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What are Chakras?

Chakras are our energy centers. The word comes from the Sanskrit cakra meaning “wheel” or “circle” also referring to the “wheel of life”. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their main function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring a higher development to our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental, and emotional interactions.

There are seven main chakra centers in your body, located throughout your body. We have become familiar with these energy centers by both their numbers and their colors aligned in an ascending column from the base of our feet to the top of the head. The aura is often referred to as the eighth chakra.

There are seven main chakras: four in our upper body and three in our lower body. The upper controls our mental, emotional and spiritual state. The lower controls our physical, intuitive state. All of the chakras contribute to our overall well-being. If the chakras are not balanced there cannot be balance within us, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Think of it much like a powerful pyramid: when we have a physical issue, it creates weaknesses in our emotional behavior. When we release that stale energy from our body it can undo tightness, stiffness, or any malfunction in that specific area. There are literally thousands of ways to heal and or balance your chakras. Meditation, visualization, reiki, aromatherapy and yoga are just a few of them. As a general rule of thumb: Use more meditative type techniques for the upper chakras, and do more physical techniques to best effect the lower chakras.

Available Energy Healing Experts

These trained Advisors have assisted hundreds of clients align and balance their chakras. As experts in their field, they can consult with you on ways to align yourself and others, and coach you on developing your own energy healing practice.

The Seven Chakras

Here is a brief explanation of the seven chakras, what each one represents, their location and the color associated with each one.

1. Root Chakra: Primal Existence

  • Location: The base of the spine
  • Color: Red
  • Representation: Primal existence and survival instincts
  • When Blocked: Manifests as low sex drive, paranoia, fear, and insecurity.
  • When Balanced: Leads to feeling grounded, or steady on our foundation.
  • Care: Eat plenty of red fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, apples, strawberries and watermelon. Also, spend time in nature. Forests, the ocean, and rock formations will ground you and activate this chakra.

2. Sacral Chakra: Sexuality

  • Location: Just below the navel
  • Color: Orange
  • Representation: Sexual energy, creativity, and sincerity
  • When Blocked: Manifests as sexual guilt, extreme lust, and emotional problems.
  • When Too Open: Manifests in excessive behavior and sexual addiction.
  • When Balanced: Leads to feeling connections with others, and to accepting new experiences.
  • Care: Eat plenty of juicy oranges, melons, avocados, carrots, and anything orange and healthy. Respect your sacral chakra by choosing healthy sexual activity and doing something creative to express yourself; this will leave you feeling more satisfied in your relationships.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Freedom of Will

  • Location: Behind the solar plexus
  • Color: Yellow
  • Representation: Willpower, determination, and purpose
  • When Blocked: Manifests as being overly emotional, fearing being alone, and being in love with falling in love.
  • When Too Open: Manifests as addictive behavior and judgmentalness
  • When Balanced: Leads to feeling confident in control of your life
  • Care: Eat foods like bananas, mangoes, lemons, and other brightly colored fruits and veggies. Make sure you are getting “solar” energy by getting healthy amounts of sunshine. Your hair and skin will brighten and you’ll feel great and full of energy.

4. Heart Chakra: Love and Balance

  • Location: In the breast area
  • Color: Green
  • Representation: Ability to love and show compassion
  • When Blocked: Manifests in heart problems or even a bad immune system; fear, self-pity, and a feeling of being unworthy
  • When Too Opened: Manifests in possessiveness, loving too easily, or over-sacrificing yourself
  • When Balanced: Opens your heart to love
  • Care: Eat greens and leafy foods to boost your heart chakra, and spend time in green nature like meadows, forests, and even golf courses.

5. Throat Chakra: Expression and Impression

  • Location: In the throat
  • Color: Blue
  • Representation: Expression and communication
  • When Blocked: Manifests in physical problems like sore throats or laryngitis, rigidity, communication problems, and prejudice
  • When Too Opened: Over-opinionated, hypercritical, arrogant
  • When Balanced: Communication improves
  • Care: Drink plenty of clean filtered water, be open with others and yourself, and stay hydrated. Bodies of water activate the throat chakra so visiting oceans and lakes will benefit this chakra. It’s important to keep this area clear so we can feel comfortable speaking our truth.

