so he likes a partner that can fit with his high energy lifestyle. He may not be as impulsive as the other fire signs, but no Leo likes feeling caged in. You'll have to develop some extroverted tendencies to keep up with Leo. You can read more about the rewards and challenges of Loving a Leo Man in this article by Psychic Iris which further describes Leo man characteristics.

Leo Woman

With the Sun as her ruling planet, the personality traits of the Leo woman embody irresistible charm and regality. She wants to be courted like the rock star she believes herself to be and will let you know if you are moving too fast or too slow for her liking. She will also let you know that she doesn't need to have a partner to be happy; she's especially independent. But when she finds the one she wants she won't play coy or let anything get in her way.

Like her male counterpart, the Leo woman is an outgoing dynamo, so while she doesn't mind a little downtime, she really enjoys activities that are more physical. If they have a competitive aspect to them, even better, as she likes knowing when she's the best at something (or learning what it is she needs to do to become the best). She doesn't do anything low-key, so even if she takes on volunteer roles, she will throw all of her energy behind her chosen causes and may eventually rise to a leadership role.

Leo Strengths

Leo strengths are as sociable, generous, dependable individuals who are willing to put all their formidable talent into creating something remarkable. Leo's confidence often opens doors for them that otherwise would have remained closed. They love to take charge. Few other zodiac signs display such charismatic leadership to bring people together to accomplish their goals. By nature, Leos are optimistic, inclined to believe that their extraordinary willpower is all they need to reach their dreams.

They cherish the connections in their lives and can be quite adamant about keeping them safe. They are big-hearted, protective, and generous. They possess enormous energy and vitality. Leos are honest, though it isn't so much because of a love of honesty as it is that they see no purpose in hiding their truth. A Leo's emotions are easy enough to read from space. If that isn't enough, they'll broadcast them over social media. They have a need to declare their presence. When Leo's not happy, no one is happy, and when Leo is happy, their warmth, humor, and good cheer are infectious.

Leos are powered by enormous creativity. Having the Sun power the Fifth House provides a passion for life and an endless source of new ideas, projects, and goals. Art, music, and design are perfect vehicles for them to express themselves.

Leo Weaknesses

Leo has some strong diva-like inclinations. To mentally torture a Leo, insinuate they are second best at something. Their competitive streak can become an obsession. Although they're generally honest, if they feel they're facing an opponent, they can easily justify lying or playing dirty to win.

Leos often have a hard time taking advice from others. They often hide insecurities and lack self-awareness, blinding them to the outside world and the feeling of others. A Leo will sneer if you refer to them as clingy or needy, but the proud lion becomes morose without a steady stream of accolades. Deep down, they search for approval and their feelings are easily bruised. When criticized, they childishly lash out. If their ego is left unchecked, they might take their partner for granted. On the other side, sometimes Leos are too cocky or too sure that things will go their way and turn into lazy housecats.

The darkest side of Leo can lend itself to authoritative rule, prejudice, and intolerance. Their territorial instincts may emerge, and they can become furious if they feel they are being disrespected. They expect the world to revolve around them and can get lost in one-upmanship and a mental loop of nursing hurts and plotting revenge. Fortunately, the Sun also exerts a taming influence over this feline, whose natural inclination is to curl up on a lap and contentedly purr.

Growth comes to Leos when they recognize that which makes them feel most insecure and act most immaturely -- the need to impress by showing off their physical environment -- their kingdom -- and dominate the 'subjects' who surround them. As awareness shifts to be one of co-creator rather than rulers, integrating self into the larger collective without losing their identity, Leo's creative force can be applied towards a higher purpose than their own self-interest.

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"I'm not to be compared. I'm not a second choice. I know my worth and I deserve love and stability and nothing less." #LeoQuotes

Leo in a Relationship

As a friend, Leo is as loyal as they come. They will always be on their friends' side in a public argument, even if they are chewing their friend out in private, and they expect the same loyalty in return. They have a very strong notion of friendship (even if they tend to consider themselves the unofficial leader of a group) and will be there when you need it, no questions asked. Leos are always down for a good time. They're huge flirts but can play the role of wingman/ wing-woman when needed.

