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Scorpio Zodiac Sign Guide

Scorpio Zodiac Sun Sign

October 23 - November 21

Sun in Scorpio

As the autumn leaves turn and the season of long shadows arrives, Scorpio's sun sign comes to life. Their planet is Pluto, their element is water, and they are at home in the Eight house of the Zodiac.

People born between October 23 and November 22 are represented by the Scorpion, a symbol of the power to deal a fatal sting to those who betray their trust. Scorpios are constantly observing others---sizing up people, situations, and careers---as they're extraordinarily perceptive. They're also very clever---you can barely outwit a Scorpio! And they enjoy their privacy. It can be hard to break through their mask; this kind of control gives them power.

Scorpios are complex and hard to understand. They possess a combination of empathy and deep, intuitive insight. What's just out of sight or beyond mortal touch is fascinating to a Scorpio. They can be magicians or private investigators and phenomenally entice you by holding your attention immediately. They can be protective and skeptical, so you must prove yourself to them. Of all the water signs, this one is very, deeply sensitive. Getting to know one could take a lifetime.

Ready to plumb the depths of the Scorpio psyche? Read on to uncover the rich layers of energies, symbols, planetary influences, personality, quirks, and compatibility of this intense and mysterious force of nature.

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Scorpio Symbolism and Meaning

Scorpio is represented by the scorpion. The scorpion symbol meaning is fitting, as like Scorpio, this predatory arachnid represents dominance, defense, rebirth, and transformation. Scorpions are nocturnal, and despite their fearsome reputation, even the deadliest scorpions will only sting as a last resort to protect the future of the species, and in doing so give up their own lives. An evolved Scorpio only resorts to its stinger when faced with existential threat.

Scorpio is also represented by the serpent or snake, as well as the phoenix, both symbols of transformation. The snake regularly sheds its skin in a process of transformation and renewal, and it's a powerful symbol of sexual energy as well as mystical wisdom. The phoenix rises from the ashes of defeat to overcome darkness and destruction, and like Scorpio, will never give in to failure.

"Do it with passion or not at all." #ScorpioQuotes

Scorpio Season, Element, and Mode

Scorpio Season is influenced by its Element, Water, and its Mode, which is Fixed. If you are a Scorpio, you’ll experience these forces acting directly upon your personality, and if you’re not a Scorpio, you’ll benefit from the energy of Scorpio Season supporting you in your endeavors.

Scorpio Season

Welcome to Halloween and Scorpio Season! This is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, a time known for spirit visitations, apparitions, astral travel to other dimensions, and ever-darkening days. In a season ruled by Pluto, planet of transformation, and heavily influenced by Mars, planet of action and desire, expect the energy to feel like a quiet yet seismic shift below the surface. Scorpio Season harnesses perception and determination to fearlessly sift through artifice, lies, and superficiality till raw buried truth is revealed in the rubble. Scorpio never cares about appearances; it’s always all about the truth below the surface.

Scorpio Season is a season that feeds intensity and passion. Tap into its sexual energy and act on your repressed desires, or let its passionate energy lead you to engage with other people and the world in new, deeply intimate ways. Scorpio season brings with it a fixed energy that may cause you to hold onto opinions, decisions, or grudges a bit more tightly than usual, or you may find that your emotional reactions are more intense and on edge. It’s a good time to tap into Scorpio’s fearlessness and challenge the status quo – Scorpio will always seek the truth, even the darkest truth.

Everyone can benefit from the energy of Scorpio Season, by refusing to accept what you truly deserve and desire. In Scorpio Season, you’re called to dig deep into your soul to fearlessly ask the questions and then act on the truths you discover within.

Scorpio Element

The passionate intensity of Scorpio could be confused with Fire, but its quality is actually quite different and even at odds with Fire. Scorpio’s element is water, and like the ocean or a mighty river, it is dark and moves deep below the surface, guided by powerful tides or currents. Water eschews the flashiness of Fire, which it will extinguish in any battle of wills.

