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Aries Zodiac Sign Guide

Aries Zodiac Sun Sign

March 21 - April 19

Sun in Aries

Aries is the first sign of the Western zodiac. They are terrific "starters" with a certain "WOW" factor (after all, Aries rules James Bond). If those born under the zodiac sign of Aries were superheroes, they'd be called Action Man or Action Woman. Of all the signs, they're the ones who seize the moment and ask questions later. Ruled by Mars, they have a natural tendency to rush into situations based on their large amounts of courage, but they aren't always prepared for the consequences. Aries is self-confident, outspoken, competitive, and optimistic.

People born between March 21 and April 19 are represented by the horned ram, a symbol of strength, determination, and the ability to face difficult issues. Just don’t stand in their way! On a more personal note, Aries are warm and caring. The Aries falls under the element of Fire (how fitting) and is sure to strike while the iron is hot – if they are interested in someone or something, they will go for it! Once they’re committed it’s difficult to dissuade them and you’ll be the center of their universe.

Ready to dig deeper into what Aries is all about? In true Aries style, let’s go full speed ahead and uncover the rich layers of energies, symbols, planetary influences, personality, quirks and compatibility of this ball full of energy whose optimistic personality is a force to be reckoned with!

Aries Mode + Element Aries Ruling Planet Self-Discovery Aries Spirit Animals
Cardinal, Fire Mars Achieved Through Action Hawk, Cheetah
Aries House Aries Color Aries Symbol Aries Crystal
First Red Ram Garnet
Aries Tarot Card Aries Lucky Numbers Aries Body Part Aries Lucky Days
The Emperor 6,8,9 Head Friday, Tuesday, Saturday
Aries Chakra Aries Biggest Fear Aries Guiding Principle Best Pet for Aries
Sacral Going Unnoticed I want Labrador Retriever

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Aries Symbolism and Meaning

Aries is represented by the battering ram. The Aries symbol meaning is fitting, as they’re not afraid to charge ahead and use their horns during fights of all types. In an argument with an Aries, you might find that they’re reluctant to back down; they want to be proven right or best and won’t take no for an answer. A ram will climb to the highest peaks, and an Aries will similarly seek out ever-increasing challenges just because they can. The ram is renowned for being sure-footed and ready to fight when it's most important, and those born under the Aries astrological sign are always willing to fight for their cause.

"You can't live a positive life with a negative mind." #AriesQuotes


Aries Season, Element and Mode

Aries Season is influenced by its Element, Fire, and its Mode, which is Cardinal. If you are an Aries, you’ll experience these forces acting directly upon your personality, and if you’re not an Aries, you’ll benefit by the energy of Aries Season supporting you in your endeavors.

Aries Season

Welcome to Spring and Aries Season! The Vernal (Spring) Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere marks the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator when day and night are of equal length. From this moment forward, the energy shifts as the world comes back to life, full of potential and bursting with irrepressible life force, just as the first sprouted seeds begin to push their way through the soil.

Everyone can benefit from the energy of Aries Season, by thinking boldly and making positive changes, such as taking on new projects, starting a new relationship, or beginning a new job. In Aries Season, you don’t need to wait for permission or approval, because you’re energetically supported in knowing what you want and going for it.

Aries Element

Fire is the energetic spark that creates the light and heat needed to get things started. Like Fire, Aries energy tends to run hot. Fire energy makes Aries impulsive, direct, creative, and fast moving. Fire drives a passionate love life and an illustrious career, driven more by instinct than by data. Fire can also run over sensitive feelings and carefully laid plans – it does not like to be reigned in. Prone to fiery outbursts, Aries anger dies out quickly, without leaving lingering resentments behind.

Aries Mode

Aries mode is Cardinal, meaning that it starts a new season. Aries is the first sign of Spring, as well as the first sign of the entire zodiac year. Cardinal signs are born leaders, initiators, and movers and shakers. Aries Cardinal Sign energy drives them to be pioneers, willing to call forth the courage to venture first into even the most dangerous territory. Aries doesn’t sit around and wait for things to happen. Ever optimistic in love and career, Aries gets things started and then looks for ways to take them to the next level.

