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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Guide

Aquarius Zodiac Sun Sign

January 20 - February 18

Sun in Aquarius

In the deep mid-winter, Aquarius' sun sign comes to life. Their planet is Uranus, their element is Air, and they are at home in the Eleventh House of the Zodiac.

People born between January 20 and February 18 are represented by the Water Bearer, a symbol of the power of humanity to nourish the parched Earth with life-giving, purifying knowledge. Often represented as a kneeling figure pouring a jug of water, this symbol represents being of service to the common good, for Aquarius is called to be a leader who humbly serves the community or even the world. Simply put, Aquarius strives to leave the world in a better place and uses a brilliant intellect to do so.

Aquarians are naturally eclectic, exuberant people. They are assertive, independent, positive thinkers with strong opinions and innovative approaches to just about everything. Of all the Air signs, this one is deeply quirky, creative, playful, and original. These fascinating and charismatic people wear their badge of uniqueness in different ways. It could be the flash of pink in a lady's hair or the man in the elegant Seville Row suit accompanied by green sneakers with purple shoelaces. They hear music that most don't hear or understand.

If you're willing to travel their electrically-lined road, slip into your silver sneakers and bright blue sunglasses. The Aquarian traveler will take you on a life journey wrapped in neon rainbows.

Ready to explore the heights of the Aquarius psyche? Read on to uncover the rich layers of energies, symbols, planetary influences, personality, quirks, and compatibility of this intense and mysterious force of nature.

Aquarius Mode + Element Aquarius Ruling Planet Self-Discovery Aquarius Spirit Animal
Fixed, Air Uranus (Saturn) Achieved Through New Ideas Otter
Aquarius House Aquarius Color Aquarius Symbol Aquarius Crystal
Eleventh Sky Blue Water Bearer Garnet
Aquarius Tarot Card Aquarius Lucky Numbers Aquarius Body Parts Aquarius Lucky Days
The Star Card 4,8,13,17 Ankles, Calves, Shins, and Circulatory System Saturday and Sunday
Aquarius Chakra Aquarius Biggest Fear Aquarius Guiding Principles Best Pets for Aquarius
Root Compromising Their Individuality I Innovate Siamese Cat, Any Stray Pet

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"Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac." #AquariusQuotes

Aquarius Symbolism and Meaning

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, pouring life-giving knowledge (water) over an Earth thirsty for redemption. Knowledge attests to this sign's intellectual prowess, while knowledge as a force for redemption is a nod to Delphi, the Hebrew word for Aquarius. Delphi was known throughout ancient civilizations as the source for oracles that could change the future and alter the course of events. The symbolic meaning of this image is that knowledge is power, especially when used for good.

Aquarius Season, Element, and Mode

Aquarius Season is influenced by its Element, Air, and its Mode, which is Fixed. If you are an Aquarius, you'll experience these forces acting directly upon your personality, and if you're not an Aquarius, you'll benefit from the energy of Aquarius Season supporting you in your endeavors.

Aquarius Season

Who doesn't feel restless, when the winter holidays are over, Spring feels like it's ages away, and the Northern Hemisphere skies are perpetually gray? Aquarius season comes along at just the right moment, to kick up some energy to be imaginative, rule-defying, and revolutionary. Aquarius energy is braced by its windy Element, Air, and its dominion over intellect, and its planet, Uranus, with dominion over change and revolution. Aquarius season is the season of dreaming of a new and better world, new inventions, and new ideas with the capacity to make things better for the common good.

The energy of Aquarius season can be experienced in a desire to skip a social gathering and opt for a new novel or binge-watch Sci-fi movies. You may find yourself drawn to politics or political protests or feel called to volunteer at a soup kitchen. You may also find yourself tiring of small talk and gossip, for as much as the airy influence of Aquarius encourages friendships and social interactions, there's an equally powerful push towards thought and meaningful activity. You're not being aloof; you just hunger for change and need a little space to figure out what it should look like. Aquarius season says, "Go for it," and while you're at it, dream big!

Everyone can benefit from the energy of Aquarius Season, by refusing to stifle your uniqueness and conform to other people's expectations. In Aquarius Season, you're called to think outside the box, approaching even the toughest personal and social problems from a fresh perspective.