Even when water appears calm at the surface, there is movement below – an entire world hidden from sight. The saying “still waters run deep” aptly describes Scorpio. Scorpios are blessed with the gift of seeing the essence and depths of what others can’t fathom, but they prefer to keep their own emotional world below the surface, choosing if and when they reveal some of its mystery to others.

The Element of water represents emotion, and emotions are not meant to stagnate but to flow freely. Scorpio will resist being contained. Water teaches us to experience the emotion – however intense – and to let it go. Water enables Scorpio to face the darkest of emotions without fear, and the deeper Scorpio goes, the more transcendent and rewarding the experience.

Scorpio Mode

Scorpio mode is Fixed, meaning that it starts mid-season. Although Scorpio is ruled by water, an energy that encourages emotional flow, Scorpio’s Fixed mode puts them at odds within themselves. Scorpios want to release and let go, but their fixed mode encourages them to resist the flow: they tend to stand firm and not let go, even when they want the release.

The gift of the fixed mode is consistency; its weakness is inflexibility. Scorpios can stubbornly hold grudges or negative emotions for years. The flip side of this quality is that they can harness incredible focus and determination to meet their goals and powerful resilience when faced with adversity. They remain true to their goals and their commitments.

Scorpio Ruling Planet

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is the ruler of Scorpio. This wasn’t always the case; before Pluto was discovered astrologers identified Mars as Scorpio’s ruler. In truth, the influence of Mars is a part of the Scorpio DNA, but Pluto gives shape to Scorpio’s soul. Pluto propels Scorpio’s inner journey. Pluto guides Scorpio through periods of depression, breakups, deaths that may be metaphoric as well as real. Scorpio’s subconscious mind longs for transformation, spiritual awakening, and rebirth. As much as Mars compels Scorpio to be ambitious and successful in the world, Pluto rejects ego and superficiality, guiding Scorpio towards the power of love as the most transforming force of the cosmos.

In astrology, Pluto is a feminine planet, and it governs what is hidden and mysterious with an alluring mystique. Situated far from the sun, it’s comfortable in the darkness. In Mythology, Pluto was God of the Underworld, with a decidedly male energy but equally dark and mysterious. In Scorpio, Mars comes in as the gatekeeper to the inner emotional landscape governed by Pluto, offering some protection (defensiveness) to Scorpio’s emotional sensitivity. Mars also provides the force and drive that allows Scorpio to act on Pluto’s creative and regenerative potential to turn endings into even better beginnings.

Scorpio Ruling House

The Eighth House of the zodiac symbolizes death, rebirth, the subconscious, the deepest level of intimacy, and sex. Pluto is closely associated with these forces, as well as all the things in life many are afraid of or prefer not to see, but which hold the greatest potential because of their power to end an old way of being and create something better in its place.

Born with the Sun in the Eighth House, Scorpio is both fated and best equipped to grapple with core issues, personal demons, karmic forces, and soul level work. Like the Goddess Persephone who goes to live in the Underworld to emerge in Spring, so too will Scorpio need to make time and space for deep, soul-level work. Psychic information seeps into Scorpio’s consciousness through dreams and flashes of intuition, hinting at past life lessons and replaying karmic struggles. Scorpio’s Ruling House will also compel the merging with others on all levels – from the emotional and sexual, to the financial, to the psychic, leaving it up to other planetary influences to dictate how Scorpio manages the tension between connection and separation.

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"Don't study me. You won't graduate." #ScorpioQuotes

Scorpio Traits and Characteristics

All of the astrological factors come together to define the pattern of Scorpio traits and characteristics that make up their personality. While Scorpio characteristics may be expressed in nuanced ways based on common social patterns of gender, the basic construct can be universally applied to understand Scorpio men and Scorpio women alike.

Scorpio Personality

The Scorpio personality is so mysterious in part because Scorpio possesses such a wide emotional range, hidden below a controlled exterior. It can take a lifetime for some Scorpios to understand their own nature, let alone allow others to know them at a core level. Anyone who thinks they truly understand a Scorpio is most likely reacting to their Rising sign or some other outward manifestation of their personality rather than their Scorpio Sun Sign.

