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Taurus Zodiac Sign Guide

Taurus Zodiac Sun Sign

April 20 - May 20

Sun in Taurus

Taurus is the second sign of the Western zodiac. Taurus is an earthy and fixed sign, known to bring a very calming and level-headed vibe to whomever they are with and to whatever they are doing. Patience and stability are gifts of the Taurus zodiac sign. Those born under Taurus are known for their strong work ethic and for putting 100 percent into everything they do. At the same time, a Taurus knows how to relax. Of all the zodiac signs, Tauruses are the ones to notice every detail of the world around them and to take time to savor its beauty. A Taurus is naturally mellow, easygoing, and slow to anger. But when they cross that red line, clear the area, because they'll see red and charge. 

People born between April 20 and May 20 are represented by the bull, an ancient symbol of eroticism and fertility. (Turn the symbol of the Taurus upside down and you'll see what appears to be a womb and fallopian tubes). The Taurus astrological sign falls under the element of Earth and is ruled by Venus. Taurus has a natural love of beauty, so if it looks good, smells good, and tastes good, a Taurus is in attendance. They're all around pleasure seekers who love to socialize and are the foodies of the zodiac. As a Fixed Sign, they're known to be strong-headed, determined people who can be stubborn when they don't get what they want. The flip side is you have a reliable individual by your side in the event that you need to get a job done. 

Ready to dig deeper into what makes a Taurus tick? In true Taurus fashion, let's savor the rich layers of energies, symbols, planetary influences, personality, quirks and compatibility of this mighty, grounded energy whose steady personality has a magnetizing power of its own!

Taurus Mode + Element Taurus Ruling Planet Self-Discovery Taurus Spirit Animal
Fixed, Earth Venus Achieved Through Stability Turtle
Taurus House Taurus Color Taurus Symbol Taurus Crystals
Second Pink Bull Sapphire or Emerald
Taurus Tarot Card Taurus Lucky Numbers Taurus Body Part Taurus Lucky Day
The Hierophant 1,9 Neck Friday
Taurus Chakra Taurus Biggest Fear Taurus Guiding Principle Best Pets for Taurus
Heart Financial Instability I Maintain Border Collie, Corgi, or a Cuddly Kitten

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Taurus Symbolism and Meaning

Taurus is represented by the bull. The Taurus symbol meaning is fitting, as the bull stands firmly on the ground and only moves when the time is right, refusing to yield to outside pressure. In an argument with a Taurus, you might see them as stubborn and unmovable, but they are practical, grounded individuals who know their own mind, and they will not be swayed by emotional appeals or grandiose visions. A bull moves slowly for both purpose and pleasure, and a Taurus will approach building a career and indulging in life's finer things at its own unhurried pace. The bull is also renowned for charging when goaded well past any reasonable limits, and those born under the Taurus astrological sign will harness a nearly unstoppable force if pushed far enough.

"Taurus, the stabilizer, is always consistent with what they do." #Taurus Quotes

Taurus Season, Element, and Mode

Taurus Season is influenced by its Element, Earth, and its Mode, which is Fixed. If you are a Taurus, you'll experience these forces acting directly upon your personality, and if you're not a Taurus, you'll benefit from the energy of Taurus Season supporting you in your endeavors.

Taurus Season

To understand the gifts of Taurus Season, reflect for a moment on the flowering beauty of mid-Spring when nature bursts into unsurpassed color, fragrance, and birdsong. You've been restlessly waiting for the weather to warm (unless you're a patient Taurus, who knows that the rhythms of the Earth operate according to their own divine plan and will not be hurried). Taurus Season tells us, now that Spring is in full swing, it's time to sweep away winter debris and tackle those big outdoor projects, but for goodness sake, stop and smell the roses too!

Everyone can benefit from the energy of Taurus Season, by thinking practically and taking small but methodical next steps towards your goals, such as updating your resume or committing to getting outside to walk for 30 minutes every day. In Taurus Season, you have the momentum of the bull lending its full weight towards moving you forward and accomplishing your goals, one step at a time.