Aquarius Element

The sociable and intellectual quality of Aquarius is related to its element, Air. Like the gentle breeze or a mighty gale force, the wind stirs up new ideas, new relationships, new beginnings, and a hunger to rearrange and mix things up. Air signs are known for their genuine love of ideas, and the capacity to process information with lightning-fast speed. They love connecting with people and they love connecting ideas. Air signs read voraciously, soak up popular media, and stay current with what's happening in the world because they love having plenty to talk about.

The Aquarian glyph symbol may look like 3 stacked waves, but it actually represents wind currents. Just as a spark has the power to ignite a fire, wind has the power to generate electricity. Air is a powerful force of nature, and its power to scatter and disperse everything in its path is not unlike the whirlwind mental energy of Aquarius, scattered, brilliant, unrestrained.

Aquarius Mode

Aquarius mode is Fixed, meaning that it starts mid-season. Although Aquarius is ruled by air, an energy that encourages an unfettered flow of ideas, Aquarian's Fixed mode puts them somewhat at odds within themselves. The gift of the Fixed Mode is consistency; its weakness is inflexibility. For example, while they love to listen to other people's views, nothing is likely to change their minds.

Aquarius can freely embrace new concepts and think innovatively, but their fixed nature structures their logical approach and the consistent way they approach problems. Aquarius's Air energy encourages thinking completely outside the box, but their Fixed Mode keeps them returning to the box as their reference point: this creates an inner tension best resolved by stepping away from the fray and going inward to contemplate and dream.

Aquarius Ruling Planet

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, a "higher octave" planet to Mercury, ruler of objective information and proven facts. Uranus rules a higher level of intellect that includes a creative, intuitive synthesis of vast amounts of facts and data accumulated over time, enabling completely original ideas to take shape. If Mercury is the supercomputer, Uranus is the AI. Uranus also rules chaos, a quality that makes you comfortable with ambiguity and capable of being guided by an inner vision without needing a lot of guideposts along the way. And Uranus rules electricity, resulting in lightning-fast bolts of insight and imagination.

You don't entirely dispense with guideposts and guardrails, however, thanks to the influence of the planet that was thought to be your ruler up until the time Uranus was discovered in 1781. Prior to that point, Saturn was held to be the ruler of Aquarius, and Saturn could not be more opposite! Saturn represents structures, limitations, and order, while Uranus tests every form for its usefulness and relevancy and discards any that no longer serve. This is not unlike the Fixed Mode of Aquarius maintaining reference to the box even as it thinks outside the box for new solutions. The push-pull of these two planetary forces is resolved by a compromise -- some structure is necessary, whether it's legacy or newly established, provided it serves as a useful foundation for new ideas that move mankind forward.

One more thing about Uranus -- its energy is neither male nor female, or maybe a little of both. Just like Uranus, Aquarians don't like to be labeled or made to conform to anyone's expectations or stereotypes.

Aquarius Ruling House

Aquarius sits in the Eleventh House of the Zodiac, which represents friendships, community, and the collective good. Aquarians are humanitarians and look at the big picture with a live and let live attitude. They really do care about saving the whales and the rain forest, and they want to make a better government. The Eleventh House influences the ways individuals come together as a group to influence an outcome. Pick any progressive cause, and you're likely to find Aquarians at the helm and among the ranks. Aquarians see the similarities in human nature and draw on this common thread to get the work done. They have zero tolerance for prejudice, discrimination, and ideologies that divide. It only makes sense then, that the Eleventh House is also known as the House of Divinity, offering both the compassion and the objectivity to address systemic problems at a societal level.

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"An Aquarius is a master at ignoring people." #AquariusQuotes

Aquarius Traits and Characteristics

All of the astrological factors come together to define the pattern of Aquarius traits and characteristics that make up their personality. While Aquarius characteristics may be expressed in nuanced ways based on common social patterns of gender, the basic construct can be universally applied to understand Aquarius men and Aquarius women alike.