Aries Ruling Planet

Mars, the God of War, is the ruler of Aries. Mars propels Aries to be assertive, sometimes bordering on aggressive, and highly competitive, especially when competition offers a true test or challenge. The Aries Ruling Planet is not energized by the easy win, nor afraid to risk everything. Mars energy is masculine, unflinchingly direct, and temperamental. This warrior energy can sustain significant adversity and pain in the quest for fame and glory, and for Aries, it is expressed in an incredibly powerful burst of energy all at once, rather than in a calculated or sustained way.

Aries Ruling House

The First House of the zodiac symbolizes the individual and rules ego, identity, and self-confidence. It represents the birth of mankind and is metaphorically represented by a newborn baby, full of potential, unafraid to make its needs known, with a strong instinct for survival and a strong will to prevail. To the Aries soul, love is a necessity of life, without which he or she cannot thrive.

With the Sun in the First House of Aries, it brings an extroverted energy that wants to shine its light on the world. Idealistic, optimistic, and energetic, Aries' Ruling House radiates a charismatic charm that says everything is possible, and which inspires people to follow them.

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"Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless." #AriesQuotes

Aries Traits and Characteristics

All the astrological factors come together to define the pattern of Aries traits and characteristics that make up their personality. While Aries characteristics be expressed in nuanced ways based on common social patterns of gender, the basic construct can be universally applied to understand Aries men and Aries women alike.

Aries Personality

Aries is a natural born leader, decisive and determined. You draw on enormous reserves of strength, instinct, courage and conviction. You speak confidently, honestly, and directly and you don’t tolerate game playing. Your natural inclination is to say or do things impulsively, but your compassionate side causes you to regret any hurt you may have caused. You’re an eternal optimist who’s open to change and loves an adventure. You’re a good judge of character who won’t hesitate to walk away from relationships you feel are negative or based on bad intentions.

Your greatest fear is of being ignored which can lead you to feelings of frustration, impatience or to lash out verbally. With an Aries zodiac sign as your Sun Sign, sometimes it can be “all about me." You don’t mean to be egotistical, but you’re highly intelligent and you rather enjoy showing off what you know, especially if you see an opportunity, desire to right a wrong, or prevent a mistake. You have a tendency to rush in, with scant regard for limitations, determined to push past obstacles, and with a sincere desire to succeed.

If there’s an Aries in your life, you know that their spark can be irresistible. Recognize that their bluntness is not intended to be hurtful and appreciate them for their directness; this is the only way they know how to be. If you can stand on your own two feet in the company of this adventurer, Aries love will show you a unique, fascinating world few would have the courage to live or see.

If you want the Aries in your life to make the best of their positive traits, encourage them to relax and slow down, have fun, and tone down their intensity to have a more balanced mindset.

Aries Man

The Aries man personality so well embodies the masculine energy, characteristics, and traits of his Sun Sign that Aries men present the traditionally idealized picture of masculinity. Physically and mentally strong, decisive, and bordering on aggressive, the Aries man is the archetype of kings, generals, and heroes. The Aries man often gets a free pass with regard to some of his shadow traits that may be seen as selfish, temperamental, or egotistical.

The Aries man is the pursuer and dominant partner in relationships. Love to an Aries man is passionate and tender-hearted, and he yearns for acceptance and devotion. He truly desires commitment and seeks a partner who is equally loyal and committed to him. He's comfortable with public displays of affection. He is very spiritual when it comes to love and sex, which he thinks about all the time. You can read more about the rewards and challenges of Loving an Aries Man in this article by Psychic Iris which further describes Aries characteristics.

Aries Woman

Like her male counterpart, the Aries woman personality is passionate, strong, and ambitious. A true Amazon, the Aries woman is a warrior who will go to battle for things she believes in and is not afraid to meet adversity head-on, even if she risks falling on her own sword. Unlike the Aries man, she may be resented for her leadership style and judged too ‘masculine’ or ‘unlikable’ according to societal double standards, while in reality, she is equally compassionate and passionate.