Taurus Element

Earth is the nurturing soil in which life springs forth and flourishes. Like Earth, Taurus energy is fertile and rich. Grounded Taurus doesn't get swept away in Spring winds, a colleague's half-baked plans, or a neighbor's petty intrigues. Earth is a stable foundation, and Taurus possesses the force and wisdom to build and maintain a financially solid, safe, and actually quite beautiful structure for work and family. Earth, when respected and cared for, produces endless varieties of life and beauty, just as Taurus is driven to care for and nurture family and friends. But don't mess with Mother Nature, lest she unleash her wrath with hurricanes and raging wildfires. The Taurus Element can and will use this might if pushed hard enough.

Taurus Mode

Taurus Mode is Fixed, meaning that the Sun enters Taurus mid-season. Fixed signs offer stability, consistency, and determination, qualities which can pass for stubbornness but offer the gift of perseverance and long-term success. If Aries wins the sprint, Taurus wins at the marathon. Taurus observes everything before coming to a conclusion slowly and methodically on their own, and in their own time, and for this reason, it can be difficult to change their mind. Emotionally healthy Tauruses, honoring the wisdom of their Fixed mode, know their own truth and will not be swayed or pressured into violating boundaries, making them one of the most trustworthy signs of the zodiac.

Taurus Ruling Planet

Venus, the Goddess of Love, is the ruler of Taurus. Venus energy is feminine, seductive, pleasure-loving, and reserved. With Venus as the ruling planet, Taurus doesn't need to exert effort to attract positive attention. Like Taurus's Ruling planet, these individuals possess a serene composure that draws others naturally to them like bees to a flower. This Venus energy lends Taurus an easy graciousness that can cover their drive to rise high in the business world or their chosen career. Much is made of Taurus's reserved manner, driven by Venus's directive to think deeply and express oneself honestly and diplomatically, so when Taurus does voice an opinion, it is always relevant and carefully thought out.

Taurus Ruling House

The Second House of the zodiac symbolizes one's primary needs -- food, shelter, clothing. It also represents the next stage of development after birth, metaphorically represented by a toddler, exploring the world through active engagement with the environment and all five senses. With the Sun in the Second House of Taurus, it confers on Taurus an earthy sensuality, a desire to fully experience the natural world and its pleasures, as well as a strong drive to satisfy material needs in a way that is consistent with Venus's high standards for quality and beauty.

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"You can't fool a Taurus, but they'll let you think you have, for a moment." #Taurus Quotes

Taurus Traits and Characteristics

All the astrological factors come together to define the pattern of Taurus traits and characteristics that make up their personality. While Taurus characteristics can be expressed in nuanced ways based on common social patterns of gender, the basic construct can be universally applied to understand Taurus men and Taurus women alike.

Taurus Personality

Taurus traits include being loyal, reliable, steadfast, and true. They're excellent observers of human nature. Commitment and the ability to see things through to the very end make this sign a wonderful friend, lover, and employee. The bonus characteristic of the Taurus Sun Sign (thank you, Venus) makes Taurus a highly sensual and erotic partner. Sure sounds like perfect marriage material!

Like their namesake bull, Taurus has two speeds: slow and steady, and ready to charge. Their patience and desire to think things through earns them the reputation for being slow to act. They may procrastinate, giving the appearance of being lazy, but they are simply gathering their focus and energy to get started. They're rock solid dependable for following through on their commitments and getting the job done. Slow to anger, with enough prodding they can be goaded into charging if they feel that all they have worked for is being threatened.

What Taurus fears are financial setbacks, sudden changes, or complications. With a Taurus zodiac sign as your Sun Sign, sometimes you compensate for your need for material security by becoming greedy or materialistic, although never at the expense of your family with whom you have no problem generously sharing. Your Fixed Sign can make you dig in your heels where flexibility might offer more opportunity and left unchallenged you may find yourself stuck in a rut without a clear vision to guide you out. Your tendency to do more of the same won't serve you here, but your perseverance will ensure that eventually, you'll find your way.