Aquarius Personality

The Aquarius personality is a sign of feisty intellectuals who often detach from their emotions. At home in the world of ideas, logic, and finding solutions to problems that others dismiss as unsolvable, they can often forget to recognize the feelings of those around them. While they may seem emotionally aloof, the truth is that they're simply engaged in their own thoughts.

Nevertheless, Aquarians are some of the most unique, interesting people you'll ever meet. They're intrigued by UFO's and the X-files and could probably tell you more about Area 51 than Area 51 could! Even with computers and today's technology, Aquarians just seem to know how it all works. They're the people of tomorrow---somehow wired into trends and ideas that are just around the corner. They bring this effortless, electric excitement to the public.

As lovers or mates, they get to know you before you hit the bedroom. Lovable and eccentric, you'll never be bored as you attempt to decode the Aquarian heart. Their Ace is the loyal friendship they bring to committed romantic relationships. While they tend to resist talking to others about their feelings, you can always expect an Aquarius to be honest with you - even if it's a bit brutal at times. Be aware they can seem distracted at times but worry not; they'll return soon. They're dreamers who court you with flashes of brilliance.

Thanks to their ruling planet Uranus, Aquarians dislike the feeling of being trapped. Their love for freedom and evolution can backfire resulting in impulsive decisions and behavioral inconsistencies. This may be more a problem for others than for Aquarius, who is not troubled by these seeming contradictions. For Aquarius, their greatest fear is of compromising their individuality or character, so they'd rather keep you guessing than be predictable.

If there's an Aquarius in your life, you may admire their brilliant mind and still be frustrated by what appears to be their ego. Understand that they may come off as a know-it-all on occasion, but Aquarius means well. Despite their fixed mode, they're more interested in generating ideas and feeding off fast, generative brainstorming and bouncing ideas off others than in being proven right. They have a "mad scientist" vibe and, when they're not so intense, a quirky sense of humor. Encourage their playful side and tone down their intensity with stimulating conversation that adds a bit of levity and perhaps some clever wordplay.

"Six word motto: I’ll always be my own person." #AquariusQuotes

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is charming and easy to get along with but can be slow in revealing how he feels. He has lots of best friends, but only one or two who really know him very well. He enjoys learning more about others and is adept at keeping the conversation going by asking thoughtful questions. No matter how unusual or esoteric the topic is, he's ready to dive in deep and engage in a conversation. Although he has a tendency to overthink things, he also has a philosophy of going with the flow and embracing change.

The Aquarius man is a rebel, a pioneer and trailblazer of the zodiac. He sets off on his own adventures independently and walks his own spiritual path. Personal and love relationships tend to suffer or be neglected as the Aquarius male relates to society as a whole rather than on a one to one basis. He enjoys the experience of friendships and relationships, as he views life as a series of experiences that captivate his imagination and engage his intellect. He wants to experience everything there is to experience in the world! Commitment to any one person or experience can easily seem like a limitation. It takes a very special person to break through and win his heart and commitment, but once committed, he is a devoted partner.

The Aquarius man falls in love with a best friend. He needs to be with a partner with whom he can share his thoughts openly and freely, who is independent, intellectually stimulating, and willing to accept him exactly how he is. He offers the same kind of love in return. He's a romantic at heart, and this will be the key that turns a close friendship into something more.

You can read more about the rewards and challenges of Loving an Aquarius Man in this article by Psychic Iris which further describes Aquarius characteristics.

Aquarius Woman

Like her male counterpart, the Aquarius woman personality is individualistic, intellectual, charming, and free-spirited. On a lifelong quest to learn and to re-invent herself, she bubbles with an endless stream of new ideas to consider and new experiences to try. The Aquarius woman enjoys being a little quirky, a rebel who doesn't easily fit into the mainstream; it's all a part of her persona. She'll always gravitate towards the path less taken because the last place she wants to find herself is fit into a stereotypical box of societal expectations. Although she's attached to memories of people and experiences, she doesn't care about traditions. She is passionate about protecting the vulnerable, and on a mission to change the world.

As much as she enjoys the stimulation of being in a close group of friends, she's an introvert who needs her downtime to recharge. She has no interest in small talk, gossip, or drama; she hates sappy romance and expects sincerity over showy displays of praise or affection. She is interested in people who want to become more knowledgeable or evolve in their thinking. Make love to her mind, and you'll get her attention. But to make it past the walls that guard her heart, she needs a combination of a solid friendship and courtship -- she needs to feel uniquely special.

