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Using Color Theory for Spiritual Healing

Date 8/9/2023
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Using Color Theory for Spiritual Healing

Using Color Theory for Spiritual Healing

Color is a powerful tool that has been used for centuries to affect mood, behavior, and healing. Ancient Egyptians utilized chromotherapy, or color therapy, for healing, and colors have been used for energy healing by many cultures from around the world. Many modern health organizations use color to spread message awareness - the Alzheimer’s Association asks people to wear purple to bring attention to Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and pink is associated with Breast Cancer awareness. Branding experts have always understood the impact certain colors bring to their advertising, and designers utilize colors to make living spaces more desirable.

Color theory describes how colors are perceived and the psychological, cultural, and spiritual associations with each color. Color theory includes a study of the psychological effects of color, meaning that colors present in the world around us can affect our emotions, thoughts, actions, and even our aura. In metaphysical thought, the universe may send you a message through a particular color by highlighting it in unusual ways. If you see a color appearing often, consider which direction it may be pointing.

Color psychology is often used by individuals and businesses to channel the energies of different hues to promote a specific type of growth and activity. According to color psychology, your favorite color can tell you a lot about your personality and the energies you want to invite into your life. Just as in Nature, color can also be used to attract a mate. Understanding the innate energies of each color will help you choose the right option for your purposes.

To use color theory for spiritual growth, find the color that's associated with your intention and use it by:

  • Eating foods of that color.
  • Wearing the color.
  • Meditating on the color.
  • Working with crystals in that color.
  • Adding that color to your surroundings with flowers or other decor.

Red Color Psychology

If you’ve ever worn crimson clothing or held a ruby gem close to your body, you know that red holds remarkable energy. While this hue is known for its empowering and invigorating qualities, you might not realize just how much power it holds. From stimulation to dominance to success, red represents the origin of life and holds life-changing power.

Red Color Associations
Life, death, love, passion, manifestation

Red Color Uses
Igniting passion, grounding oneself, manifesting desires

Red Color Energy

Red Color Crystals
Ruby, Garnet, Jasper

Red Color Aura
You live by your desires and emotions

Red Color Message
Make sure you're well-grounded before proceeding

Red Color Physiology
Muscles, heart, lungs, and bones

Red Color Mantra

"I am secure and grounded."

"I manifest abundantly."

Red Chakra Meaning

First and foremost, red relates to the primary chakra point. Known as the root chakra, it’s centered at the base of the spine, near the tailbone. Given its location, it’s no wonder that the red chakra is closely linked with feeling grounded. The root chakra has a large impact on your physical connection to the earth. It also symbolizes the blood that courses through your veins and helps your body thrive.

Red Color Astrology

Red is the color of the astrological Element of Fire and represents purification and power. Red is associated with the planet Mars and the sign of Aries. Red energy powers Aries' vitality, initiative, and desire to be noticed. 

What Does the Color Red Mean?

Passion and Love

Red also stands for passion, love, and intimacy, and its deep hue inspires intense connections, both mental and physical. Red clothing, bedding, gemstones, and even hair color often stimulate passionate reactions. Many people report that both men and women are more attractive when wearing red, possibly due to a natural connection between the color red and the rosy glow of those with healthy circulation.


While many people channel passion into love, intimacy, or other positive actions, this sensation can also lead in a negative direction. After all, red can also stand for agitation, anger, and even rage. If you feel as though you’ve channeled too much of the negative aspects of red, keep in mind that this hue can also represent a warning sign. Talk with a love psychic about your intense feelings, and how to channel them into passion, desire, and excitement.


When you want to establish authority in the workplace, exercise influence in a relationship, or exert dominance while dealing with competitors, red can give you the upper hand. Try wearing a red tie or blazer when you’re negotiating for a promotion or emphasizing your leadership position in the workplace. If you need to make a presentation, for example. wearing red can send a signal of credibility to audience members. To gain more authority in personal affairs, try wearing rubies or keeping rare red beryl close. Keep in mind that dark red tones have the strongest links to dominance, but pink and other rosy tones might not have the same effect.


As a stimulating color, red inspires action and forward movement. That’s why it also signals achievement and success. Sometimes it is chosen intentionally to indicate power. When you make a habit of wearing red clothing, lipstick, or jewelry, you communicate both ambition and determination. Wearing red doesn’t just highlight what you’ve already accomplished, though. If you need an additional vote of confidence or the inspiration to break through barriers, wearing red gemstones or clothing can give you the additional power you need.