As a lover, Leo is voracious. They put as much passion into their loving as they do in all the other areas of their life. Unabashedly flirtatious, they use their leonine charm on potential lovers. But at heart, they are closet romantics, hoping to find a fun lover who can appreciate them. Love assets for the Leo Sun Sign are passion, responsiveness, and charm. The love challenges for those born under the Leo zodiac sign are being dramatic, demanding, and a tendency to fixate on their own issues.

Dating a Leo

In dating, Leo likes to take the initiative. They are demonstrative partners and enjoy a decent amount of public displays of affection in their relationships. Leos like to talk about the things they are passionate about. They almost have a child-like enthusiasm when it comes to the topics near and dear to their hearts. Leos have a loose association with the word 'restraint' and can go over the top when it comes to romantic gestures. They can't help it. As they fall in love, the lion turns into a contented kitten, purring in your lap. When they fall, they fall hard.

Although Leos have a reputation for self-involvement, they love to lavish their partner with attention and affection. With the right motivation, Leos really are capable of not focusing on themselves to take the time to treat their partner like gold.

A Leo's favorite dates include anything that feels energetic and fun: a night out dancing, an afternoon horseback riding, or bicycle riding, for example. A little friendly competition is also fun for them, like tennis, bowling, or other sports. When planning a romantic getaway, leave space in your itinerary for fun, physical activity. Your Leo lover might enjoy getting to walk on the beaches of Hawaii, or on one of the Caribbean islands.

Leo Expectations in Relationship

For those born under the Leo Sun Sign, love means sharing a life of fun and passion with someone who encourages them. They are deeply loyal when they find someone who returns their wholehearted adoration.

You might not think it when you first meet them, but family is important to Leo. The Sun's position in the Fifth House rules creativity, birth, and raising children. Leos love having children -- it's an opportunity to create smaller versions of themselves and share their love of culture and the world with their children. It's also important to them to be part of a close loving unit. They may use all their Leo charm to impress your parents when they meet them. They'll want to impress their own parents and friends by bragging about you and expect you to do your part to dazzle them too.

Leos want to look up to their partners. Drama attracts them, and their fiery nature makes them want to move impetuously. Because they so love the thrill of the chase, the mystery, and the adoration of new love, they can discover that they were more in love with love than the individual they chose to be in a relationship with. Fortunately, of all the Fire signs, they're the most capable of waiting for the right person to come along before making a commitment -- they know they deserve nothing less than the best. And once they've committed, their loyalty is legendary. Just remember that Leo needs to feel noticed and needed by their partner in order to thrive.

More than anything else in life, Leo wants respect. If you're in a relationship with a Leo, allow them to save face in any battle. Don't ever criticize them in public. Tread lightly if you feel the need to disagree with a recollection or a statement if others are present, and never let them feel that you are criticizing them behind their back either. Leo is a very proud sign and will speak for the couple as the royal "We" -- and genuinely not understand why a partner might prefer to express themselves as an individual, when together you can dazzle on the stage of life.

Leo and Sex

Leo is a passionate and enthusiastic lover. They approach lovemaking with the same exuberance with which they approach life. They can be very spontaneous when it comes to initiating romantic interludes, but don't mind taking their time to make sure that you are both fully satisfied in the encounter. Leo likes getting feedback to know that their efforts are appreciated.

Best Compatibility with Leo

Energetic and vivacious, the most compatible signs with Leo are other Fire Signs -- specifically Aries and Sagittarius, and Air Signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, who feed their passionate natures. The least compatible signs with Leo are Water and Earth Signs -- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Of these, some are particularly challenging, where an initial attraction tends to obscure some fundamental incompatibilities. Specifically, Leo may be drawn to the sensual, mysterious, and devoted Scorpio, but drown in Scorpio's depth and need for equal power. Leo and Capricorn may be drawn to one another's appearance, reputation, and ambition, seeing in one another the route to living out their dreams at scale, but Capricorn can destroy Leo's self-esteem with criticism, and Leo can exhaust Capricorn with a constant need for attention.