Nothing scares an Aquarian more than the loss of her autonomy, freedom, or individuality. She will want to do things others may not approve of. She will want to do things her own way, even if it means making mistakes. Try to dictate terms, make demands, or control her choices, and she will run in the opposite direction.

Aquarius Strengths

Originality is an Aquarius strength. It comes across in how Aquarians think, how they dress, how they make decisions, and how go about living their lives. Like the winter air that gives birth to a million flakes of snow, no two snowflakes -- or Aquarians --are exactly alike. But they do share several common Aquarius traits that are unique strengths in the zodiac.

Easy-going and friendly, Aquarians can be fun to spend time with. Aquarians don't judge other people and they don't want to be judged. They have an innate sense of fairness and believe everyone's voice should be heard, even if they don't agree with a point of view. They don't like conflict and confrontation, but if disagreements are voiced in a respectful and rational manner they're willing to listen and reach a compromise within the bounds of their personal integrity.

Aquarians love to make connections between disparate fields of study, random thought processes, and unusual associations. It's not so much about the data itself as it is about the analysis and meaning. They're as likely to be bored by Jeopardy as a monthly sales report, but ask them to find the meaning behind the numbers or the untold story behind random facts, and they'll dive in with the trifecta force of their intellect, imagination, and intuition.

Aquarians care deeply about people in a global sense, and in doing what's right. They're passionate humanitarians who take a big picture view of the world. They're not materialistic and while they love to experience the world, there's a part of them that is almost not of the world, detached as they are from the mundane dramas, political battles, personal disagreements, and other things that consume so many people's waking lives. They often feel like outsiders and are valued for their ability to see things from a different perspective.

Words to describe Aquarius strengths include: Pioneer, Original, Eccentric, Innovative, Brilliant, Humanitarian.

Aquarius Weaknesses

An Aquarius personality weakness is a tendency to be impersonal and emotionally detached from their emotional center as well as that of others. Without a strong core, their scattered energy can make them come across as "Airheads." With a mind running in a million directions, they may lack the steady focus needed to accomplish their goals. They may try instead to be all things to all people, indiscriminately pursuing people and ideas, striking out with no real purpose or plan.

Other Aquarius personality weaknesses may include rigidity, standoffishness, and eccentricity. Aquarians frustrated with an inability to have the kind of impact they envision may channel their anxiety by pushing their novel ideas or personal eccentricity to such an extreme that they detach from reality, responding angrily to criticism or using the shock value of their bizarre behavior as a way to seek attention. Restless with the status quo, they may institute change for the sake of change, carelessly leaving chaos in their wake.

At the other end of the spectrum, the combination of a friendly and giving nature and easy-going attitude can leave them vulnerable to manipulation by more cunning signs. With a desire to orient themselves to a purportedly noble set of values and beliefs, and a loose tether to a coherent sense of personal identity, they are susceptible to propaganda and adopting an unconscious group-think, or may fall victim to cults. Growth for this sign comes from shifting from the ego-centered place of seeking to leave a mark on society, to ensure that society benefits through their empathy and their actions.

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"I like men with massive, throbbing vocabularies." #AquariusQuotes

Aquarius in a Relationship

If an Aquarius is in your inner orbit, you're blessed with a friend who treats you like family, who's fun and fascinating to be around, and with whom you can talk for hours about literally anything of substance. When it comes to emotional topics, an Aquarian is an open-minded listener who can offer good advice but is unlikely to reciprocate with their own emotional disclosures. Their attention span for lengthy emotional conversations can be limited as well; after a time, their mind will start to wander and they'll lose focus. This is not a real problem for other Air signs, who share this "energetic ADD," or Fire Signs, who need to express their emotions in a quick burst of intensity, but it will frustrate Water Signs who require a more sustained focus on their emotional world than the typical Aquarian can muster.