Powerful Red Crystals

One of the most powerful ways to amplify healing is to incorporate healing crystals into a meditation practice. Red crystals vibrate with the frequency of the root chakra and evoke the powerful energy of red and its associations. Choose Jasper if you seek grounding in the midst of stress and turmoil, garnet if you’re seeking more love and passion in your life, and ruby to neutralize negativity and promote love and peace. Create an intention around that which you are seeking, hold the healing crystal in the palm of your hand, and visualize it’s energy swirling from the base of your root chakra up through your circulatory system and to every part of your body.

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Orange Color Psychology

Orange is considered a happy and youthful color, and like the color of a flame, orange radiates warmth, happiness, and friendship. Comprised of red and yellow, the color orange combines the physical energy and passion of red, with the joy and wisdom of yellow. Orange influences spirit, mental acumen, and alertness. Here are some of its meanings according to orange color theory.

Orange Color Associations
Community, creativity, energy, abundance

Orange Color Uses
Increasing clarity, stimulating conversation, supporting creative efforts

Orange Color Energy
Invitation, acceptance

Orange Color Crystals
Carnelian, Coral

Orange Color Aura
You exude the energy of an artist

Orange Color Message
Prepare for an adventure

Orange Color Physiology
Sex and Sexuality

Orange Color Mantra

"I am co-creating with spirit."

"I am connected to the universe around me."

Orange Chakra Meaning

Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, located just below your belly button. This chakra is connected to your emotions, creativity, sexuality, and self-expression. It’s the source of your ‘gut instinct’ and the inner wisdom that tells you to ‘trust your gut.’ Orange supports your sexuality and desire and encourages you to take risks --as long as you listen to your gut.

Orange Color Astrology

The color orange is associated with the Sun and radiates enthusiasm, positivity, and sociability. Orange is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. It powers Leo's heroism, generosity, and optimism and it influences Leo's pride, courage, and prosperity.  

What Does the Color Orange Mean?


Oranges, and the color orange, are associated with immunity-boosting Vitamin C, a destroyer of free radicals, and defender against everything from the common cold to signs of aging. The color orange is found on color healing charts for therapeutic settings, offering strength and resiliency to aid recovery from disease, grief, and stress.


Orange is the color for stimulating conversation. If you're attending a meeting and want to inspire open communication, wear orange. It is also a color known to stimulate the appetite, which is why shades of orange are often found in dining establishments and dining rooms. Consider bringing orange color energy into your home and life for strong connections, food, and friendship.

Orange Overload Signals

Too much of a good thing can tend to backfire, and when used to excess, orange can signal danger and bring on over-stimulation. Too much bright orange can also indicate a need for attention, and it can also convey cheapness if overdone.

Powerful Orange Crystals

Orange crystals, like carnelian and coral, strengthen the energy of home and community, helping people form and maintain lasting connections. In crystal healing, orange crystals are noted for stimulating sacral chakra energy, experiencing physical pleasure and a youthful zeal for life, creative stimulation, and empowerment. Place orange crystals in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom to make your house feel like home. Meditate with orange crystals to inspire physical confidence and new adventures.

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Yellow Color Psychology

From bright sunshine to regal golden hues, the color yellow has a variety of meanings. Yellow is the color of friendship, goodness, and faith. Yellow is the color of charm, trust, summer, and bright sounds like a child’s laugh. It also influences upbeat music. Yellow is a great color to use to improve one’s balance, self-esteem, charisma, strength of will, vitality, motivation, and effectiveness.  Learn about the many ways that yellow psychology can impact your life and discover how to make the power of yellow work for you.

Yellow Color Associations
Optimism, joy, new beginnings

Yellow Color Uses
Boosting confidence, increasing energy, promoting harmony

Yellow Color Energy

Yellow Color Crystals
Citrine, Topaz, Amber

Yellow Color Aura
Your aura conveys optimism. Discover even more about your Yellow Aura with our View To Your Hue Podcast.

Yellow Color Message
Make sure your spirit and mind are working in harmony before moving forward

Yellow Color Physiology
The digestive and immune systems

Yellow Color Mantra

"My mind and spirit are in harmony."

"I am joyful."