The Aries woman prefers to be dominant in relationships: she is unafraid to make the first move or initiate sex. She seeks an equal; anything less would be irritating or boring. The Aries woman needs a partner who is undeterred by her strength, her quest for passion and adventure, and her desire to be the center of their universe.

Aries Strengths

Born into the First House of the zodiac, the point of conception in the development cycle of the self, Aries strengths are embodied in the confident declaration “I am.” Independence, resourcefulness, and drive to advance are favorable characteristics of this sign. Aries are courageous and willing to take on new challenges. Though they’ll not admit it, they enjoy being the center of attention. Extroverted and sociable, their strengths include being warm, loving, and devoted people who will care for the physical needs of their loved ones in sickness and in health.

In communication, they are honest, direct, and spontaneous. They can be extremely funny in a dry and slightly sarcastic way. They don’t hold onto the past, so they can forgive and forget a hurt. Enthusiasm and optimism are strengths that earn them respect and followers. They are born leaders, which serves them well in their careers. They are known for boundless energy which enables them to reach their goals faster than most others. Those born under the influence of the Aries zodiac live an action-packed life to the fullest and maintain a positive outlook no matter the circumstances. They want to be first, they want to be the best, and they want to express their individuality in all that they do. They throw themselves headfirst into work and love and don’t mind competing to get what they want. Indeed, they’d prefer it that way.

Aries Weaknesses

Aries’ fiery personality can have its drawbacks too, often resulting in impatience, selfishness, and moodiness. Pushy and headstrong, they can railroad over more sensitive souls without any awareness of their impact. They thrive on heated discussions and debates and don’t understand why others may accuse them of not being very good listeners or see them as angry and argumentative. Although they inadvertently hurt others with their bluntness or sarcastic sense of humor, they themselves are easily offended. It’s best to walk the other way when Aries wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

Aries are renowned for beginning projects and not finishing what they started. Stubborn aggressiveness is an Aries weakness, but they won’t play the victim either. If their leadership is challenged, they may instead throw down their toys and proudly walk away. Another Aries weakness is that they seldom acknowledge their own mistakes, and their desire for control can be irritating. Both male and female Aries have an unconscious tendency to look down upon women, seeing weakness instead of owning the strength and power of the feminine. The growth path for Aries is to move past the ego’s territorial strivings for dominance and control and embrace intuition, discernment, and a more balanced concept of Love.

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"My heart is not a home for cowards." #AriesQuotes

Aries in a Relationship

As a friend, Aries are fun to be with and enjoy sharing their adventures with friends who share their interests and with whom they can be very direct. As a lover, Aries adores the chase and can sweep you off your feet. Love assets for the Aries Sun Sign are their exciting adventurous spirit, excellence in emergencies, and irrepressible charm. The love challenges for those born under the Aries zodiac sign are a “me first” attitude, a strong desire for independence even over partnership and collaboration, and a quick temper. But blessed with a generous and loyal spirit, they love with an open hand.

Aries exude a sexiness few can match. They can rush into your life without thinking about whether or not the relationship will work out, but delighting in the total adventure of the new, exciting experience. They really love the adventure of getting to know you, mixed with passion and lots of fun.

Aries is very generous when it comes to dating and courtship. They enjoy going the extra mile to make their partner smile. Their giving and warm demeanor are unlike any other in the zodiac. Aries on the hunt is passionate, romantic, and not afraid to express their feelings. Sexually, they are willing to try new things and “give” a little extra to please their partner.

Dating an Aries

Aries succumb to initial attraction. They're always looking for sparks to fly on that first date. In addition, they tend to be blunt when it comes to their needs and desires. They’re the sign most likely to have sex on a first date. However, be aware that this sign enjoys the chase and would move mountains to see and be near their person of interest. Their sense of competitiveness requires that they prove themselves, so a relationship that develops too easily is likely to be fleeting.

Aries favorite dates involve action and adventure. They’ll appreciate live concerts and theater as well as travel and sporting events, and they’ll delight in activities that have a competitive element. In fact, they’ll thrive in any environment where they can be themselves.