"Just because I haven't said anything doesn't mean I don't know." #Taurus Quotes

If there's a Taurus in your life, you know they can appear introverted, perhaps distant at times, and that they also like to be the decision-maker. Recognize that they need their downtime to think through situations and that they prefer to get to know people at their own pace. Push them and they'll dig in their heels. When they do choose to share a conclusion, know that it comes after careful consideration. They are excellent listeners and if you can attempt to influence them with thoughtful perspective sharing and data, respecting their need to process at their own pace, you will be more successful in reaching a more collaborative outcome.

Taurus Man

The Taurus man personality embodies the archetype of the "strong silent type" who makes an ideal husband and provider. He epitomizes the union of both the feminine and masculine energies within oneself. Financially successful, culturally refined, emotionally intelligent, and steadfastly loyal, he's a prize catch for any sign seeking these attributes in a mate.

While receptive to the interest of others, he himself feels no need to pursue. His alluring presence draws suitors in, and he gives them space to decide what they want; he isn't pushy. Nevertheless, with his sensual nature, he's ready to embrace sexual intimacy at any given moment. That said, the Taurus man does not prefer casual sex, as he craves fully committed, unconditional love and loyalty. Once he commits, he commits forever.

The Taurus man is a very physical Earthy sign, so he likes a partner that has energy and is in good shape. Be aware that as much as the Taurus man prizes idealized beauty in others, his own tendency to overindulge in fine food and wine can present challenges to maintaining an equally youthful appearance for his partner. You can read more about the rewards and challenges of Loving a Taurus Man in this article by Psychic Iris which further describes Taurus man characteristics.

Taurus Woman

With Venus as her ruling planet, the personality traits of the Taurus woman embody quiet strength and beauty. Thoughtful, yet driven, refined, yet passionate; alluring, yet loyal: the independent Taurus woman wants to be courted and prefers to move slowly when first entering a relationship. Once committed, her graceful generosity of spirit personifies the cultural ideal of the modern woman with a successful marriage and career.

Like her male counterpart, the Taurus woman is a creature of comforts so any activities around the home including cooking, cuddling, watching movies, and food will bring her immense happiness and emotional satisfaction in a relationship. And while she, like all Tauruses, would prefer to be "settled down" with a life-long mate, her independence will ensure that even a single life is filled with beauty, refinement, and satisfying routines that nurture her spirit. She enjoys outside activities and being in nature, so whether it's tending a prize-winning garden or taking long walks in the woods, she'll bring the Taurus delight in and attention to detail to all her endeavors.

Taurus Strengths

Taurus's strengths are as practical, dependable, and devoted individuals who want to build a solid physical, financial and emotional foundation for their family. Taurus maintains a calm demeanor and quiet strength, even in stressful situations. Preferring stability and consistency in their relationships, they'll carefully evaluate who to bring into their inner circle as a friend or lover. Once they've earned their trust, Taurus will provide, protect, and defend; while some see this as possessiveness, to Taurus it's all about the need for security and making sure everyone is ok.

Another Taurus strength is a desire to cultivate and experience pleasure and beauty. Those born under the influence of the Taurus zodiac balance hard work with enjoyment of the rewards of their labor, leading to a full and satisfying life.

Taurus Weaknesses

Taurus's solid personality can have its drawbacks too, often resulting in stubbornness, rigidity, and brooding. On the outside, a typical Taurus will appear good-natured and easy-going but faced with a demanding authority figure, or if pushed long and hard enough to argue, at best Taurus will belabor their point until they're satisfied they've been completely understood. At best, their anger may be passive and at worst, they'll become the proverbial bull in a china shop, a wrecking ball of collateral damage.

Another Taurus weakness is to become so set in their ways that they get stuck in a rut. Because they prefer to do things by themselves and according to their own schedules and rules, they can become very irritable if someone tries to interrupt their routines. Their partners can begin to feel like they're taken for granted.

Taurus has a strong tendency to attach to the materialistic plane. As an Earth sign, their desire for stability can go into overdrive, resulting in a greedy obsession with possessing the people and things they desire. The karmic lesson for Taurus is to overcome the comfort of their instinctive inertia and learn to let go of their need to possess. By releasing attachment to their material desires, Taurus is freed to express themselves in ways that heal and uplift, merging their way of experiencing life through the physical with a deepened connection to the spiritual.