Yellow Chakra Meaning

All colors are linked with one of the seven chakras, and yellow is aligned with the third chakra. It covers the area from your navel to your ribcage, which means it governs numerous important organs, like the stomach, liver, and small intestine. It should come as no surprise that the third chakra, also known as Manipura, or lustrous gem, is responsible for essential functions like digestion and metabolism. When this chakra is healthy and open, it can serve as a tremendous source of personal energy, motivation, and forward-thinking. With proper care, your third chakra can lend you both warrior energy and transformative power that you can use to move important life changes forward. Don’t hesitate to chat with an online psychic for help with unlocking these impressive powers and putting them to use for your own good.

Yellow Color Astrology

Yellow represents the astrological element of Air. The color yellow is associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini. It influences Gemini's intellectual curiosity and brilliance. In Vedic Astrology, yellow is associated with the planet Jupiter, reflecting that planet's bestowing of good luck, success, and fortune.

What Does the Color Yellow Mean?

Hope and Optimism

As the lightest hue in the spectrum, yellow is a color that’s charged with positivity and optimism. It inspires the wearer to feel more cheerful and can quickly improve feelings of melancholy. Yellow can also prompt feelings of joy about the present and hope for the future. To cheer up a home, paint a wall yellow or add some pops of yellow color.

Fun and Curiosity

As a light tone, yellow typically has a sense of playfulness and fun. Though it often prompts creativity, yellow is also one of the most logical hues in the spectrum. The playful curiosity that this color generates has the ability to move the wearer’s mode of thinking in a new and inspiring direction.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or if you’re seeking a new approach to a complex problem, yellow might provide inspiration. This color prompts careful analysis while simultaneously inspiring clear thoughts and pivotal decision-making.

Self-Worth and Self-Confidence

One of yellow’s most important powers relates to its contribution to the ego. This color directly affects how you feel about yourself and can also impact the way others perceive you.

As such, yellow can encourage strong feelings of self-worth. Its inherent ability to inspire enthusiasm and forward-thinking often proves uplifting in ways you might not realize immediately. With self-reflection, however, you’ll notice that yellow’s optimism often translates to improved self-confidence.

Powerful Yellow Crystals

Whether you’re already well-versed in the powers of yellow or you want to benefit from yellow color psychology, keep this color close. Choosing yellow can indicate a sense of renewal and feelings of happiness and hope for the future. Wear amber, citrine, topaz, and similarly hued crystals to discover yellow’s powers of optimism, curiosity, self-confidence, and transformation for yourself.

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Green Color Psychology

Whether you experience it in a natural setting or in a more synthetic manner, green conveys a variety of meanings. Read on to discover the power of the color green and learn how you can harness green color theory to your benefit.

Green Color Associations
Healing, growth, fortune

Green Color Uses
Increasing prosperity, improving health, promoting personal growth

Green Color Energy

Green Color Crystals
Emerald, Malachite, Jade

Green Color Aura
You’re grounded and hard-working. Discover even more about your Green Aura with our View To Your Hue Podcast.

Green Color Message
Focus on balance and health

Green Color Message
Circulatory System

Green Color Mantra

"I heal with ease."

"I receive abundantly from the universe."

Green Chakra Meaning

The green heart chakra is located in the very middle of your body. At the center of your being, the green-hued heart chakra channels the energy from the lower chakras and transforms them into love. The heart chakra gives you the strength to make connections beyond your own being and form loving bonds. As such, green represents the color of life and vitality. Ask any intuitive advisor, and you’ll learn that those who love most openly tend to radiate vivid green energy.

Green Color Astrology

Green Represents the Element of Earth, the color of vegetation and nature. The color green influences fertility, prosperity, hope, and joy.  Green signifies growth and change, and it is associated with the planet Mercury.'s role in communication, intellect, and quick thinking. Green is also one of the colors associated with the zodiac sign Taurus,

What Does the Color Green Mean?

Calmness and Healing

Because it’s located at the center of your body, the heart chakra does more than oversee your romantic energy. It also plays an important role in creating balance in your body and your mind.

As a result, green often represents feelings of peace and tranquility. Some green hues can also help you relax and feel at ease. To achieve a greater sense of balance, try wearing a green stone or green clothing close to your heart, where you can focus this peaceful energy.