Keep in mind that compatibility is driven by more than your Sun Sign and its associated Element and Mode. Knowing where the Ascendant, Moon and Venus appear in your chart and that of your partner or person of interest can help you understand zodiac combability at a deeper level as these positions can mitigate or overcome incompatibility at the Sun Sign level.

Leo Leo

Leo and Leo

This is an iconic couple that will turn heads wherever they go. Two Leos create a dynamic pair that form something of a mutual admiration society. Both respect how important it is for the other to express themselves fully and offer their love and support. But they also share the same diva-like tendencies and there is likely to be friction is situations that require repeated shifting of priorities so they can each have their turn at shining. They need to see their partnership as a collaborative, not a competitive one for them to truly enjoy the bond they have with each other.

Leo Aries

Leo and Aries

The intensity of these two signs makes it possible for a whirlwind romance. Leo prefers to take it slow, and Aries doesn't understand the meaning of the word. The sexual chemistry between the two is off the charts and they both approach life with a similar sort of determination to make their mark on the world. But without a certain measure of wisdom regarding their own emotions and patience with their partner's, this could be one of those couples who fight as often as they make love and get caught in a cycle of breaking up and making up. Both need to be able to take a step back when disagreements happen and cool off if necessary.

Leo Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius both know how to have fun! Both are energetic optimists who love exploring their world. Sagittarius' sense of humor has just enough chill to mellow Leo out when they are caught up in drama. And Leo has endless amounts of enthusiasm to support Sagittarius when they want to turn one of their visions into reality. But Leo may get impatient with Sagittarius when they are too deep into their projects to notice anything else. And they certainly don't like it when Sagittarius is in one of their know-it-all moods. Sagittarius can become exasperated by Leo's vanity and might dismiss their concerns as shallowness (which would cut Leo deeply). They both need to respect the things that are important to the other and learn just because one thing doesn't mean a lot to them personally, it means a great deal to their partner.

Leo Gemini

Leo and Gemini

These two bring out each other's inner child. They're a great match in their energy levels and both tend to take a sunny, upbeat approach to life. But Gemini's inclination to trust head over heart can frustrate passionate Leo. Gemini will be shaking their head at Leo's intense reactions to things they feel are trivial. But Gemini's coolness can be just what Leo needs to keep their fiery temperament in check so that they don't burn all their bridges. And Leo's passion-filled approach to life can spark something in Gemini to help them understand their emotions better. Each needs to see how well the other balances them out and learn to trust their partner's instincts, even if they don't always understand them.

Leo Libra

Leo and Libra

There's a high potential for harmony with this couple. Libra doesn't mind Leo having the spotlight to themselves, happy to offer their support off stage. They also are attuned to Leo's need for adoration, offering it freely. Leo is wildly protective of their genteel Libra, happy to go to battle on their behalf so Libra doesn't need to distress themselves with conflict. Problems come when Leo's larger than life personality tramples over peace-loving Libra. Or when Libra turns chilly, saying things are 'fine', but withdrawing the support that is like air to attention-needing Leo. These two must make the effort to keep communicating and commit to honestly expressing their feelings. When they do, they will often find themselves laughing about how silly their disagreements were later.

Leo Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius

Both Leo and Aquarius have an idealistic streak. Generous Leo is often in complete sympathy with Aquarius' desire to make the world a better place. Aquarius admires Leo's innate leadership qualities. They also both have something of a hero complex. There's an electric sexual connection between them. But both signs sometimes slip into the mistake of idealizing the other, fixating on some aspects of their partner's personality to adore, and refusing to address areas where friction can arise. Although Leo especially loves feeling like they are on a pedestal, it's not a great idea to build a relationship on what you wish is true instead of what actually is true. Both need to be upfront with themselves about what they realistically can give to their partner and what they need. With honest communication and a dose of realism, these two have the potential for a lasting connection.

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The Leo Parent

Leos are the parents who try to make it to every game or performance and unabashedly shout, "That's my kid!" They believe in the potential of all their children to go far in life and are often the loudest member of their fan club. As may be expected, this can embarrass their children, even though it comes from a place of love. Leo parents must watch that they do not treat their children as extensions of themselves. They've already lived their childhood. Their children's achievements are their own.

