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North Node Calculator | North and South Node Meaning

Lunar Node Calculator

The lunar nodes are points in the sky where the orbits of the moon and Earth intersect. The astrological signs within the North and South nodes sit opposite one another. These signs change at roughly 18-month intervals. Your North and South nodes can tell you a great deal about the purpose and trajectory of your life.

Lunar Node Calculator

Your North node represents your life's purpose. This is the ultimate destination where you've achieved complete self-actualization. The traits and qualities the North node represents are those that you need to actively pursue and work on. The North node symbolizes your future and all that you can become when you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone and strive for something more.

Your South node represents where you came from. The qualities of this node were likely developed in a previous lifetime. As such, they're already deeply ingrained — perhaps too much so. It's dangerous to fall back too heavily on your South node qualities as this will inhibit growth and keep you stuck in a motionless mindset.


Lunar Nodes



North Node


1st House

South Node


7th House

You're great at managing and balancing relationships, having spent lifetimes honing your interpersonal skills. However, it's now time for you to spread your wings and take on a new level of independence. You likely struggle with codependency and have a tendency to put others' needs before your own. You need to learn how to master self-care, listen to your intuition, and trust yourself to stand up on your own. Your destiny includes an amazing solo venture that just might change the world.


Speaking with a psychic astrologer can help you explore the deeper meanings and implications associated with your North and South nodes. Understanding the placement of these key planets will help you understand and optimize the road map for your life.

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Direction in Destiny: The Power of Your North Node (and South Node)

Find purpose with the North Node; unlock power with the South Node. A journey to your authentic self awaits.

How to Harness the Wisdom of North and South Nodes

Your North Node and South Node are not planetary placements in your astrological chart, they are intersection points between the Sun's and Moon's orbital path around planet earth at your specific date/time of birth. However, just because these aren't really "celestial bodies" in your chart, it does not mean they don't hold a strong placement in it.

Your Lunar Nodes bring with them spiritual wisdom of your already traveled path (South Node) and your journey up ahead (North Node). Your Lunar Nodes also bring with them the tools for you to tap into your power, develop skills true to your spiritual mission and live your best life, this time around!

Symbolism of The North and South Nodes

Lunar Nodes, or North and South Nodes, are the spiritual threads weaving our lives together. They guide us through our earthly journey, especially during times of confusion or lack of purpose. Together, these Nodes symbolize our path and purpose, our destiny, and areas that need our development.

The North and South Nodes represent opposite aspects of our lives. They're mirror placements, precisely 180 degrees apart on the astrological chart. This gives us an important clue: our Lunar Nodes are opposite signs on the karmic wheel. These 'sister signs' carry gifts from past lives while urging us to achieve the spiritual goals necessary for our growth.

Consider this example:

  • South Node in Cancer: Indicates well-developed skills in nurturing home and domestic life.
  • North Node in Capricorn: Propels you towards recognition and professional success.

Someone with the above placements might struggle to prioritize their career. They may be drawn to make family, love, and relationships their primary source of happiness, reflecting their South Node's influence.

The key is recognizing that one Node doesn't overshadow the other. Each shines in its unique way, complementing the other and creating a balanced, fulfilling life journey."

Does My Birth Chart Align with My Life Path?

When searching for your North Node in your natal chart, it's crucial to consider the entire chart, especially your inner planetary placements (Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and your Rising/Ascendant sign. These elements provide insights into how harmonious your lunar nodes are with your astrological make-up and the level of support you have on your path.

For example, a person with their North Node in Aries - which signifies independence, risk-taking, and decision-making - but whose inner planets predominantly lie in Pisces and Gemini might face a challenging life path journey. This means they'll need to exert more effort to achieve their life goals. They'll need to be more intentional and deliberate to access their full potential. Pisces and Gemini don't inherently support independence and decision-making, thus creating a conflict. In this scenario, surrounding oneself with friends or partners who embody Aries traits can help. These individuals can guide them to develop the necessary skills and tools to walk towards their North Node.

Consider a different scenario: a person with Lunar Nodes in Libra (South Node) and Aries (North Node), and their inner planets in Aries, Capricorn, and Leo. This individual will find it easier to discover their True North, as their astrological composition aligns more closely with their spiritual path. However, they must remember the lessons of their shadow (South Node) to maintain balance and wisdom throughout their journey.