Rebirth and Renewal

Also considered an integral color of spring, green stands for rebirth. After a long, cold winter, the first pops of green signal new life and renewed growth across the earth.

Since green colors grass, trees, and flowers throughout the growing season, this hue also represents nature. Natural green tones stand for growth and fertility in a variety of contexts, and they also evoke feelings of health and well-being. Keeping green close to your body can help you feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

Prosperity and Luck

From four-leaf clovers to money, green is a prominent symbol of both prosperity and luck. As such, it’s also an emblem of productivity and progress. Wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and year-round to encourage abundance in every aspect of your life.

Inspiration and Hope

One of the most positive aspects of green is its reference to inspiration and hope. Since this color symbolizes not only rebirth but also long life, it paves the way for anticipation, optimism, and immortality. In fact, virtually all the great religions of the world highlight green as a symbol of paradise and wisdom. It's a soothing color too, which is why so many hospitals choose to paint walls green. Meditate with green to renew your sense of hope, seek out inspiration during a trying time, or find a constructive path for moving forward.

Green with Envy

A person who wears a lot of green tends to be generous and nurturing. The downside of green is its association with envy or jealousy. Our subconscious minds make this connection, and we may also wear green when we feel jealous or envious of someone close to us.

Powerful Green Crystals

No matter which of these qualities you want to pursue, keeping objects of this color close can help you reap the benefits of color psychology. Wear a sparkling emerald, a deeply-hued tourmaline, a lightly colored peridot, or a distinctive jade to help you capture the power of the color green.

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Blue Color Psychology

From sky blue to ultramarine to cobalt, blue appears in the heavens, in the seas, and everywhere in between. Blue is the color that deals with emotions, love, peace, healing, and protection. Blue is the color of wisdom, thoughtfulness, and the celestial regions. Blue is also the color of expansion, intuition, artistic inspiration, and healing work. Nothing communicates trust, peace, and loyalty like the color blue. Get to know the many meanings of this omnipresent hue and discover how blue color psychology can bring you power.

Blue Color Associations
Wisdom, authority, communication, tranquility

Blue Color Uses
Improving communication, speaking truthfully, unlocking your intuition

Blue Color Energy

Blue Color Crystals
Aquamarine, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli

Blue Color Aura
You’re emotionally sensitive and expressive. Understand the true essence of blue auras and all the ways it can manifest itself in your life with our View To Your Hue Podcast.

Blue Color Message
Make sure you're communicating clearly and speaking your truth

Blue Color Physiology

Blue Color Mantra

"I am speaking my truth."

"I communicate freely with light and love."

Blue Chakra Meaning

If you struggle to communicate effectively, can’t express yourself, or neglect to make yourself available when others need you, wearing blue may help you unlock this important skill. Blue is associated with the third chakra, which represents communication and speaking one’s truth. Light blue crystals, like aquamarines, can help you make strides toward increased understanding and improved interactions.

Blue Color Astrology

Blue Represents the Astrological Element of Water. and it brings harmony and balance to the restless energy of its corresponding zodiac sign of Aquarius. It is associated with the planet Uranus and influences its unpredictable, experimental, and imaginative qualities. 

What Does the Color Blue Mean?

Idealism and Communication

The color blue has long been known for its tendency toward idealism and its ability to inspire the wearer to achieve higher principles. When you wear this color, you’ll also enhance your capacity for expressing yourself and communicating your needs and desires. Selecting a very dark blue color to wear can alternatively indicate feelings of depression as a result of being too focused on self, hence the expression "I'm feeling blue."

Truth and Honesty

As it guides you toward higher ideals, blue also helps you explore greater honesty. You can rely on this color as a compass guiding you in the direction of truth. Whether you want to emphasize your own honesty or seek out the truth in others, blue is the right choice.

Calmness and Relaxation

When you need calm, blue is the ideal tone. This relaxing color can lower stress levels, encourage peaceful contemplation, and help negativity melt away. Wear blue to find peace, achieve relaxation, and seek out the calm you need to keep stability in your life.

Safety and Order

As the color of both the sky and the sea, it should come as no surprise that blue represents stability. After all, this hue reveals the order of the universe, and it appears almost everywhere. If you’ve grown accustomed to experiencing a large amount of chaos in your personal relationships or your daily life, wearing blue crystals may help reintroduce a sense of order back into your life.