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"You can count on me." #Taurus Quotes

Taurus in a Relationship

As a friend, Taurus is steady, fair, and in it for the long term, but a Taurus must get to know you first. Tauruses tend to move with caution, and they won't fully commit to even a casual friendship before they've had ample opportunity to observe and make a decision about investing in it. Once in their inner circle, Taurus is the kind of friend with the emotional intelligence to listen with an open mind and heart, who understands personally how hard it can be to open up to others and is steady and dependable through thick and thin.

As a lover, Taurus offers a tender, romantic and passionate commitment that endures over time. Taurus is deeply romantic and sensual and looking for the same. Although they are sociable and gregarious, they prefer to spend time with their loved ones at home, away from the noise and bustle of the outside world, where they are freer to create a romantic environment that lives up to their own exacting standards. Love assets for the Taurus Sun Sign are kindness, attentiveness, and patience. The love challenges for those born under the Taurus zodiac sign are a tendency to be slow to respond, become set in their ways, or to listen then do what they want to do anyway.

Dating a Taurus

In dating, a Taurus expects his or her date to do most of the work of initiating. They're more interested in committed relationships than casual hookups, and they'll use their powers of observation to evaluate their level of interest, not after one date, but over time. For a Taurus, serial dating is simply too tiring as they like to take the time to get to you.

Tauruses tend to listen more than talk, asking questions to draw out the other person's thoughts and stories, while quietly assessing what lies below the surface. Taurus is thoughtful and philosophical, so part of the assessment is about evaluating trustworthiness and whether there is a sufficient balance of interest and energy to sustain a more reciprocal and mutual exchange. They can appear to be somewhat commitment-shy because they don't want to make a mistake and have high expectations for a lasting relationship.

At any stage of a relationship, Taurus enjoys romantic dinners and long conversations to see the depths of their partner's soul. Taurus's favorite dates include culinary adventures, music, and beauty. Think Michelin star restaurants, Broadway shows, and botanical gardens. Planning a romantic getaway? Include Chocolate croissants with champagne at midnight or a romantic spa weekend for two.

Taurus Expectations in Relationship

For those born under the Taurus Sun Sign, love means a lifetime partner with strong family ties. They are naturally loyal and seek mates with traditional values who share their love of family. A Taurus won't rush anywhere, so patience is needed; they tend to be realists who would prefer to look at a relationship objectively and assess it over time. The flip side of their loyalty is that they also don't know when to leave a relationship and will wait years for someone to change.

To understand a Taurus's expectations in a relationship, recognize their need to be emotionally and physically cared for. They love their treats, whether they take the form of a home-cooked meal waiting for them after work, an unexpected gift, or an invitation to the bedroom. More than anything, they need someone who is patient with them. If they appear to be angry or irritated, simply wait for the storm to pass.

A Taurus expects punctuality as a common courtesy, and for their loved ones to keep their word. They dislike being contradicted, so they need to feel heard before asserting an alternate point of view. Fiercely independent, they don't like change and need to be loved exactly as they are.

Taurus's love language is physical touch, and they have a deep desire for affection. They love romantic settings with all the trimmings and crave a deep, devoted, and passionate bond. As a partner, they're responsible and will attend to things that need to be done around the house, which to them is one of the ways they demonstrate their commitment and affection. They may need to be reminded to express their emotional support as freely as they expect the same, lest their partner feel taken for granted.

Taurus and Sex

Both male and female Tauruses are a physically strong and emotionally gentle sign. They're patient, appreciative lovers who will guide you to your deepest desires. For Taurus, food is an aphrodisiac and sex is the most natural expression of love. Eroticism and romance are important to Taurus, who is keen to please with lovemaking which can last hours on end till you are both equally satisfied. A Taurus is stimulated through the use of the five physical senses so certain scents or the smell of your skin is a major turn-on. Once a Taurus knows how to please their partner, they don't vary their game. Talking is an unnecessary distraction. Unpredictability and uncertainty can be turn-offs. A partner who withdraws physical affection strikes a devastating blow to this sensual sign.

Best Compatibility with Taurus

Grounded and sensual, the most compatible signs with Taurus are other Earth Signs -- specifically Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and Water Signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, who nourish the Earth and encourage new growth.

