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Venus Astrology

Venus Meaning

When considering your Natal Chart, think of Venus as a diva as she travels through each house and sign. She expresses herself differently as she takes on the trappings of different signs and houses. The flavor of some signs and houses suits her especially well (she’s exalted in Taurus and Libra, as well as in the second house), others not so much (Aries, Virgo, and the first house).

From a transit perspective, whenever Venus returns to the same sign as the one it was in when you were born (or any sign that harmonizes with the birth sign placement), this indicates a period of good luck for you. You may find that it is much easier to get people to agree with you or use your charm more effectively during these periods. Take a deeper look into Venus and how each Venus transit influences your love life and relationships. 

Let’s take a dive into the placement of Venus in your natal chart, in order to understand how Venus influences the energy of whichever house she has landed in.

Venus in the Houses

Venus in the First House

If there is something people with Venus in the First House have their heart set on, challenges are unlikely to deter them. In fact, having a challenge to overcome makes attaining their heart’s desire that much sweeter. Those with Venus in the First House believe anything worth having is worth fighting for. They should guard against impulsive spending though.

Someone with Venus in the First House may find that people are easily drawn to them. With their innate charm they don’t have to do all that much to get attention. But since it does come so easily to people with this placement, there’s a chance they may take it for granted and even to the point of being demanding or manipulating others.

Venus in the Second House

Those with Venus in the Second House are people very in tune with their senses. They don’t mind paying a little more to appeal to their senses or doing without until they have access to an item that meets their standards. They have an uncanny ability to spot quality no matter how hidden it is. Money may come easily to people with Venus in the Second House, but their love of the finer things means that they can spend easily too. They need to be careful about becoming too materialistic.

Those with this placement have high standards for lovers as well, and their hedonistic side must be appeased if the relationship has any chance of lasting. Being so in tune with their senses means that they easily pick up on what gives a lover pleasure. Blessed with a beautiful voice, they use it to charm people in and out of the bedroom. People with Venus in the Second House need to make sure that they don’t treat your partner like a status item.

Venus in the Third House

Books and reading had those with this placement under their spell at an early age. They just can’t get enough of words and may overspend any time you pass a bookshop. Blessed with the gift of gab, they have a knack for knowing just what to say and when to say it, which makes it easy for them to get along with most people. But those with Venus in the Third House also know just how to wield words like a weapon, using sweet words to manipulate others and cruel ones to cut people to their core.

Others will be drawn to people with this placement for their wit. They require a certain amount of wittiness or cleverness too in potential lovers. There is no point in wasting time with a dull person or someone who can’t keep up with them mentally. Those with Venus in the Third House find travel with a lover to be very pleasurable, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

Venus in the Fourth House

People with this placement are the ones most likely to have a box full of lover letters in their closet. They can’t help it. They have a sentimental streak a mile wide. People with Venus in the Fourth House don’t care much about fancy things, preferring to surround themselves with items that resonate on an emotional level with them. They often show your love through food. Unabashedly affectionate, people feel at home around them. People also love visiting their home; many find it is a place where they can really let their hair down.

Time spent doing chores with your partner is their love language. Those with Venus in their Fourth House may find that their parents’ relationship greatly affects the type of relationships they have as adults, for both good and ill. They need to make sure that they don’t fall into a pattern where they assume what their partner is feeling (or assume their partner knows how they feel) without talking. That will set up in a pattern of resentment. Also, people with this placement need to guard against smothering or stifling their lover when they feel emotionally vulnerable.

Venus in the Fifth House

People with Venus in the Fifth House are often head turners. They attract attention anywhere they go and usually don’t stay single for very long. Parties are their natural habitat, and they may spend a decent chunk of their money keeping up with a party lifestyle. They will often help a friend who is short on cash, especially if it means that friend can now go with them to the bar or the club. They need to be careful not to spend all of their money chasing down a good time or on friends who don’t pay them back.

Even in serious relationships they like to keep things playful. Those with Venus in the Fifth House can be loyal, but they will not stay with someone who is too serious or a stick-in-the-mud. Their flair for the theatrical might find its way to the bedroom. They shower their lovers with adoration and expect to be adored in return. Tendencies towards vanity can become out of control if unchecked.

Venus in the Sixth House

Love is in the little things for those with Venus in the Sixth House. These folks are not one for showy romantic gestures, but they often will show other that they care by remembering which friend is always cold (and having plenty of throw blankets on hand for them), which friend has a dietary restriction (and planning accordingly), and which friend is going through a rough patch (and help by doing small chores for them). These folks are not particularly big spenders and don’t often see the point in spending money on luxury items.

Do not attempt to woo someone with Venus in the Sixth House with over-the-top romance. They find it cheesy at best. They are prone to developing a cynical streak to anything related to romance and can be very chilly. But once committed, they are devoted partners who always check the weather forecast and will never let you leave the house without an umbrella when it calls for rain.