6. Third Eye Chakra: Psychic Presence

  • Location: Between the eyebrows, commonly known as the third eye
  • Color: Indigo
  • Representation: Awareness and intuition
  • When Blocked: Manifests in egotism and sinus problems
  • When Too Open: Manifests in impatient behavior and bullying
  • When Balanced: Supports focus and objectivity
  • Care: Follow guided meditations, practice visualization techniques, and listen to progressive or classical music.

7. Crown Chakra: Spiritual Godhood

  • Location: Right above the top of the head
  • Color: Violet / White
  • Representation: Connection to the world and the universe, and being open to spirituality
  • When Blocked: Manifests in psychological problems, condemnation, and alienation
  • When Too Open: Manifests in frustration and possibly even manic-depressive tendencies
  • When Balanced: Supports your spirituality in a healthy way
  • Care: Take good care of your body and other chakras to fully activate your crown chakra.

When you understand your chakras, and how they relate to your life, you can seek help in ensuring they are in a healthy state. While it’s rare for all chakras to be balanced consistently, by becoming more aware of them can help you sense blockages and take steps to cleanse and align them.

How Does Chakra Balancing Work?

Think of your chakra centers as a vehicle. We need to tune the engine, align the tires, replace the fluids, and balance the steering. Our chakras are no different and require both alignment and balancing. Aligning them focuses on healing a particular chakra that is out of sync, which could cause other chakras to work overtime. Balancing them puts them all in sync so they can work together as a collective whole. Taking care of our mind, thoughts, and affirmations is part of healing. Both aligning and balancing our energetic vehicle makes a healthy energetic space. Just like a building, making sure that your chakras have a firm foundation is crucial to having a healthy, open chakra system. You will begin to feel confident, stable and physically alive as you tap into your own renewable energy.

When your back or hips are out of alignment, you might find yourself contacting a chiropractor for an appointment. When your chakras are out of alignment, you should contact an energy worker for a healing session. This can be done in person, over the phone, or online.

It may be difficult to imagine how a healer may actually transmit a healing effect over the phone or online. The explanation lies in an understanding of energy. Energy is not transferred as particles or matter; in other words, it doesn't really travel anywhere in a physical sense the way a body moves from one location to another.

Science has supported that there can be a simultaneous action-reaction dynamic throughout vast physical distance. Once connected into your energetic signature, an energy healer can effectively work in a different time zone and or place. All energetic information is available within our connective energy grid of consciousness.

Energy healers are just tuned into energy frequencies and are able to tap into the energy field and work to shift the energy of the individual.

You should balance your chakras daily, or at least weekly. The power of affirmation is one of the most effective ways to balance our chakras. Our thoughts create our reality and by regularly practicing positive affirmations, we can create amazing results in our daily lives. When our chakras are perfectly aligned and balanced with the universal flow of energy, every aspect of our life becomes harmonious and joyful. Healing our energy centers allows us to reclaim perfect health, mind, body and soul. Our lives become renewed.

How Can You Open and Align Your Own Chakras if They are Blocked?

What Does it Mean to Have Your Chakras Aligned?

Chakras are checkpoints in your body that control the flow of energy. Energy flows both horizontally and vertically, so if your chakras are not aligned properly, your body won’t feel right. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and minimize stress in your life to keep your body healthy and your chakras flowing properly. You can also realign your chakras manually to help your body function better. Here are five simple steps for aligning your chakras.

  • Prepare your environment.

    The first step in aligning your chakras is finding a peaceful place that promotes healing. This can be a quiet bedroom, someplace out in nature, or anyplace else where you can find peace. Once you decide where you want to align your chakras, take measures to make sure that you won’t be interrupted and that no negative forces will interfere with the energy of your setting. Additionally, you can play relaxing music, burn incense, or do anything else that will make the setting comfortable and relaxing.
  • Lie down or adopt a comfortable pose.

    Once you've prepared your environment, you can make yourself comfortable by laying down or sitting comfortably. Some people like to adopt the lotus leaf position that is common in meditation, while others prefer to lie on their backs. The important thing is that you are comfortable and will not have to move for a period of time.
  • Concentrate on breathing slowly.

    After you’re in position, breathe slowly and deeply for a minute. This prepares your chakras for adjustments and clears your mind. Make sure that you are only thinking about your breathing and the state of your body. Deep breathing also relaxes your muscles and enhances your concentration. An authentic psychic can help you learn how best to calm your body and breathe deeply.
  • Focus on healing each of your chakras individually.