Keep in mind, however, that blue maintains its roots firmly in the past. Some might call it nostalgic, but no matter how you view this color, it encourages you to consider the past when making decisions about the present or the future. If you value your past experiences and how they have helped shape you, you’ll appreciate this color’s strong sensations.


Though blue has primarily positive connotations, the color can also have some downsides. While you can depend on this hue to provide a haven as it leads you toward truth and honesty, blue can also be remarkably rigid.

If you pursue the powers of this color, take care not to let darker blue tones repress your feelings, guide you toward predictable conclusions, or create rigid guidelines that define your thoughts or actions. Don’t hesitate to phone a metaphysically-oriented spiritual advisor for advice on looking beyond this color’s straightforward parameters.

Powerful Blue Crystals

Blue can lend you tremendous power, but it’s your responsibility to use it wisely. Try wearing blue stones such as sapphires, aquamarines, turquoise, or even lapis lazuli to stay calm and keep communication flowing.

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Purple Color Psychology

Whether you’re naturally drawn to purple or you’re mystified by this bold color, there’s no denying that it holds an impressive amount of power. Purple, Indigo, and Violet represent Spirit or Source. Purple is connected with etheric realms, higher esoteric learning, and ancient wisdom. It is the color of spiritual growth and the deeper mysteries of the cosmos. Violet influences spirit contact, purification, and dream activity.  Indigo is the color of intuition and heightened perception. Here’s what you need to know about purple color psychology and how you can make the most of this color’s energy.

Purple Color Associations
Spirituality, enlightenment, psychic abilities

Purple Color Uses
Increase intuition, connect with the divine, achieve deeper spirituality

Purple Color Energy

Purple Color Crystals
Amethyst, Lepidolite

Purple Color Aura
Your aura is that of an old soul. Discover even more about your Purple Aura with our View To Your Hue Podcast.

Purple Color Message
Commune with your inner self and spirit.

Purple Color Physiology

Purple Color Mantra

"I am connected to the divine source."

"I am a child of the universe."

Purple Chakra Meaning

All primary and secondary colors represent one of the seven chakras, and purple is no exception. Deep purple is linked to the Third Eye Chakra, while a Violet tone is linked with the crown chakra, or the Sahasrara, which is situated on the head. From there, it connects to the brain and nervous system, which means it’s closely connected to thought and consciousness.

As such, purple has strong links to sacred elements and spiritual practice. In some religions and sects, leaders wear purple robes and sashes to denote their spirituality and the importance of their role. Even in secular contexts, however, purple still has a sacred connotation. Wear purple as an aid for meditation and centering your thoughts.

Purple Color Astrology

The color purple influences the philosophical bent of the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Purple influences that sign's quest for enlightenment. The planets Saturn and Neptune are sometimes associated with the color purple. 

What Does the Color Purple Mean?

Creativity and Playfulness

Given its close connections to the brain and the thought process, it’s no surprise that purple also represents creativity and playfulness. For millennia, purple has stood for both imagination and individuality. If you need to get your creative juices flowing, surround yourself with purple. When used in excess, purple can signal idealism and impracticality, even flights of fancy and eccentric thought patterns, but the ideal balance of purple can suggest inspiration and ingenuity.

Harmony and Stability

When it comes to the power of purple, balance is essential. After all, this shade also suggests both harmony and stability because it regulates mental and emotional cycles. That means purple can aid in mental stability, mind-body equilibrium, peace of mind, and overall balance. If you’re seeking a better balance between thought and activity or between spiritual and physical worlds, it’s in your best interest to keep purple close.

Intuition and Compassion

Since purple tends to be such a measured color, it follows that this hue has connections to intuition and compassion. When you wear or hold purple close, you can deepen your sense of empathy, develop natural compassion and kindness, and encourage feelings of unconditional love.

Royalty and Dignity

In nature, purple is relatively rare. While you might spot some lavender flowers, purple crystals, or violet-fringed leaves, this shade is less common than most other colors of the rainbow. At the same time, it’s one of the most striking and memorable colors.

That’s one of the reasons purple has long suggested both royalty and dignity. In fact, in ancient Rome, only emperors could wear purple. When you wear purple today, you have the power to demonstrate control and command respect.