In the water element of Scorpio, we see a mature individual who questions their own existence and has a burning need to know and probe the unknown. Scorpio lives at the level of consciousness that is fully aware of the relationship between death, birth, sex, and even religious truth. Superficial is not part of the Scorpio nature; this is a sun sign that is bored by small talk and isn't particularly adept at engaging in light-hearted banter.

With their depth of feeling, Scorpio can channel emotions into powerful sexuality or intense creativity. A high level of emotional intelligence makes them a devoted and empathetic friend and lover with an uncanny ability to understand human nature. Many Scorpios are highly intuitive, and even psychic, possessing an insatiable curiosity to understand the underlying dynamics of people and situations. Scorpios often uncover the treasure of a hidden insight, a latent talent, an unrecognized opportunity, or unexpressed potential.

If there's a Scorpio in your life, you know that their depth and intensity can be alluring, but unless you're another water sign, potentially overwhelming. As much as they need their privacy, they also need the right blend of space and encouragement to let their guard down and share their vulnerabilities. This is why trust is so important to them.

Scorpio tends to be a much-feared sign, largely for its stinger and karmic theme of power -- its attainment and control of it. Although Scorpios are given a bad rap for cunning, recognize that they're really not interested in exercising power over others as much as they feel a need to set boundaries to control their outward environment/events in their life (to keep their Water Element from overflowing). Plus, they do like getting their own way. Because they instinctively understand people and their motivations, they can be very strategic in how they approach getting what they want. This may be perceived as manipulation because Scorpios don't show their cards, but in reality, it doesn't have the pretense or duplicity that comes with manipulation. They're honest, to the point of being blunt if pushed. If Scorpio is guilty of anything, it's not by way of fabrication but rather by omission.

If you want the Scorpio in your life to make the best of their positive traits, encourage them to soar at the upper end of their emotional range while being willing to meet them at their depths. A positive outlook is necessary. It doesn't hurt to balance some of their more serious traits with levity and optimism either. When Scorpio trusts enough to let go of the need to control everything that happens to them, they might discover that the Universe unfolds in ways that are even better than imagined.

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is an unraveled mystery even to himself, an elusive creature of great passion and intensity. He thrives in the midst of deal-making and high stakes negotiations. He believes in his ideas and in the power persuasion and he is undeterred by opposition; if anything, it pushes him to try harder and he will often succeed against all odds. He's hungry for success, sexual pleasure, and intimacy, but he's also driven to discover something beyond his own worldly desires. He will disguise his sensitivity at first to protect his own heart, as he trusts in love only after it has proven itself.

The Scorpio man is the most sexual and passionate sign in the zodiac but is also very controlled and knows how to master his emotions until he decides to make his move. Then he will strike with intensity and eroticism. Sex is always on his mind, but he'd rather take his time in the beginning stages to understand who the person is at their core. For all his sexual energy, he is not promiscuous, but is known to be fiercely faithful, whether that's in making a commitment, or simply keeping a confidence. Scorpio men are protective of their partners and will always make them feel safe and loved. You can read more about the rewards and challenges of Loving a Scorpio Man in this article by Psychic Iris which further describes Scorpio characteristics.

Scorpio Woman

Like her male counterpart, the Scorpio woman personality is passionate, intense, and mysterious. All Scorpios share an inner confidence, sensing at some instinctive level that their innate sexuality, though subtle, has an almost magnetic allure that can draw people to them.

The Scorpio woman is less likely to be influenced by other's opinions and feedback, as she listens first to the wisdom that comes from within her own inner knowing. Flattery will go nowhere, as she sizes up people and their true motivations not just by their words, but also their body language and behavior. She's observing and documenting every nuance and finding the missing pieces which connect the puzzle. Play games with her and she will win. She is as easily bored by boastfulness as by small talk and will politely excuse herself from company that is forced or incompatible with her sense of identity and personal integrity. But if the matter at hand is important to her, she is emotionally and physically fierce, a powerful and compelling force to be reckoned with.