A word of warning when dating an Aries: don't assume there's a smooth road ahead just because the first date goes well. The welcoming demeanor of this sign often wins people over easily, but their inclination to leave matters unfinished can be problematic in a relationship. They’re fast to fall in and out of love.

Aries Expectations in Relationship

Aries expects understanding for their independent ways. They’ll be frustrated by a stay-at-home partner who demands the same from them or a partner who does things slowly and resists their impulsiveness and dislike of routine. Though they relish taking the lead, they’ll choose an equal partner over a clinging partner any day.

Aries passionate nature won’t let them give up their desire for sex. While they don’t easily adapt to their partner’s feelings and moods, they expect their partner to show interest in theirs. They frequently miss their partner’s bids for attention. But if they’re not getting the attention they need, they become moody and irritable. They may create drama and pick arguments because negative attention is preferable to no attention. A relationship with a partner who is so involved in their own life or in managing the daily, practical obligations of the couple is doomed to failure unless they can figure out a way to placate Aries’ demands without losing themselves in the process.

Remember that below the surface, Aries put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed. It's only natural that they may feel insecure at times and afraid they won't live up to their own and others' expectations. Remembering how much an Aries tries to be your knight in shining armor or your wonder woman, being a supportive partner means recognizing Aries need for attention, stimulation, and new discoveries.

Aries and Sex

Aries sex brings a primal, erotic edge to lovemaking. Aries can take or leave the emotional side to sex. It’s all about physical gratification, and if that means skipping foreplay to get down to it, that’s fine. They like to have sex quickly and often. They like partners who are smart, intuitive, and dominating, for therein lies the challenge. Spontaneity and the risk of being caught in the act is an aphrodisiac. A rebuff only strengthens their resolve for next time. Games of dominance and submission turn them on. Experimentation in the bedroom keeps Aries interested.

Best Compatibility with Aries

The most compatible signs with Aries are other Fire Signs – Sagittarius, Leo and Aries, and the Air Signs Gemini and Aquarius, whose air qualities fan the flames of Aries fire. Least compatible signs with Aries are Earth and Water Signs, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Keep in mind that compatibility is driven by more than your Sun Sign and its associated Element and Mode. Knowing where the Ascendant, Moon and Venus appear in your chart and that of your partner or person of interest can help you understand zodiac combability at a deeper level as these positions can mitigate or overcome incompatibility at the Sun Sign level.

Aries Sagittarius

Aries and Sagittarius

As Fire signs ruled by masculine planets, Aries and Sagittarius think in similar ways, making them great friends as well as especially compatible lovers. With Aries taking the lead as a Cardinal Sign, and Sagittarius happy to work behind the scenes as a Mutable sign, they avoid power struggles and compliment their mutual craving for pioneering adventure.

Aries Leo

Aries and Leo

There is a beautiful balance of energy when pairing a Leo and Aries together. While one may believe that strong personalities may clash, this duo pairs along beautifully. Values and emotions are commonly shared, which sets the foundation for long-term potential. Expect a relationship full of passion, even when arguments arise!

Aries Aries

Aries and Aries

An Aries with an Aries can be one of the most rewarding relationships. There certainly needs to be some give and take and a healthy level of maturity between the signs; otherwise, the ram personalities may find themselves head to head. This powerhouse couple not only will have an incredible sex life, but their potential for long-term success in life, career, and overcoming obstacles will thrive.

Aries Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius

An Aries and an Aquarius love match unites two individuals who share optimism, idealism and enthusiasm, and who crave the excitement of spontaneity and the thrill of adventure. There’s mutual respect and admiration in this pairing of the unique and visionary Aquarius and go-getter Aries who turns visions into accomplishments. Together they make a dynamic, complementary pair.

Aries Gemini

Aries and Gemini

An Aries and a Gemini make a complimentary couple, in which the sum of the total is greater than the parts. They share a high level of energy and extroverted nature but come at things from a different but complementary perspective. Aries wants to experience things and Gemini wants to talk about experiences. Cardinal Aries wants to initiate, and Mutable Gemini is up for anything. Together they find harmony and balance.