Powerful Purple Crystals

From creativity to harmony to royalty, purple possesses several desirable powers. Capture its energy and keep it close by wearing purple clothing or violet gemstones like amethysts, quartzes, or tourmalines. Meditate with a purple crystal to open your third eye and tune into divine energy.

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White Color Psychology

When it comes to colors, white can mean many things to different people. Let’s examine the many interpretations of the color white, how it can influence your emotions, and how it can bring you power when you wear it.

White Color Associations
Purity, high vibrations, peace

White Color Uses
Cleansing the mind, body, and spirit

White Color Energy
Clear and open

White Color Crystals
Clear Quartz, Diamond, Moonstone

White Color Aura
Calm and well-balanced

White Color Message
Practice forgiveness and grace

White Color Mantra

"I live in peace with all things."

"My life is a spiritual journey."

White Chakra Meaning

Where violet transitions to pure white on the spectrum, it’s important to remember that it’s not just one color. Instead, the spiritual significance of white is that it is really the presence of all colors together, combined in a single ray of light. That means white has the potential to encompass an incredible amount of energy. White is the culmination of all colors, connecting the crown chakra with the divine source.

In many ways, white encompasses true spirituality and a sense of wholeness. If you’ve been searching for this sense of spirituality and this level of energy in your own life, connecting with an authentic psychic advisor can help you better understand how to manifest this potential in your life.

White Color Astrology

The color white is associated with the Moon and a transparent white (or grayish white) with Venus, both of which power maternal energy. The nurturing Cancer zodiac sign is influenced by the color white's influence on the unconscious, and Libra resonates with the color white's feminine energy.

What Does the Color White Mean?

Purity and Clarity

When many people think of white, the first impression they have is one of purity or innocence. This is likely because children wear white for important occasions early in life and brides don white for their weddings. The potential of white goes beyond this basic definition, though. Since white’s essential purity has the power to clear obstacles from your path, this is a color that can also provide clarity and help you achieve a fresh start.

Creativity and Possibility

In addition to laying the path for new beginnings, white also enables you to start either a major project or a new way of life with a clean slate. Though starting something substantial from scratch can be daunting, this process also gives you an incredible amount of potential to work with. When you open yourself up to the power of the color white, you can harness virtually all of the creativity and openness in the world. In essence, there’s no better color for starting anew, allowing yourself to pursue a creative vision, and taking advantage of the potential that lies ahead.

Independence and Neutrality

Since white encompasses all of the colors of the spectrum, one of its greatest powers is that it represents both positive and negative sides of them all. That means white embodies a certain level of equality or neutrality, since it features the good and the bad all in one.

Powerful White Crystals

Because white includes a hint of the forces of every other color, it doesn’t have an innate positive or negative connotation in and of itself. Instead, this pure color represents competence and independence from influences, emotions, or experiences. A true blank slate, white encompasses freedom and welcomes a full spectrum of experience. Try wearing it in the form of a gemstone or a crystal and learn to harness purity, creativity, independence, and true spirituality for yourself.

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Black Color Psychology

It’s ironic that black is thought of as a ‘power color’ when physics holds that technically, it is the absence of color. Another way to think about black is that it is the absence of light. This creates some interesting angles to black color psychology. From a metaphysical perspective, black is the color that represents protection and banishing, which makes it ideal to use for magical tools. It banishes bad habits and can turn negative energy into positive energy if used properly. This color is also used when making drastic life changes and examining one’s past lives. Whether you’re drawn to basic black or don it for specific occasions, or you’re mystified by its metaphysical aspects, black color theory offers guidance on how you can make the most of its energy.

Black Color Associations
Power, authority, death, mystery

Black Color Uses
Contemplating the universe, removing negativity

Black Color Energy

Black Color Crystals
Black Tourmaline, Onyx

Black Color Aura
Pessimistic or depressed

Black Color Message
Work with your shadow self

Black Color Mantra

"I am one with the mysteries of the universe."

"Out of death come new beginnings."

Black Color Astrology

The color black represents the night. The zodiac sign Capricorn is associated with black, which influences its tenacious and pragmatic nature. Black influences fortitude and consistency because of the need to make it through the darkness. Black is also associated with the planet Saturn.

What Does the Color Black Mean?


In the darkness, all is hidden, making black the color of secrets, the unknown, and the shadow self. In terms of color psychology, black offers a protective barrier to the outside world, hiding emotions and vulnerabilities where light cannot penetrate.