The Scorpio woman needs a partner who understands her need for privacy and alone time, as well as her need to intensely bond; her need for honesty and directness, as well as her tendency to hold back her own thoughts and feelings till she trusts that it's safe to share. She projects a calm, yet focused exterior and has nerves of steel, but below the surface, her emotional intensity can be overwhelming to other signs, and she needs a partner who is emotionally intelligent and strong enough to match her.

Scorpio Strengths

Scorpios are passionate and fearless. With an equally creative and analytical mind, strong intuition, and the ability to take a long-term view, Scorpios think strategically and will battle against all odds to accomplish the impossible with focus and endurance. Creative and resourceful, they have many interests and are open to picking up more. Some they openly share and others you will only discover over time. It can seem like there's no limit to the things they are passionate about, and because their energy is so focused, they're good at just about anything they put their attention to.

They know how to change unfavorable situations to their advantage, and they are masters at putting two and two together to solve a mystery or uncover a hidden truth. While they care about being successful, they don't care about being in the spotlight. They are self-sufficient, but without the self-confidence to match. They don't fall in love at first sight, but when they do, they can't get enough. The Scorpio personality strengths include loyalty, magnetism, power, insight, intellect, gentleness, self-control, and honesty. They like new experiences and living life to the fullest.

Scorpio Weaknesses

One marked personality weakness of the Scorpio zodiac sign is a polarized need for separation and intimacy, which other zodiac signs can find challenging to navigate. For example, a Scorpio is likely to avoid connecting with their partner over mundane matters, alternating instead between hours alone in their own space, with hours together making love. There will be days when they withdraw completely due to a need for privacy. Scorpio's are sensitive about their vulnerabilities and their tendency to keep their feelings to themselves can create distance with loved ones. Growth occurs in learning to be vulnerable and to collaborate with others in common service, with humility and grace.

As the sign of inner extremes and intensity, Scorpio's personality weaknesses may also include defensiveness, vengefulness, ruthlessness, controlling behavior, and a tendency to be obsessive and possessive. Scorpios can hold grudges forever, abetted by their Fixed mode which fosters obstinacy. They can't forgive or reason with someone who has betrayed them, but they can use their acute powers of observation, psychological insight, and perseverance to triumph over adversity and exact revenge. Past life residues cling to Scorpio and reappear in relationships until fully resolved by integrating the shadow side instead of repressing it. The karmic life lesson for Scorpio is to win the existential battle between their most creative and most destructive tendencies, a process of evolutionary transformation that plays out again and again in each lifetime on the path towards unification of the soul with the Divine.

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"Scorpio: basically, a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind and high standards." #ScorpioQuotes

Scorpio in a Relationship

Pluto is so far removed from the other planets of our solar system that it can seem like it's perfectly content out there spinning alone. So too do Scorpios do well on their own; this is not a sign that needs a large circle of friends, but one that naturally attracts friends from all walks of life. Their independence means that they're living off their passion and their drive rather than frequent check-ins with friends and companions. They'll save their energy for a satisfying one on one meeting over a dozen phone calls or texts.

If Scorpio lets you into their inner circle, you can expect a friend for life. And the depth of the friendship, the sense of being known down to your core, is a particular Scorpio trait. Whether in friendship or relationship, Scorpio's love deeply penetrates into another person's soul and consciousness. Having a Scorpio friend is like having free access to a personal therapist and a confidante who will never divulge your secrets -- it's simply the way Scorpio naturally relates to people. However, if you test them, lie, or cheat, you and your relationship will be toast! And when a Scorpio leaves, it's forever.

Dating a Scorpio

Scorpio's ruling planet, Pluto, expresses a feminine energy that is more of a receiver than an initiator. Scorpio's passion needs a match to light their fire. And not just any match will do; they're incredibly picky about the match. Scorpio is attracted to a confident partner unafraid to make the first move.