Venus in the Seventh House

Those with this placement have a sweet charm to them and usually are amazing hosts and hostesses. Unlike the informal style of people with Venus in the Fourth House, those with Venus in the Seventh are drawn to being fancy. They know how to make friends feel like visiting royalty. They like spending money on decorating their home. Their impeccable taste helps them spot a bargain, but they will spend extra to get the perfect accent pieces.

Those with Venus in the Seventh House are happiest when they are in a relationship. The trouble is that they can have unrealistic standards of what a ‘perfect relationship’ should look like, or that they settle for an unsuitable one just because they don’t like being alone. Though in the second case, someone with Venus in the Seventh House will flee as soon as they feel they have something better lined up.

Venus in the Eighth House

No one can find the beauty in the broken like those with Venus in the Eighth House. People with that placement are often fascinated by things that are neglected or in disrepair. They are also very good at bringing out the hidden beauty of those things. Those with Venus in the Eighth House get easily bored being around people who don’t enjoy taking a deeper look at situations. They are undeniably drawn to anything to do with magic or the occult and can spend their money on investigating both of them.

Intensely passionate, those with Venus in the Eighth House are enthusiastic lovers. They also may have an interest in unconventional lovemaking. They certainly will be the last people to shame anyone for curiosity in the bedroom. There is a guardedness to them, because as much as they want a partner who they can share both their bright and broken side with, they are petrified of betrayal of that trust. That can bring out a suspicious and jealous side to them if they aren’t careful.

Venus in the Ninth House

People with this placement love to make others laugh. They show affection by introducing the people they like to their favorite things and enjoy rediscovering it through their friends’ eyes. Often, people with Venus in the Ninth House will be drawn to learning about a culture different to their own. Any place they settle down in is likely to be far from the place where they were born. They have an aversion to anyone they feel views life through too narrow of a lens, but at the same time can be quite blunt and fixed on their views. They can easily overspend on vacations.

Sometimes people with this placement will fall in love with someone outside their culture. Then they need to lean into the side of themselves that loves experiencing new things and leave behind any part of themselves that likes to claim to be an instant expert. Those with Venus in the Ninth House are happiest in relationships where both partners have a measure of independence. They are often the biggest supporter of their partner’s personal growth. They will not put up with clinginess in a relationship or stay in a relationship with someone who habitually plays mind games.

Venus in the Tenth House

Order is beautiful to those with Venus in the Tenth House. Anything that was made with precision or intention will always draw their eye. They show love by providing stability and protection for the people they care about (they can even be a little ruthless where their loved ones are concerned). People with Venus in the Tenth House are not spenders as much as they are savers. But they will part with money if the item is practical and needed by someone they love.

These are not the most demonstrative of lovers, though they do like to cultivate an image of desirability. Their attempts are usually successful in that area, but they can be intimidating to anyone who doesn’t know them too well. It takes some work to get past the veneer they set up for themselves but are devoted partners once they find someone they feel is worth their time.

Venus in the Eleventh House

People with this placement have a delightful sort of quirkiness to them that charms everyone they meet. They make friends easily and often have lots of them from every walk of life. Those with Venus in the Eleventh House like to find out what makes a person unique and have a way of coaxing any hidden uniqueness in their friends up to the surface. These folks love spending money on gadgets and sophisticated electronics. They’ll also frequent off-beat cultural experiences as well as traditional ones, like museums.

People with Venus in the Eleventh House usually need to be friends with any potential lover. This isn’t that big of a problem as they typically treat strangers as friends they haven’t met yet. But they do need to know that the person they are with are as open-minded as they are, and more importantly that they don’t repress any of the things that make them unique. People with Venus in the Eleventh House recoil at the idea of tamping down their authenticity for the sake of conformity. They far prefer a lover who is as unconventional as they are.

Venus in the Twelfth House

Those with this placement are often swept away by anything involving the imagination. People with Venus in the Twelfth House can be moved to tears by music or other art forms they feel connected to. They gravitate towards people who love the fanciful as much as they do. As might be suspected, they are prone to escapism and will gladly spend money on anything that lifts them ‘beyond the ordinary world.’ There may often be a feeling of guiltiness about the pleasures they indulge in. If they aren’t in firm control of their emotions, they can be easily duped.

People with this placement are among the most hopeless of romantics. They idealize love, fall in love easily, and get hurt easily. They often learn how prone they are to getting hurt at a very young age and make war with themselves by keeping their feelings hidden more often than not. Potential lovers may feel there’s something endearingly mysterious about folks with Venus in the Twelfth House, but the mystery is more about self-preservation than anything else! If their lover is patient, and above all kind, towards people with this placement, they will be rewarded with a committed and passionate partner.

Putting It All together

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