Friendship is a non-negotiable for Aquarius -- it is the starting point and criteria for all other relationships. The unique qualities that Aquarius brings to a relationship are a non-judgmental space that honors people's choices and gives them room to make their own mistakes, with never an "I told you so" or implication that the friend made a mistake. For this sign, the word failure doesn't apply. It's all part of the process of learning and evolving in the most self-directed, freeing way possible.

Aquarians expectations of their friends are minimal: honesty, respectfulness, and independence. When applied to sex, Aquarians have no problem with casual hook-ups; they practically invented "friends with benefits!"

Dating an Aquarius

The perfect date for an Aquarius involves going to places where other people, ideas, and experiences abound. An Aquarius has no issues with double-dating, group-dating, and casually dating a lot of people at once. Live shows, museums, lectures, exotic travels, game nights, and even virtual versions of all these activities satisfy an Aquarian desire for intellectual stimulation. The independent Aquarius often uses dating apps to date casually and meet lots of interesting new people. They are generous and empathetic, often listing causes that are important to them in their online dating profiles.

With their natural unpredictability and need for space, dating an Aquarius poses some unique challenges. Just when you think everything is going well, you can find yourself ghosted, only for your Aquarius to reappear later as if nothing is wrong. Try to have a rational discussion about how you feel, and your Aquarius will patiently listen and say all the right things. Come across as clingy or emotional, and it's over. Unless they've fully committed to you as The One, this is par for the course with this sign.

Aquarius Expectations in Relationship

Aquarians expect friendship in love. They're a sign that needs to be able to say " I married my best friend." An Aquarian expects their partner to be their friend and sounding board, genuinely interested in their ideas and able to counter with intelligent and creative ideas of their own. Being willing to go with the flow and indulge in spontaneity and impulse is also important in a partner. An Aquarian expects that their partner will support them and have their back, that they accept them and won't try to change them, and that they will give them the space they need.

The idea of "merging" anything in a marriage -- home, money, identities is distasteful and scary to this independence-seeking sign. Aquarians loathe routine, crave spontaneity, and don't want to have to check in with a partner before making a decision, a purchase, or to say their running late. This can be challenging for partners with more traditional expectations for their relationships. It can take a long time for an Aquarian to find a compatible match that understands and accepts this.

Aquarians can appear a bit detached but are no less loving, and once they commit, they will be very loyal life partners. But if you are looking for warm and fuzzy, or hot and steamy, Aquarius may not be the best choice, because the Aquarian will never be as sensitive and affectionate as some other sun signs, nor will they display the passionate sexuality of others. What you're guaranteed with Aquarius is that you will have a best friend for life.

Aquarius and Sex

Because people born with an Aquarius Sun Sign inhabit more time in their heads than in their bodies, sensuality does not come naturally to them, and when it does, it may come off as a bit innocent or naïve. Fortunately, Aquarius makes up for this with a lack of sexual inhibition and a zeal for trying new positions, new toys, and new ways of making love, as well as an earnest, if not slightly clumsy desire to please their partner. The challenge for this sign is staying focused on their partner, and not slipping back into their head. This is a sign that is quite comfortable separating emotions from sex, preferring a physically satisfying experience over an emotionally transcendent one. Engaging the Aquarian's mind and body during love making not only helps them focus, it also drives them a bit mad with desire. Take control by telling them what you plan to do to them, and exactly what you want them to do to you, and they'll keep coming back for more.

"Respect me. Adore me. Dominate me." #AquariusQuotes

Best Compatibility with Aquarius

Aquarians are most compatible with other Air signs, as well as Fire signs. Good matches for Aquarius are Aries, Gemini, and Libra; matches with Leo, Sagittarius and another Aquarian can also be successful with a bit of effort.

Aquarians should generally avoid relationships with Water and Earth signs. Air and Water signs are generally incompatible and together create hurricanes and other natural disasters. And nothing is more stifling to an Air sign than to feel buried alive with an Earth sign. Of these incompatible matches with Aquarius, one worth noting is Cancer and Aquarius. These two are attracted to the emotional qualities they lack -- Cancer to Aquarius's cool detachment and Aquarius to Cancer's warm emotions. But while opposites attract, neither can meet the other's needs. Cancer can't handle the degree of space and freedom Aquarius expects, and Aquarius can't give Cancer the emotional security it needs to feel secure.