The least compatible signs with Taurus are Fire and Air Signs - Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries. Earth is too grounding for Air signs and Earth quickly puts out a fire. Specifically, Taurus and Aries, initially drawn by Aries pull towards the energy of Venus, discover the incompatibility once the reality of Taurus's slow and steady energy frustrates the fast-moving Ram, who will carelessly "run over" Taurus's feelings and needs.

Keep in mind that compatibility is driven by more than your Sun Sign and its associated Element and Mode. Knowing where the Ascendant, Moon, and Venus appear in your chart and that of your partner or person of interest can help you understand zodiac combability at a deeper level as these positions can mitigate or overcome incompatibility at the Sun Sign level.

Taurus Taurus

Taurus and Taurus

Two Tauruses establish stability and share an appreciation for enjoying the finer things in life. They also make a committed pair who put family first and work hard to provide for one another. They intrinsically understand one another and find joy in similar pursuits. If they can simply learn to agree to disagree, their steadfast loyalty to each other and mutual love of romance and comfort makes them highly compatible.

Taurus Virgo

Taurus and Virgo

These two down to Earth signs take a long time to get started but make a devoted couple who stay together through thick and thin. Taurus is attracted to Virgo's beautiful mind and personality, and Virgo is turned on by Taurus's sensual nature and strength. As Earth signs, both are attracted to material comforts and will make a secure and beautiful home together. Their challenge lies in Virgo's tendency to be critical, and Taurus' tendency to be stubborn, which feed off one another in a cycle. If both partners can lighten up a bit, theirs is a compatible romance and partnership.

Taurus Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn

Tauruses and Capricorns both seek to create a foundation that lasts a lifetime and is their legacy. Theirs is a practical and sensible partnership, with Taurus supporting Capricorn's strong career desire, and Capricorn appreciating Taurus strong wealth-building drive. Taurus appreciates the planning and go-getter energy which Capricorn brings to the relationship, without feeling pressure from their partner of having to move too quickly. The flip side is that Taurus feels a stronger need to relax and enjoy the fruits of one's labor, and Capricorn energy can begin to feel restrictive and stale to Taurus.

Taurus Cancer

Taurus and Cancer

Because home and family are two of the most important things in life for these zodiac signs, Taurus and Cancer make a perfect domestic partnership where communication, trust, and devotion flourish. Each tends to nurture in their own way. Cancer nurtures Taurus emotionally, while Taurus nurtures Cancer with sensual delights, decadent gifts, and gourmet indulgences. As much as Taurus wants to find the finest restaurant, Cancer can easily persuade with a night cuddling at home in front of a fire. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is attracted to open and authentic Taurus, ruled by Love, but challenges ensue when Taurus insists on their own way, and Cancer acquiesces by bottling up their emotions. Earthy Taurus may tire of watery Cancer's mood swings, and Cancer may in turn feel that Taurus ignores their feelings.

Taurus Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio

The sexual chemistry between Taurus and Scorpio is legendary among zodiac love matches. Love, money, passion, and power all come to play in this match. Both require fidelity and need reassurance from their partners to feel secure. As Fixed Signs, so is their stubbornness; they can be as passionate in their chemistry as in their arguments. In this union, compromise is needed to keep their relationship from washing away or getting stuck in the mud. They also need to cultivate an appreciation for their differences, in that Taurus prefers to lay all cards on the table, while Scorpio needs to hold a few back. Taurus can "win" through dominance, but Scorpio may win through manipulation. As Scorpio learns to trust Taurus, their relationship harmonizes.

Taurus Pisces

Taurus and Pisces

Another electric sexual love match, Taurus and Pisces complement one another. Each wants to please their partner in and out of the bedroom. They also are very good at knowing what the other needs to feel loved, happy, and safe. Dreamy Pisces appreciates a partner with the grounded pragmatism to put dreams into action, while sensual Taurus is attracted to the gentle kindness and emotional sensitivity of Pisces. Just as with a Taurus-Cancer partnership, Taurus could tire of Pisces's emotional ups and downs, and Pisces may feel that Taurus' rigidity hampers Pisces flow.