Navigating Love with Lunar Nodes: Astrological Insights into Relationships

Navigating Love with Lunar Nodes: Astrological Insights into Relationships

Astrology is an intricate yet enlightening tool that can provide deep insights into our romantic relationships and partner choices. This is particularly true for our North and South Nodes. Many of us turn to astrology for clarity in our love lives, anticipating relationship dynamics, or glimpsing into our romantic future, but often overlook key elements like the Lunar Nodes.

Today, I'll share tools for better understanding your relationships through the lens of your North Node, and that of your potential partner. To illustrate, I'll use my own nodal placements for practical insight. My chart primarily consists of Fire, balanced with Water and Air energy, and my North Node is in Taurus. This makes for a challenging North Node placement since my chart doesn't naturally align with my intended journey.

Interestingly, I found that most of my romantic partners have been Taurus and Capricorn, signs considered "incompatible" with mine. These relationships often became tumultuous and heavy. Moreover, their North Nodes were often in Water Signs, mirroring my Moon sign in Pisces.

Reflecting on this, I realized that these relationships faltered because we weren't ready to accept potent agents of change in our lives. My Pisces Moon was encouraging my partners to connect with their sensitive side and inner artist, and to be guided by their intuition. Conversely, my Capricorn/Taurus partners were urging me towards more structure and accountability, which felt overwhelming and overly calculated.

So, when considering your North Node, avoid the "path of least resistance" and embrace the discomfort that comes with this choice. Ask yourself the hard questions. This can bring you closer to your True North, your life’s purpose. Remember, moving towards your North Node is a journey of growth, and growth often comes with discomfort, hence the term "growing pains."

Human connections, whether friendships, love connections, or family ties, can be powerful agents of change and growth if we use them to propel our spiritual journey. So, the next time you embark on a relationship, ask yourself what aspects of your South Node (shadow self) need to be released, and what should be developed to align with your North Node (life cycle). The people in our lives, those we learn to love and cherish, reflect what is working and what needs improvement. Letting go of ego and power struggles can help you align more closely with your North Node.

Unifying Astrological Elements: Navigating the Journey to Your North Node

Astrological teachings remind us of the interconnected nature of our birth chart's different aspects. Just as in life, where our personality, experiences, and talents merge to create our unique identity, our astrological 'make-up' is an amalgamation of intricate, interconnected elements.

One essential yet often overlooked part of this cosmic puzzle is the Ascendant, or Rising sign. Your Ascendant is your true self, who you become as you mature, the essence of your soul, whereas your Sun Sign is your ego, your desires. Your Sun Sign will manifest mostly during your childhood to adolescent years and as you grow into an adult you are slowly morphing into your Rising sign.

Your Rising Sign plays a pivotal role in leading you towards your North Node. It can serve as a guide or compass, steering you through the challenges you'll encounter on your journey to fulfilling your North Node's purpose.

Remember that your North Node symbolizes your karmic destiny or lessons you're here to learn in this lifetime, while your South Node represents past life experiences and inherent skills. These Lunar Nodes are crucial in understanding your spiritual journey. But it's your Rising sign that presents these lessons to the outside world and can assist you in navigating your path.

Living an integrated astrological life means understanding and honoring the interplay between these important elements - your North Node, South Node, and Rising Sign. It's about seeing them not as isolated points on your chart, but as interwoven threads in your astrological tapestry, each contributing to your overall growth and spiritual journey.

When we start to see the bigger picture of our astrological makeup, the compartments dissolve, and the true journey towards fulfilling our North Node's purpose can begin. Through this lens, astrology becomes not just a tool for self-understanding, but a map for personal and spiritual development.

Embrace the Journey

Each situation will be unique, but no one better than yourself could understand how your Rising Sign activates for you, healthy path to your life’s purpose, North Node.

Astrology is a life-long journey and having access to your inner wisdom by decoding your South Node and North Node can be a powerful tool to help ground you when situations throw you off balance.


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by Psychic Silver

Silver is a clairsentient, empathic tarot reader who has been gifted since the age of 7. She has dedicated herself to taromancy, dream interpretation, energy reading, and angel messages. Having a strong sense of connection with those around her, she can tune in with their spirit guides to deliver meaningful messages. She believes in the power of connectivity and understands that every person is wired and feels connected differently, which is why it's very important to find a spiritual advisor that vibes in similar frequencies as you.

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