In the sign of Scorpio, dating is a period of "soul testing" as they probe deeply into another's soul to see what is buried within and discover if there is true compatibility. A Scorpio expects their date to listen well and engage in intellectual conversations, sharing information that helps reveal something of who they are, their values, self-assessment, and way of approaching life. Scorpios are intellectually stimulated and look for partners who have knowledge of world affairs and are passionate about their interests, work, and career. Scorpios will not put up with negative attitudes, snobbishness, or game players. A Scorpio also expects their date to show a genuine and undivided interest in them, without being too pushy or probing, as Scorpio prefers to steer the conversational pace and depth, deciding if and when to reveal personal details. These elements are more important than appearance, sexual chemistry, or any other factor in determining a Scorpio's interest in pursuing a relationship.

The perfect date for a Scorpio is a quiet evening together engaging in conversation over a nice dinner where the conversation effortlessly flows. While Scorpios can be flirtatious, they prefer to contain their ever-present sexual energy while they take time to get to know someone before acting on their desires. In fact, they'll expect to control the pace of sexual energy for the date, moderating both unspoken tension and sexual advances as well as public displays of affection. Scorpios prefer relationships over flings, so moving forward sexually with a Scorpio without a solid relationship established is no guarantee of their interest in continuing down that path, no matter how good the sex.

Scorpio Expectations in Relationship

As independent as Scorpio is, a part of them is always thinking about their relationship, and if they don't have one, how and when they will. Highly sensitive and sensual, as lovers Scorpios need an exclusive relationship and expect total commitment. In matters of intimacy, they demand undivided attention. Sex is important to this sign of the Eighth House. A Scorpio in a long-term relationship where sex and intimacy has grown stale will either find it elsewhere, sublimate sexual energy into amazing levels of independent creativity, or fall into a deep depression till they can crawl their way out (and they always will). The creative, sexual life force within them is too central to their make-up to remain repressed.

At the same time that Scorpios need passion and crave intimate bonding, they also need their independence and crave privacy. If you are someone who needs to know everything about your companion all the time, a Scorpio's detachment could leave you feeling neglected, and their irritation at your requests for information will sting. Worse yet, Scorpio may have a double standard for what they expect of others and what they are willing to offer of themselves. They expect their partner to openly reveal everything from their whereabouts to their deepest fears, yet they keep their own actions and feelings close to the vest. They expect their partner to be self-sufficient and fully engaged with their own life such that their need for privacy and independence is not seen as a threat. At the same time, they expect their partners to be in tune with their emotional needs whenever Scorpio leaves them an opening to initiate romantic and sexual interest. Clearly, Scorpio has high expectations in their partner's emotional intelligence to be able to navigate these murky waters. They expect their partner to know what they need and want, or to be able to ask them directly without feeling foolish, making assumptions, or claiming ignorance. Complicated, yes, but the understanding and deep trust that develop will result in rare love and devotion.

Scorpio's greatest fear is existential, of being betrayed by one closest to their soul. When romantically involved, a Scorpio feels a loss of self, like a surrender, which can be scary. Even if a relationship ends on reasonably amicable terms, once trust is broken, the damage is irreparable.

Scorpio and Sex

Thanks to Pluto and their Water Element, Scorpio sex is sensual, soulful, erotic, and sometimes kinky, always intense. Someone looking for a casual and lighthearted sexual relationship should look elsewhere. Thanks to Mars, passionate Scorpios will dominate in bed. Scorpios radiate sexuality and aren't afraid of experimenting. Because of their intuitive natures, Scorpios understand their partner's needs and will do their best to fulfill them. Hungry for something beyond pleasure and passion, Scorpios seek to unite love's physical and spiritual vibrations and energy with a mixture of eroticism and purity.

"One dose of Scorpio and they'll have you addicted." #ScorpioQuotes

Best Compatibility with Scorpio

Due to their high level of emotional intelligence, the most compatible signs with Scorpio are other Water Signs -- Pisces, Cancer, and other Scorpios, all of whom are unafraid to traverse Scorpio's emotional landscape and intuitively understand one another. Also potentially compatible are Earth signs Taurus and Virgo, if their Earth can get in rhythm with Scorpio's tides.