Keep in mind that compatibility is driven by more than your Sun Sign and its associated Element and Mode. Knowing where the Ascendant, Moon and Venus appear in your chart and that of your partner or person of interest can help you understand zodiac combability at a deeper level as these positions can mitigate or overcome incompatibility at the Sun Sign level.

Aquarius Libra

Aquarius and Libra

Soulmate alert! This connection is magnetic, playful, and light. From the first encounter on, this pair feels like they've known each other for years. Both signs are optimistic and share a mental connection. These signs can truly be themselves around one another without the fear of judgement as their personalities click and balance beautifully. Libras and Aquariuses have incredible chemistry together, and this applies to under the sheets as well! These signs are not only strong in love but also as best friends. They both understand what it is to have trouble expressing feelings and help one another open up emotionally. They'll need to work through Libra's desire for social approval and tendency to get a little bossy, which will cause Aquarius to rebel, and Aquarius' hesitancy to commit, whereas Libra will want to settle down sooner. But the results will be a best friend and lover partnership that is worth the effort.

Aquarius Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini

Whether this love match turns into a full-blown happily ever after or "let's just be friends," chances are this couple will maintain a close relationship. Key fundamentals that make for a healthy and happy partnership align, including communication, intimacy, and social preferences. Both signs are social butterflies who love to talk about ideas, with a rapid-fire style that switches between topics without skipping a beat. They're both independent and both love surprises. These signs spark some serious sexual chemistry right off the bat, love to talk dirty, and because their connection is so strong, they don't even need to get to the physical part of the act to feel satisfied.

Aquarius Sagittarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius approach life in such similar ways they are bound to become friends and lovers. Both are rational, objective, curious, and share common progressive or humanitarian interests. Neither sign is very emotional, and neither holds a grudge, which is good because both tend to be blunt. (Sagittarius does need to watch a tendency to be critical, however.) Sagittarius and Aquarius create a beautiful match because they both value their independence, which puts them on the same page in a relationship. These two may keep a casual attitude about their arrangement for an extended period of time before committing to each other, and theirs can also be a successful long-distance relationship that thrives.

Aquarius Leo

Aquarius and Leo

Leo is attracted to Aquarius's inner strength, that comes across as rebelliousness and not caring about what others think. Leo has a much stronger need for social approval, so this is another case of opposites attracting and then struggling through the very things that brought them together. On the positive side, this pair will have as strong a sexual bond as it gets with Aquarius, and a strong and loyal bond as best friends (always a pre-requisite for Aquarius), and their mutual curiosity is enough to ensure that the relationship is full of fun and adventure. On the negative side, this pair represents opposites -- Leo the doer, Aquarius the thinker; Leo ruled by heart, Aquarius by head; Leo concerned about their place in the world, and Aquarius interested in the state of the world. These differences will either be incredibly complimentary, or incredibly irritating, depending on other factors in this couple's chart.

Aquarius Aries

Aquarius and Aries

Sexually charged Aries who enjoys initiating and being in control helps coax Aquarius out of their head and into their bed. Once there, both signs appreciate the lack of inhibition and desire to keep things feeling new and exciting. Both signs understand each other's rebellious nature and neither sign needs outside approval nor want to focus on their emotions. Both Aries and Aquarius crave the excitement of new experiences, while also valuing loyalty to "the one." A primary love challenge for this zodiac match is that Aries is likely to want sex a lot more than Aquarius.

Aquarius Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius

Two Aquarians can make for an optimistic, and compatible pair because they have the same needs and approach life the same way. However, because Aquarians tend to be somewhat impersonal and emotionally distant in their relationships, they may struggle to move beyond a best friend or friend with benefits stage to something more intimate. Often that spark is provided by someone who can inspire an Aquarian to reach for a bit more emotional depth or make them feel like the most unique individual in the world, neither of which comes naturally to this sign.

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Getting an astrology reading is the best way to predict zodiac compatibility.