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The Aries Parent

As high-energy parents, Aries moms and dads easily get excited about anything their kids love. This is great for kids’ development and confidence, but sometimes Aries parents’ enthusiasm gets the best of them. Aries parents should take care not to let their energy and expectations make them impatient with their children.

The Aries Mother

Positive qualities of an Aries mother are confidence, fearlessness, and strength. Challenges for the Aries mother are a tendency to be self-centered, moody, and obsessive. The child can get a mixture of an Aries Mom cheerleader to “be strong and you can do anything” and the downside (depending on the child’s Astrology sign) of unleashing her fiery temper and firing with both barrels if the child isn’t living up to expectations or not working at their full potential. To be sure, Aries Mothers are loving parents, but their competitive nature means that they expect their child will be the best that they can be at everything in school, sports, and life.

The Aries Father

Positive qualities of the Aries father are his strength, his role modeling an “in it to win it” attitude, and an endearing Knight in Shining Armor persona. Challenges for the Aries father are a tendency to be overly ambitious for his child and expect the best as he defines it, not necessarily according to his child’s desires and needs.

The equation for the Aries father goes something like this: If you do your very best (and YOU better), Dad will work all hours to provide the money for you to be the “star” of the team (or play or whatever). However, if you are less than stellar, and give this Dad any mouth… Run for the hills!

"Rules are meant to be broken." #AriesQuotes

Aries Career

Aries are known as go-getters who won’t take no for an answer. In fact, they’ll use their fiery ruled-by-Mars energy to burn down walls so they can build newer, better creations. For this reason, those born under the Aries zodiac sign are often serial entrepreneurs with the courage, determination, and risk tolerance to lead an initiative through the rocky startup phase and sell others on the venture with enthusiastic conviction. However, Aries are not detail-oriented individuals and would be wise to find a practical Taurus or a meticulous Virgo with the patience and skills to build a more permanent organization. Colleagues and friends should also be prepared to help the Aries in their circles tie up loose ends, as Aries are well known for not finishing what they started.

Aries bristle at others being in charge, so when they’re not running organizations, they’re often drawn to self-employment where they can set the rules, or sales, where their determination and competitive drive pays off. With Mars as their ruling planet, Aries does well in a military career, fully expecting to quickly rise through the ranks. They like to be heroes and they love saving the day and saving lives, so they’ll do well in medical fields, law enforcement, or firefighting. Capitalizing on physical strength and competitiveness, Aries may gravitate towards a professional sports career or a performance art such as dance. Any career that requires a degree of daring and adventure will appeal to Aries natural strengths and instincts.

Aries and Money

Aries is an adventure spender, who thrives on snap decisions and loves the adventure of the chase when searching for the perfect gift. Sleekly designed, modern, and techy items are favorite purchases. As a last-minute shopper, Aries can pull off great results/gifts that bring smiles and delights to all.

When it comes to managing money, this sign tends to go to extremes, either hoarding it or spending wildly. With a high-risk tolerance, unflagging optimism, and a tendency to rush headfirst into new ventures, Aries is always in danger of losing money or throwing good money after bad. Knowing this about themselves, Aries should always have a trusted financial advisor to lean on.

"When an Aries cares about something or someone, they never give up." #AriesQuotes

Aries Intuition

Aries use their intuition by thinking fast on their feet. Aries is an excellent judge of character and can thrive in situations where there’s little data or little time to make decisions. Aries is the person people should have around in an emergency because their gut feelings emerge, and their decisiveness can help save the day.

Aries Health and Wellness

Aries is associated with the head, and health concerns often manifest there first. Toothaches, migraines, sinusitis, and fever are common Aries complaints.

To manage stress, for Aries, action is everything. They need stimulation to avoid depression. The best way for an Aries to let off steam is to channel it through competitive sport. Anything that will let an Aries direct their physical strength and energy in a healthy way will leave them feeling refreshed and regenerated. Some suggestions are biking, rowing, rock climbing, rollerblading, or running a 5K race. The gym is their happy place, and a spin class could fit the bill. Or Aries could consider training for an Ironman competition with the goal of beating their last record. But Aries should avoid anything like boxing or football that may cause head injuries.