The least compatible signs with Scorpio are Fire and Air Signs. Of these, some signs present what looks like amazing sexual chemistry or intellectual attraction only for a relationship to fizzle outside the bedroom. For example, Leo is intrigued by Scorpio's mystique but drowns in Scorpio's emotional depth, while they each fight for control of the relationship. Aries can't help rushing into a relationship with Scorpio only to find they disagree about everything except sex. Aquarius and Scorpio seem to share a beautiful intellectual attraction, till an adult-child dynamic emerges with Scorpio taking charge and Aquarius bucking rules and commitment.

Keep in mind that compatibility is driven by more than your Sun Sign and its associated Element and Mode. Knowing where the Ascendant, Moon, and Venus appear in your chart and that of your partner or person of interest can help you understand zodiac combability at a deeper level as these positions can mitigate or overcome incompatibility at the Sun Sign level.

Scorpio Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces

This zodiac pair is aligned emotionally, intellectually, and sexually. When paired together, they form a very high level of understanding when it comes to belief systems and life values; they have an uncanny ability to read one another. Pisces, the most sensitive and psychic of all signs, is drawn to Scorpio's mysterious and complex nature. Scorpio, with a tendency to become obsessive, finds calm and healing from Pisces. Shared strengths include empathy, the ability to communicate well, and a high need for passion and intimacy. They complement one another in that Scorpio is sexually dominant while Pisces is submissive; Scorpio is mysterious while Pisces is dreamy, and Scorpio is good with business and money while Mutable Pisces easily gets in over its head but appreciates the structure that Scorpio's Fixed Water Element provides. Both signs are intuitive and can work together to make decisions based on gut instinct. When in love, this relationship is built on trust, understanding, and comfort.

Scorpio Cancer

Scorpio and Cancer

One of the best matches for a Scorpio sign is Cancer, as there is a mutual level of similarities in personality traits. They immediately "get" one another, without having to speak a word. Cancer is attracted to the way smoldering way Scorpio contains the depth of their emotions, and Scorpio admires the open and nurturing way Cancer expresses theirs. Although they both appreciate their privacy, cancer is more comfortable expressing their emotions than Scorpio, and this helps model emotional expression in the context of loyalty and trust that Scorpio needs to feel emotionally secure. Cancer is looking for physical security and Scorpio is drawn to power; combined they share mutual determination to create a life in which both will thrive. Loyalty in the relationship will be very strong as both signs have possessive tendencies leaving this pair feeling very secure in a monogamous relationship. On the flip side, both can take things too personally and become defensive; fortunately, they communicate well and can overcome these challenges, as Cancer is more flexible than Scorpio and can help reach a compromise.

Scorpio Scorpio

Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpios are emotionally and sexually super-charged individuals, and when they're together, their chemistry is off the charts. Both become obsessed with the other, both rush to commit to one another, and because both are so intensely loyal to one another, jealousy can easily become an issue. Their focus on goals and their mutual determination makes them a powerhouse of achievement, and at the same time, they will struggle with one another for control of the relationship unless they can learn to take turns backing down.

Scorpio Taurus

Scorpio and Taurus

Opposites attract, and Taurus, at the mid-point of Spring, is the exact astrological opposite of Scorpio, at the mid-point of Fall. These Fixed Signs have a lot in common -- they are stubborn, sensual, magnetic, introspective, and powerful. They struggle for power, but also help one another grow, with Taurus nourishing and protecting the garden, keeping Scorpio's emotional Water Element within boundaries that Scorpio can find helpfully grounding, and Scorpio offering the sensual Taurus a taste of the forbidden fruit, a sexually charged yet totally committed relationship that keeps Taurus from pursuing an otherwise safe but boring life.