The Aquarius Parent

Aquarius parents tend to be very in tune with their children, understanding what makes them tick. They're great at helping kids think creatively but need to be sure that they're making time to connect emotionally with their own children. For example, they may have brilliant ideas around education and learning which they bring to their school district, but get so wrapped up in community work and volunteerism that they're not at home for their own kids when they need them. They may also come across as cold if they feel like the kids are being overly dramatic about emotional concerns.

The Aquarius Mother

Positive attributes of an Aquarian mother are she's creative, open-minded, and fun. Challenges for the Aquarian mother are a tendency to be inconsistent and emotionally detached. An Aquarius mother wants her kids to be creative in thought and gesture and have a great time. The downside is she can also have high expectations of the children one day and then forget the discussion the next. Lots of ups and downs!

The Aquarius Father

Positive qualities of the Aquarius father are that he is eccentric and a bit of a child at heart. Challenges for the Aquarius father are a tendency to be a little detached, random, or off in another world. This father is fun and will still want to play video games, climb into the tree houses, and dress "young" even as he ages. Yet this Dad can be unattached or "not get involved" when the going gets tough.

"Aquarius may be a bit disorganized. But make no mistake, they’re crazy smart." #AquariusQuotes

Aquarius Career

Aquarians' humanitarian drive draws them to careers where they can change the world. They love the mantra to be the change you want to see in the world, and they'll eagerly apply this to both their personal life and professional endeavors. A perspective that comes from an abiding belief in equality and a feeling as if they are outsiders helps them identify with the feelings of the marginalized and champion those causes. This same quality also makes them excellent group facilitators, as they innately understand human dynamics, not necessarily so much at an individual/psychological level as at an organizational or sociological level.

As an Air sign, careers that require fluency with ideas, concepts, and communication come naturally. Being able to anticipate trends is a natural ability that lends success to business and entrepreneurial ventures. Aquarians are more than happy to roll up their shirt sleeves to address a need, and while they wisely leave the operational details to others, their positivity, vision, and charisma when seeking solutions are inspiring. Science, technology, and medicine are good fits for Aquarians, who thrive on the cutting edge of medical and scientific breakthroughs, all the more so if they benefit humanity.

An altruistic Aquarian is not really motivated by financial gain or material success. Sharing ideas and credit for the results come naturally, which is a wonderful quality but also means that an Aquarian's discoveries and ideas can be stolen by those who would take advantage of them. Being a part of the conversation is important, as is the freedom to work in their own way and according to their own schedule. They do their best work when they're not being second-guessed or closely managed. Just don't expect them to gather around the water cooler to chat about the latest streaming shows. These extroverted introverts value their friendships and work relationships but would simply prefer to use their time to focus on their work.

Aquarius and Money

Aquarians are not known to be big spenders, but they a free spenders, meaning any budget they follow is largely in their head. They tend to go in spurts of saving then spending on bigger ticket items, preferring to spend more on technology, functional tools, and travel than on restaurants, cars, clothing or décor.

As a Fixed Sign, Aquarians have the perseverance and determination to start their own business, and while financial success is not the key motivator, it is likely to be the result.

They love holiday shopping because they can share with their many friends the shopping and social experience combined. They tend to give unique gifts but thoughtful to each person.

Aquarius Intuition

Aquarians could be described as "mental intuitives." Their cosmic gift of viewing things above the level of emotions helps them see the big picture. These insights are a gift in the business area as they sense future trends. Flashes of insights can border on unparalleled brilliance.

Aquarius Health and Wellness

Aquarius is associated with the circulatory system, particularly as it impacts the feet, shins, and calves. Swelling or numbness of the lower extremities, varicose veins, blood clots, and strains and fractures of the ankle or foot are common Aquarius complaints.

Of all the Zodiac signs Aquarius has the toughest time chilling out. They are big thinkers and have a difficult time getting out of their own heads. Solitary ways to get away from it all are recommended to recharge and regroup. Aquarians are visionaries, so creating a vision board meditation and yoga can help to destress. Since Aquarians don't fare too well with routine, quirky exercise routines which improve circulation and mix things up are best. This is a sign that benefits from unlimited classes at a Y or a gym, such as alternating between swimming, boxing, dancing, and spin class. They're happy to have some gym buddies to go along with.