The meaning of black in color psychology also includes the concept of power and authority. The use of black conveys self-control, strong will, and self-discipline and it can be used to intimidate. Although it is an authoritative color, it is often perceived of as unfriendly or unapproachable.

Sex and Sophistication

Whether associated with a Black Tie Event or a “little black dress,” the color black conveys sophistication, elegance, and drama. People drawn to black often think of themselves as dignified, conservative, or artsy. Its heavy energy can convey an air of aloofness. On the other hand, black is also associated with seduction and sex, from sexy lingerie to clothing indicative of dominance and submission.


Throughout time, this color has been associated with grief and sadness. Most people elect to wear black to funerals, for instance. Wearing black exclusively can indicate a depressed mood or unresolved grief.

Powerful Black Crystals

As black absorbs all colors into darkness, so too does it absorb negative energy. This is extremely beneficial in crystal healing, as black crystals such as onyx or tourmaline can cleanse the negative energies absorbed by other crystals, grounding and transmuting that energy. Carrying a black crystal when traveling can protect you from harm and using a polished black crystal ‘teacher stone’ such as obsidian when meditating can reveal what is hidden by drawing you inward to your center and place of truth. Black crystals can be used as reminders to let go of negative thoughts and work to correct self-destructive patterns of behavior.

Although a black aura is often a sign of pessimism or depression, it is helpful to remember that the journey through the color black always ends in the light. When the light reappears, it reveals a spectrum of color that was only temporarily hidden.


Explore Other Color Meanings

The Color Brown Represents the Color of Mastering the Magic
It is mostly used in working with all of the animals we see on this planet. Brown is the color of your Earth star chakra which is located between your feet. Brown represents stability, a sense of security, balance, and grounding. It influences common sense, discrimination, and finding the lost and new growth.
The Color Aqua Represents all Magical Minds
Aqua is the color of metaphysics. It is a wonderful color to use for bringing in a state of peacefulness and profound self-reflection. It is the color for healing, creativity, and cooling down tempers.
The Color Pink Represents Unconditional Love
Pink is the hue of the powerful Rose Quartz, a crystal used for manifesting love and romance. Pink also denotes unconditional love and can calm negative feelings and lead to inner calm. Try adding some pink to your bedroom to bring more love into your life.
The Color Turquoise Represents Clarity
It's said that the color turquoise connects heaven and earth, bringing a grounded, mental clarity to those experiencing stress and overwhelm. If you're working on a big project and need to focus, try wearing turquoise or surrounding yourself with this color.
The Color Gray Represents Knowledge, Lore, and Wisdom 
Gray is particularly associated with Wizardry as it is neither black nor white. It encompasses all colors while being none of them. It influences initiation, the hidden revealed, and creative imagination.
The Color Copper Represents Plants, Fertility, and Growth
It can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance, transmit energy, and strengthen the energy of both Mars and the Sun.
The Color Silver Represents Intuition, Mother Energies, and the Tides of Change
The energy of silver is refined, calm, and understated. It is associated with the Moon, and its qualities of intuition, mystery, and emotion.
Gold Represents Wealth, Prosperity, and Coming into One’s Power
The energy of gold is sparkly and enthusiastic and supports wisdom and ideals. It is often associated with the zodiac sign Leo. When you want to appear successful, wear some gold.


Planetary Influences and Days That Represent the Colors

Sunday (Sun): Gold, Yellow, Orange, and Hot Pink
Monday (Moon): White, Silver, and Pale Blue
Tuesday (Mars): Red, Black, Scarlet, and Orange
Wednesday (Mercury): Purple and Orange
Thursday (Jupiter): Purple, Royal Blue, and Green
Friday (Venus): Pink, Aqua, and Copper
Saturday (Saturn): Black and Deep Purple


Further Your Color Theory Journey with Our Intuitive Energy Healers

By using color theory in your everyday life, whether it’s the clothing you wear, the crystals you use for healing, or the way you chose your décor and surroundings, you can draw on the psychology of color to promote the right mood and energy for what you're seeking. Our intuitive energy healers can work with your color energy – your aura and chakras, and your emotions and inner voice, to help support you on your journey.

In addition to everything above, in Psychic Advisor Arthur's article, you can learn to interpret different color feather meanings as signs that our Angels are trying to get our attention, let us know they're there, and send us a message.

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