Scorpio Virgo

Scorpio and Virgo

Scorpio and Virgo make a strong match, with Virgo's dedication appealing to Scorpio's need for a devoted and committed partnership. Virgo is looking for order and Scorpio is drawn to power; combined they manage property and resources to achieve financial security and career success. Scorpio is attracted to Virgo's practicality, and Virgo is attracted to Scorpio's intensity. Both partners would rather work together than fight, but usually mutable Virgo will be the one to concede. For this reason, this couple needs to make sure they're not falling into an uncomfortable pattern and that the relationship is a partnership of equals.

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Getting an astrology reading is the best way to predict zodiac compatibility.

The Scorpio Parent

Some of the most sensitive parents, Scorpios are closely connected with their children. They're not always the best at forgiving small errors, though. If you're a Scorpio, let the small things go and let kids' mistakes happen.

The Scorpio Mother

Positive qualities that a Scorpio mother possesses are an intuitive nature, high resiliency, and great strength. Challenges for the Scorpio mother are a tendency to be very obsessive, intense, and controlling. A Scorpio Mom just "knows" when her children need help. Her downside is there's nothing subtle about the way she communicates. Her comparisons of her children's progress are over the top.

The Scorpio Father

Positive qualities of the Scorpio father are that he is instinctive, a deep thinker, and protective of his children. Challenges for the Scorpio father are a tendency to be over the top obsessive and possess a mean streak. This Dad always "knows" when his children (even when they aren't in the room) are up to something! Scorpio fathers really have a sixth sense about their clan. Yet watch out if anyone badmouths or tries bullying their child! That person is going down like a house of cards!

"Always remember Scorpio can play your game better." #ScorpioQuotes

Scorpio Career

Scorpio's talent for ferreting out the truth make them excellent detectives, spies, investigative reporters, and psychologists. Their determination and persuasiveness make for excellent legal professionals such as attorneys and prosecutors. As strategists, they excel in both business and defense. The influence of the Eighth House can lead to a career in finance. Pluto's transformational influence also shows up in their affinity for medical professions and life coaching and Pluto's influence over that which is hidden can even lead to careers involving mining or finding underground resources.

Regardless of the chosen profession, Scorpio needs to be in and around the centers of power. A Scorpio cannot tolerate being sidelined, micromanaged, or disrespected at work. Scorpios are self-motivated, driven, and fiercely competitive. Shrewd and street smart, they leave nothing to chance.

Scorpio and Money

As a Fixed Sign, Scorpio brings structure and discipline to money management. The Eighth House also influences financial affairs related to loans, commissions, insurance, and taxes, and Scorpio excels in these matters. Scorpios are superb negotiators and deal makers, which they parlay into financial success as well.

Scorpio is a private spender, who bristles at being accountable to family budgets or questioned about their private purchases. Scorpio also loves the secrecy of surprising others with unexpected gifts.

Scorpio Intuition

Scorpios possess a very special "GPS," an inner knowing that guides all areas of their life. Don't second guess and you will always do well with your intuition.

Scorpio Health and Wellness

Scorpio is associated with the reproductive and elimination systems, and health concerns often manifest there first. Prostrate issues in men, endometriosis and fibroids in women, bloating, gas, and hemorrhoids are not uncommon in this sign.

To manage stress, for Scorpio, any exercise that will give you a way to release some of that tension is great. Sign up for a boxing class where you can punch away at your own bag and ditch the yoga classes in favor of activities such as long-distance running. Also, consider slow deliberate exercises like T'ai Chi or taking a walk to help manage stress and rejuvenate.

Being a person of extremes, Scorpio needs balance and moderation in their lifestyle. They may over-indulge in food and alcohol, or they may exercise to the point of obsession.

"Scorpios are introverts but can socialize like extroverts." #ScorpioQuotes

Scorpio Chakra

The Sacral Chakra governs infamously intense Scorpios, and an open chakra gives them the power to project confidence and sexual energy. A closed Kundalini Chakra can cause anger and unwelcome feelings of failure.