On a side note, Aries is also associated with hair, and getting their hair just right is likely to be a bit of an obsession. Just go with it!

Aries Chakra

For passionate Arians, the Sacral Chakra is the most powerful. Located in the genitals, this chakra generates ample sexual energy. A blocked Sacral Chakra can create serious frustration and issues with self-confidence, even for the most driven Aries.

Aries Purpose, Inspiration, and Mantra

Aries purpose in life is to advance, invent, create, or find solutions. Aries cosmic gifts of strength and enthusiasm inspire others to think big and attempt the impossible. Aries is inspired by helping others through their fearless, bold hearts.

With impatience and restlessness always nipping at Aries heels, a powerful mantra is to slow down and cultivate patience. “I take my time” can provide just a bit of breathing room to think through options before jumping the gun.

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Other Unique Aries Facts

Food Aries are always on the move. Quick and simple dishes with a little bit of spice, like tacos, are the way to go.
Fashion Aries is confident and determined, so the ideal wardrobe contains plenty of classic pieces, such as jeans, blazers, and button-down tops.
Color-Palette An Aries tends to wear their confident and passionate energy on the outside, so showcase that energy through a palette that includes deep colors like fiery red, blood orange, and intense eggplant.
Aries Luck Aries finds luck with people from foreign countries and their life philosophy.
Halloween Costume Known for their determination and independence, Aries can easily take a costume cue from some of the fiercest cartoon characters and superheroes. Wonder Woman never goes out of style, and the Power Rangers are a great pick for a group.
Travel Destination Aries is an impulsive traveler and likes to get there now! Places like St. Moritz, Switzerland for skiing, Peru to check out the ruins, or Fairbanks, Alaska to chase the glaciers. Aries will enjoy an active vacation destination, plan a trip to a spot where you can hike, mountain bike, or explore new territory. Banff, Canada, is a great option. It houses Lake Louise, the No. 1 adventure destination, according to National Geographic.
Gifts for Aries

Aries is an active and ambitious sign that loves to try new things. Rather than just thinking about giving them items, think about gifting experiences.

  • Tickets to a ski resort or their favorite sporting event
  • A gift certificate for a zip-lining excursion
  • Reservations at an Escape Room
  • Hiking boots or other adventure gear
  • The full collection of the James Bond Movie series

Aries in Your Chart

Moon in Aries

Your Moon Sign describes your emotional energies, instinctual reactions, and what you need to feel emotionally complete. If your Moon is in Aries, you feel most fully alive when starting something new. When you tap into your emotional energies in pursuit of a goal, you draw upon a warrior-like drive that makes you fearless, assertive, and emotionally self-sufficient. A moon in Aries amplifies the passionate nature of this sign and the need to be loved in a way that offers stimulation, sexual expression, and the freedom to be fully yourself and live life on your own terms.

Rising in Aries

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, describes how you appear to others, as well as how you go about getting what you want. If you’re an Aries Rising, you may appear to the world like the general in charge with a strong, commanding presence that may border on intimidating. You will be seen as bold and capable, brash and blunt. Your style will be straightforward and direct, and you’ll naturally seek to take charge and go after what you want.

Venus in Aries

The position of Venus in your astrological chart describes how you relate to others romantically. If Venus is in Aries, you’ll signal romantic interest by being up-front, direct, and even daring. You’ll instinctively take the lead. While their fun-loving manner may come off as innocently child-like or a bit self-centered, depending on how it is received, it has a charm that attracts. Venus in Aries people are turned on by energy, activity, finding an equal match, and the chase. They grow impatient with people who beating around the bush, and bored if winning them over is too easy.

"Ride hard or go home." #AriesQuotes

What Does Your Astrological Chart Say?

If you're an Aries or have Aries in your astrological chart, you've probably recognized yourself in these descriptions. Now it's time to apply Aries wisdom to your life -- the situations you're facing, the decisions you need to make, and the possibilities yet to be revealed. An astrologer can guide you through all this and more, building on the Aries Awareness you have from reading this guide.

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