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The Taurus Parent

As patient, positive, and stable parents, Taurus moms and dads work with their children to set them up for success. They delight in sharing the world with their kids, and don't mind providing them with the best that money can buy, provided the value of hard work is a part of the equation. However, their obstinacy can get in the way of their ability to give their children room to grow and make mistakes.

The Taurus Mother

Positive qualities of a Taurus mother are good taste, stability, and pragmatism. Challenges for the Taurus mother are a tendency to be snobby, indulgent, and stubborn. A Taurus Mom will expect the best from her children but only because she instills hard work and stability in the household. However, on the downside they may be spoiled with material objects, i.e. whatever the latest and greatest toy or gadget, her kids must have them first!

The Taurus Father

Positive qualities of the Taurus father include being a great cook, a steady presence, and a rock of stability. Challenges for the Taurus father are that he expects zero opposition, can be a bit frugal when teaching the value of hard work, and can be a bit pushy too. He likes to feed the crowd and is the stable man in the storm. But if his child stands up and says no, he's likely to dig in his heels even harder.

"Taurus are some of the humblest people. Looking out for the safety and comfort of loved ones is second nature to them." #Taurus Quotes

Taurus Career

Taurus are known to be business leaders, excelling in operational roles. They prefer to be in charge and are naturally dominant. They'll take the vision of an Aries or Aquarius and build a structure around it but will struggle with leaders who change their minds and chase after the next shiny thing. They'd rather take a fledgling idea and develop it than sit in a brainstorming meeting or listen to a sales pitch. They want data they can use to develop a business or project plan. They're great financial advisors, especially when asked to make conservative investments that protect wealth. Basically, if something isn't broken, they don't want to fix it.

Tauruses are also known for their voices---from radio and media to the beautiful singing voices in opera and movies. In the other arts, Taurus is one of the interior designer signs because they can see beauty and transform a hut into a palace.

Taurus and Money

Thanks to its position in the second house of the zodiac, Taurus is not only very interested in material wealth, but also very adept at accumulating it. To feel secure, Taurus needs to have cash on hand, money in the bank, long term investments, and real estate holdings.

Taurus spends on quality, and loves anything that looks good, smells good, and tastes good. These pleasure-seekers take their time to shop for the perfect gift but can suddenly find time has run out and they have to get things done at the last moment. Their gifts represent first-class style and luxury.

Taurus Intuition

Easy going Taurus enjoys intuitive ponderings that can be surprisingly accurate. Because they miss nothing, their patient and observant nature provides a steadying perspective that others find grounding. They also possess an uncanny ability with animals.

Taurus Health and Wellness

Taurus is associated with the neck and throat, and health concerns often manifest there first. Sore throats and neck strain are common Taurus complaints. The mind-body connection for this sign is that due to their patient and at times stubborn demeanor, Tauruses may refrain from voicing their truth, till the weight of what they hold back is experienced as a "pain in the neck."

To unwind and gain a better perspective, Taurus loves creature comforts. This is one of the few signs that could curl up on the couch, fire blazing, and watch a little TV. A glass of wine and some chocolate can also do the trick. After a hard day at work, Taurus wants to sit in a favorite comfortable chair and tune out for a bit without any interruptions until dinner is served on schedule, although one acceptable interruption would be a soothing touch.

If you're a Taurus, you may opt for a weekend hike or outdoor activity that isn't overly strenuous but provides the stimulation only nature can. Enjoying a walk or a bike ride amid beautiful scenery can motivate you but remember to stretch your neck first. You don't like to exert yourself too much, so any workout that doesn't put too much strain on you is ideal. Therefore, the smooth moves of Pilates, ballet-inspired classes, or barre classes are best. Getting a massage is a great way to relax.

Because they are foodies who enjoy their food and liquor, Taurus can tend to become overweight and be prone to diseases and illnesses related to the kidney, liver, and diabetes.

Taurus Chakra

The Heart Chakra, located in the center of the chest, beats the strongest for Tauruses. An open Heart Chakra can inspire overflowing love and attraction, while a blocked Heart Chakra can lead to emotional pain and substantial sorrow.