Aquarius Chakra

The Root Chakra is key to this sign. Aquarius is a revolutionary and needs to see change. Change begins within oneself but needs to be communicated outward which is what happens in this Chakra.

Aquarius Purpose, Inspiration, and Mantra

The purpose for Aquarius is to be of service through new ideas and innovation. Inspiration comes from respect for older people, a belief in love, peace, and harmony, and the passion to build something to make the world a better place. With their tendency to think of themselves as loving and caring because these are such important values to them, yet at the same time, skip over individual emotions, a helpful mantra is "I am willing to take time to listen and validate."

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Other Unique Aquarius Facts

Food Aquarius has a love for innovation, so something new for dinner is always appreciated. A pork chop smothered in blueberry sauce combines sweet, savory, and smoky flavors into one unexpected dish.
Fashion You aren't afraid to experiment, which is why your perfect wardrobe should consist of plenty of pieces you can use to create different styles.
Color-Palette As a dreamer, Aquarius can draw inspiration from the sky. Shades of blue with silver accents will inspire you to continue to dream big and go for your goals. Your personality traits also correspond well with other natural tones, such as yellow, lilac, and even neutral white. If you feel like taking a leap, use sky blue paint on the ceiling of a room in your home where you can spend time daydreaming about your future.
Aquarius Luck You’re lucky with uncanny timing, friends, and a sterling public image.
Halloween Costume Aquarians rarely shy away from their odd qualities, so a curious yet creative costume is a great pick. Go as the legendary artist Frida Kahlo or go as wacky Austin Powers.
Travel Destination Aquarius likes the powerful and unique places of history and lifestyle. Locations like Hong Kong, Greece, Bali, South Korea, or Cyprus will all provide unique experiences.
Gifts for Aquarius

Aquarius individuals love gadgets. They're also attracted to philanthropy and love to better the world.

  • A tablet
  • Wireless headphones
  • A donation to a charity
  • A crystal

Aquarius in Your Chart

Moon in Aquarius

Your Moon Sign is most often revealed in private, and describes your emotional energies, instinctual reactions, and what you need to feel emotionally complete. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you've likely always felt like a bit of an outsider or oddity, and hopefully over time have learned to appreciate the fresh perspective this brings. Like a bird soaring high above the Earth, you see things from a unique vantage point which reveals patterns and solutions that are invisible to those closest to the issues.

Though you often appear gregarious and outgoing, you're an introvert who is energized by time spent alone rather than in a crowd. You have many friends from all walks of life, but few you let in close. You care deeply about people, but those closest to you may feel you are mentally distracted and uncaring.

Rising in Aquarius

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, describes how you appear to others, as well as how you go about getting what you want. If you're an Aquarius Rising, others will see you as a bit eccentric, individualistic, and incredibly bright. You'll earn respect for thinking objectively and originally and bringing a calm focus on fairness and respect to emotional group situations. Despite your love of the creative free flow of ideas, with your Fixed nature, you can be rigidly insistent on analyzing the underpinnings of a chosen concept, its relationship to your sense of right and wrong, and its impact on the collective. Those who protest with emotion rather than logic may feel swept aside in your approach to the big picture.

Venus in Aquarius

The position of Venus in your astrological chart describes how you relate to others romantically. If Venus is in Aquarius, you are an egalitarian and freedom-loving sign when it comes to intimacy. With your objective viewpoint and focus on logic and fairness, you see people as they are and don't get wrapped up in emotions or drama. To signs who crave passion, attention, or emotional security, your approach to love may seem more platonic than romantic, and it is, in so much as a close friendship of independent equals is the most important aspect of a relationship for you. You're a bit of a rebel and need to find someone who appreciates your uniqueness without judgement, and you'll be attracted to the same.

"My mind has too many tabs open." #AquariusQuotes

What Does Your Astrological Chart Say?

If you're an Aquarius or have Aquarius in your astrological chart, you've probably recognized yourself in these descriptions. Now it's time to apply Aquarius wisdom to your life -- the situations you're facing, the decisions you need to make, and the possibilities yet to be revealed. An astrologer can guide you through all this and more, building on the Aquarius Awareness you have from reading this guide.

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