The Leo Mother

The positive qualities of a Leo mother are enthusiasm, generosity, and pride. Challenges for the Leo mother are a tendency to be strict, status-obsessed, and have extremely high standards. A Leo Mom knows their child is amazing and had no trouble letting anyone else know that. However, she may be very adamant about her child living up to the image she has in her mind, without accounting for what the child actually wants.

The Leo Father

Positive qualities of the Leo father include being supportive, honest, and affectionate. Challenges for the Leo father are being dramatic, over-invested in their children's success, and blunt. Leo fathers aren't afraid to tell their children they love them and are happy to show it too. But they can't help themselves from going over the top sometimes, from purchasing the best of everything, to worrying excessively. Leo dads are the ones sending a million text messages to their kids when they are nervous about their welfare.

"I was born a boss." #LeoQuotes

Leo Career

Leo's love of being noticed carries over to professional life. They thrive on taking on high profile projects and relish the chance to prove they are the equal of any challenge. Leos prefer to take lead whenever possible. They jump on opportunities that look like they will raise their profile or status in a company. As a bright Fire sign, they rally others with their exuberance and enthusiasm, leaving others to fill in the details. Leo will not last long anywhere that doesn't provide regular acknowledgment of their talents. They will take their ball and cheerfully go anywhere they feel will appreciate them more.

The creative influence of the Sun and Leo's love of the spotlight makes them especially well-suited to a career in the arts. After all, who knows drama better than Leo? The theater and other performing arts careers are a great fit for them, but you'll find Leos plying their craft in the visual arts, too. Anything that draws on Leo's affinity for color and design play to their strengths, as does anything that engages their innate mechanical abilities. Expect Leos to excel as producers, designers, and directors. Leos also love to inspire others and enjoy positions that involve mentoring young talent; they make great bosses and teachers too.

Leo and Money

Determined Leos often find themselves financially compensated for their hard work. Their desire to be the best often finds them in demand, which drives up the cost of doing business with them. Since many Leos equate financial success with success in general, they don't have too many problems bringing money in.

Leo loves their bling. And bling costs money. They like others to be aware of how successful they are and often indulge in statement pieces and status symbols. If out with a group of friends they'll be the first to reach for the check. Budgeting is not a Leo strength when it limits their desire to spend freely. Leo needs to watch that their need to impress others doesn't become an obsession that eats away at the wealth they've accrued with all their hard work. By the same token, a wealthy Leo is a generous philanthropist, donating at scale to build hospital wings or to support a worthy cause, provided they get public recognition for it.

Leo Intuition

Leos aren't often mentioned when people discuss the most intuitive signs, but they do have a sixth sense about relationships. If a Leo feels like the chemistry is off someplace, pay attention. Their outgoing ways help when it comes to reading people and getting an idea when someone has invested their heart into something, and when they haven't.

Leo Health and Wellness

Leo is associated with the heart and upper back, and health concerns often manifest there first. Backaches and concerns around the heart are common Leo complaints.

Even high-intensity Leo needs downtime. Though their batteries last longer than most people's they need to make time to recharge. Leo can unwind by getting involved in juicy TV drama, that feeds their love of spectacle but doesn't directly impact them in any way. They also enjoy rom-coms, in book or movie form, to appeal to their romantic nature.

On weekends, Leos like to play hard to burn off excess energy. They look forward to anything that has a competitive angle to it, like a pick-up game of basketball, touch football, or badminton. Leos sometimes don't need to challenge anyone but themselves so you may see them pushing themselves farther by jogging, cycling, or mountain climbing. Though slow-moving activities aren't their favorite, Leos should make time for stretching, especially their back. These lions need to be out in the air and sunshine; they are particularly prone to seasonal affective disorder as the days grow shorter. As they get older, their favorite activities will take more out of them, so incorporating stretching and gentle movement means they will get to enjoy their thrilling favorites longer.

Leos may not be the foodies that Tauruses are, but they do have a hedonistic streak. Plus, their drive for status leads them to at least try some rarefied culinary treats. Bring on the Kobe beef and Maine lobster!