Taurus Purpose, Inspiration, and Mantra

As a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus thrives on stability. This is why a Taurus' purpose in life is to create a reliable base with everyone he or she meets. Taurus wants to be the one who can always be trusted, the backbone of their relationships. Inspiration comes by following your truth and honoring your family heritage.

Because the flip side of Taurus's nature is a tendency to get stuck, a mantra such as "I lovingly embrace change" would be a positive reminder to be open to new information and experiences.

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Other Unique Taurus Facts

Food As a Taurus, you like something comforting yet decadent. For a satisfying dinner, whip up a pasta dish with a rich and creamy sauce. Don't forget to pour yourself a glass of wine to go with your meal!
Fashion You love comfort, but you also don't mind making a bold fashion statement. Look for clothing made with natural fibers in earthy tones to please your pragmatic side, and then make your passionate side happy with bold accessories.
Color-Palette Taurus links to the energy of the earth, so natural earth tones are some of the best. Emerald, forest, and other shades of green work well in your home, while maroon and brown are good options when you're picking out apparel. You may want to incorporate black and white to tone down the other shades as well.
Taurus Luck Taureans are lucky with real estate and property as well as other people’s material resources through investments or inheritance.
Halloween Costume Taureans' loyalty is legendary, and the perfect Halloween costume is the ideal time to tap into this honorable quality. Dress up as Katniss Everdeen from “Hunger Games” or Brienne of Tarth from “Game of Thrones.”
Travel Destination A Taurus enjoys a true vacation, with a laid-back agenda and plenty of time to sleep in and enjoy the local cuisine. Head to Napa Valley, California, to enjoy relaxation in wine country. For international locales, try New Zealand and Chile.
Gifts for Taurus

Taurus enjoys luxurious things like gourmet foods or fine home accents. Though these individuals are practical and hardworking, they also like being pampered.

  • A spa gift certificate
  • A soft blanket or set of cozy throw pillows
  • Gourmet chocolates or fine wine
  • Gift card for a favorite restaurant
  • Fine linens
  • A beautifully photographed tabletop cookbook

Taurus in Your Chart

Moon in Taurus

Your Moon Sign is most often revealed in private and describes your emotional energies, instinctual reactions, and what you need to feel emotionally complete. There is a special connection between the Moon and Taurus, which is described as "exalted" in this sign and connotes fertility, nurturing, and sustenance. If your Moon is in Taurus, you feel most fully alive when the ground below your feet feels firm and able to support you, because, from that place, in which you feel secure and comfortable, you feel abundant and unstoppable. You have the strength of a bull as you harness enormous will-power, strength, and focus. A moon in Taurus also amplifies the sensual nature of your sign and the need to love and be loved in a physical and erotic way.

Rising in Taurus

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, describes how you appear to others, as well as how you go about getting what you want. If you're a Taurus Rising, you may appear to the world as reserved, matter of fact, slow to act, resourceful, and self-indulgent. With a strong preference for moving forward in a methodical, systematic way, you may frustrate those born under faster-acting, impatient signs. With a serene, graceful, kind disposition, and a strong sense of aesthetics, you'll be respected for both your creativity as well as your thoughtfulness, and pragmatism. The Universe will provide you lessons in when to hold on and when to let go, and you'll face challenges due to inflexibility and a tendency to get stuck in a rut.

Venus in Taurus

The position of Venus in your astrological chart describes how you relate to others romantically. The appeal of Venus in Taurus men and women is in their serene demeanor that invites those interested to pursue. If you have Venus in Taurus in your chart, you may be a bit possessive in love, and threatened by anyone who appears to fall in love too soon or pressure you to move faster than your comfort level dictates. When you do fall in love, it will be passionate and erotic.

"Taurus can turn a home into a palace." #Taurus Quotes

What Does Your Astrological Chart Say?

If you're a Taurus or have Taurus in your astrological chart, you've probably recognized yourself in these descriptions. Now it's time to apply Taurus wisdom to your life -- the situations you're facing, the decisions you need to make, and the possibilities yet to be revealed. An astrologer can guide you through all this and more, building on the Taurus Awareness you have from reading this guide.

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