Scorpio Purpose, Inspiration, and Mantra

Scorpio is among the most intense of all signs. Scorpio's purpose in life is to show what it is to live with passion. In addition to time alone, meditation and prayer are good for the Scorpio soul and provide a way to find inspiration. Inspiration also comes when connecting to spirit through the magic of the arts and the mystery of creating beauty. Because Scorpio can be so guarded with their feelings, a helpful mantra is "I am strong and safe enough to reveal what is messy and hidden."

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Other Unique Scorpio Facts

Food Scorpio is a powerful sign that isn't afraid of a little spice. Whether you're cooking at home or going out, a spicy Middle Eastern dish or fiery Cajun meal will hit the spot.
Fashion You like to stick with tried and true staples, so your wardrobe likely consists of simple sheath dresses, classic jeans, and tailored black pants. While your signature look will never go out of style, don't be afraid to toss in the occasional pop of color.
Color-Palette Scorpio is often passionate and moody, so finding the right balance of colors may pose a challenge depending on the mood of the day. Intense feelings can be worsened when you're surrounded by severe colors, such as fire-engine red or blood orange. Stick to ruby-inspired hues, which will ignite the passion without causing too much discord in your energy. You'll look great in dark purple, raspberry, and rust, all complemented with black.
Scorpio Luck You’re lucky with your personal resources and self-made money.
Halloween Costume Halloween is the ideal time for Scorpios to tap into their legendary intensity. A horror-themed costume like Wednesday Addams from “The Addams Family” gives Scorpios plenty of opportunities to dial up the scare factor, or dressing like an alluring star from the Silver Screen taps into your seductive appeal.
Travel Destination Scorpio searches for out of the way places or high-octane locations like Las Vegas, Nevada; sexy Brazil; and the unique Berlin. Scorpios can also embrace their darker side on a trip to New Orleans, a city rich with jazz music, a mysterious flair, and some of the best Creole food you'll ever sample.
Gifts for Scorpio

Mysterious Scorpio loves distinctive gifts. The rarer and more original the better.

  • A psychic tarot reading
  • An antique amulet or locket
  • A true crime or mystery novel
  • Black leather gloves or lingerie
  • Tickets to Cirque du Soleil

Scorpio in Your Chart

Moon in Scorpio

Your Moon Sign is most often revealed in private and describes your emotional energies, instinctual reactions, and what you need to feel emotionally complete. If your Moon is in Scorpio, you need truth and intimacy so you can safely reveal the depth of who you are. A moon in Scorpio amplifies the intense emotionality of this sign and may make you extra sensitive to emotional stimulation and emotional highs and lows. You're likely to be private and introspective and driven to seek out the truth, no matter how hard it is to face. You need to be loved with passion and devotion, and this is how you love in return.

Rising in Scorpio

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, describes how you appear to others, as well as how you go about getting what you want. If you're a Scorpio Rising, others will see you as enigmatic, mysterious, and deep. You are likely to experience many difficult life lessons that challenge you to transform through adversity. Through this process of death and rebirth, you find your inner source of power and wisdom and become a source of light and inspiration to others. When you tap into your emotional energies in pursuit of a goal, you are relentlessly determined and unwilling to let go.

Venus in Scorpio

The position of Venus in your astrological chart describes how you relate to others romantically. If Venus is in Scorpio, you are fearless when it comes to intimacy. You're not interested in casual hookups and superficial relationships.

Your focus on the person you love is intense, unwavering, sexually charged, soulful, and possessive. Love is an all or nothing proposition; you're driven to merge with your partner and then separate to recharge. You fear being too vulnerable, so you carefully assess how much of yourself to reveal and how much to trust. Above all, you need truth in all matters of the heart, and for all your romantic longings, your ability to see the truth will protect you from being blinded by love or passion.

"Scorpios never share their secrets. But guess what, they know yours." #ScorpioQuotes

What Does Your Astrological Chart Say?

If you're a Scorpio or have Scorpio in your astrological chart, you've probably recognized yourself in these descriptions. Now it's time to apply Scorpio wisdom to your life -- the situations you're facing, the decisions you need to make, and the possibilities yet to be revealed. An astrologer can guide you through all this and more, building on the Scorpio Awareness you have from reading this guide.

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