"A split second — that's how long it takes a Leo to cut you off and move on." #LeoQuotes

Leo Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra, located in the center of the forehead, is Leo's chakra. An open Third Eye Chakra can help with creativity and intuition, while a blocked Third Eye Chakra can lead to a lack of imagination and sleep problems.

Leo Purpose, Inspiration, and Mantra

Leo thrives on passionate self-expression. This is why Leo's purpose in life is to live a life of expression and inspire others to do so as well. Leo wants to be larger than life, living life on their terms while creating a feeling of security for themselves and those they love. Inspiration comes by tuning into their gifts and figuring out the best way to share them with the world.

Because the flip side of Leo's nature is ego-centrism, a mantra such as "I lovingly accept I cannot be all things to all people" would be a positive reminder to let some things go.

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Other Unique Leo Facts

Food As a Leo, food is mostly fuel for your next adventure, but you like the rush of spicy meals and won’t turn down food that has a certain level of poshness associated with it.
Fashion Your clothing reflects your desire to be noticed. You don’t do subtle. Leos gravitate towards high drama clothes, whether its bold prints or a monochromatic palette with carefully selected statement pieces of jewelry to pull everything together.
Color-Palette Leo links to the energy of the sun, fiery bold hues of red, orange, and gold are perfect.
Leo Luck Leos are lucky when it comes to networking and meeting the right people at the right time.
Halloween Costume Although Leos love being themselves, they like the fun of dressing up. Consider dressing as iconic divas or leading men like Cher, Elvis, or Lady Gaga. The drama queen matriarch of Schitt’s Creek, Moira Rose, is a wonderful option too.
Travel Destination Leos like an active vacation. Since California offers opportunities to both ski and swim, that is a good destination choice. Their inner child might enjoy the whimsy and frenetic energy of Disneyworld too. Leos also like trips that feel posh, so consider Monte Carlo or London.
Gifts for Leo

Leos like to feel special, like the royalty they know they are inside. They also love to have their physical interests encouraged.

  • Designer clothes
  • Statement jewelry
  • The "it" gift of the season
  • Gift card for a physical couple's activity, like horseback riding
  • Sports equipment
  • Something with their name or monogram

Leo in Your Chart

Moon in Leo

Your Moon Sign describes your emotional energies, instinctual reactions, and what you need to feel emotionally complete. Sunny Leo and the Moon's energy interact in some dramatic ways. You feel more alive in situations that cause your emotions to elevate to a fever pitch. Ordinary is never going to feel like enough for you. The need for validation is especially heightened here, however so is your charisma and natural allure. With work, you can live the grand and passion-filled life of your dreams.

Rising in Leo

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, describes how you appear to others, as well as how you go about getting what you want. If you're a Leo Rising, people will look to you for leadership or inspiration. Others find you hypnotically confident on the surface (no matter how you actually feel inside) and appealing. You have the ability to turn on the charm when you need to get something, but you are also able to use more direct means when charm just isn't enough. You may find some people are envious of your charisma. And sometimes you may be tempted to use your charm to just skate by. Remember that you have the ability to put some substance behind the glittering veneer and you will have no problem manifesting your goals.

Venus in Leo

The position of Venus in your astrological chart describes how you relate to others romantically. The appeal of Venus in Leo men and women is in their unabashedly sensual nature. You know what you like, and you will not settle for less. If you have Venus in Leo in your chart, you may be a bit over-expressive and frighten prospective partners with the intensity of your affections. But once others realize there's real sincerity behind the display, the relationship will be passionate and thrilling.

"The jealousy card doesn't work with Leo. If anything, they will get annoyed and find someone who does not play games." #LeoQuotes

What Does Your Astrological Chart Say?

If you're a Leo or have Leo in your astrological chart, you've probably recognized yourself in these descriptions. Now it's time to apply Leo wisdom to your life -- the situations you're facing, the decisions you need to make, and the possibilities yet to be revealed. An astrologer can guide you through all this and more, building on the Leo Awareness you have from reading this guide.

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