    When your body is completely relaxed, it’s time to start healing your chakras. There are seven chakras in the body that start at the top of the head and end in the groin. Focus on each of your chakras individually. Imagine that a warm sensation is visiting each chakra and healing it. Keep the heat on each chakra until it feels completely healed. Instead of heat, you can also imagine a white light. Both techniques are effective in aligning your chakras.
  • Make sure all of your chakras feel right.

    After you’ve aligned your chakras, take a moment to make sure all of the chakras feel right. Sit or lie quietly for a moment and quickly move your thoughts from one chakra to the next and make any adjustments that you need to. Then, focus on deep breathing again and enjoy having all of your chakras perfectly aligned.

How to Open the Root Chakra

Like its name implies, your root chakra helps you stay grounded. When it’s out of balance, this important element can make you feel off-kilter and prone to unusual impulses.

How Does a Blocked Root Chakra Feel?

For most people, a blocked root chakra feels unsettling and shakes any sense of stability you might have. If your root chakra is locked, this might manifest in feelings of insecurity with your own body, in relationships with loved ones, or even with your job or finances.

If you lose your sense of being grounded, one of two things might happen. You might lose your ability to keep a handle on emotions or actions. Or, you might feel so disconnected from the real world that you no longer have the energy or the confidence you need to complete daily tasks.

How Can You Open Your Root Chakra?

If any of these situations sound familiar, set aside some time to rebalance your root chakra. For a mild blockage, start with the simplest method, and for a more advanced condition, try them all until you feel the unblocking effects.

  • Meditate: Whether you’re in a tree pose on a yoga mat or simply sitting still, start the unlocking process with meditation. Since the root chakra is red, visualize a red light at the base of your spine, and then imagine it extending all the way to the earth.
  • Move Your Body: Sometimes, being still isn’t enough to open your root chakra. When this is the case, go for a walk in nature. Focus on your physical presence in the world and your connection to the ground.
  • Eat Healthfully: It’s important to eat healthfully as much as you can, since a poor diet can make you feel imbalanced. Eat root vegetables, plants, and other foods from the earth to reestablish your connection and reopen your chakra.
  • Develop Structure: Losing that grounded feeling can happen when the structure in your life goes away for any reason. There’s no reason your life needs rigid organization, but some sense of order or routine can have a big impact on your sense of balance.

A blocked root chakra can have a substantial impact on your emotional, mental, and physical health. Don’t hesitate to pursue accurate psychic readings for more insight on chakras and your well-being.

How to Open the Sacral Chakra

A blocked sacral chakra can prevent you from achieving your goals and deriving a sense of fulfillment from your career, family life, and social activities. Although it's considered "feminine," the sacral chakra lives in both men and women, and blockages can occur no matter your age. Learning to recognize a blockage and to open your chakra naturally can prove liberating and transformative.

Is the Sacral Chakra Blocked?

Often referred to as your "inner child," the sacral chakra governs your creativity, sexuality, and ability to fully enjoy yourself. It's located in your lower abdomen and has strong ties with your sense of self-worth, which is why blockages often result in guilt, shame, and depression.

Major life events, such as divorce and death, can injure the sacral chakra, and sometimes the symptoms take months or years to fully develop. Many people don't nurture their sacral chakra because they're more focused on specific goals and tasks, but pursuits like meditation and prayer can bring you back into alignment.

What Are the Symptoms of a Blocked Sacral Chakra?

The symptoms of a blocked sacral chakra can vary significantly from one person to another, but lethargy and lack of motivation often result from such a blockage. You might feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning even though you got a solid eight hours of sleep.

Many people find themselves seeking fulfillment in empty pursuits, such as consumerism. You don't feel fulfilled by your work or your passions in life, so you might indulge in retail therapy to lift your spirits, but it doesn't work. Some people with sacral chakra blockages can experience physical symptoms, as well, such as lower back pain and infertility.

A drop in creativity can also result from a blocked sacral chakra. Maybe you always loved to write, paint, shoot photographs, make pottery, or play a musical instrument, but now you don't feel inspired to create.

How Can You Unblock Your Sacral Chakra?

  • Achieving balance will help you remove blockages in your sacral chakra. Practice healthy self-care by eating a balanced diet, for instance, that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Consider adding more flavor to your food with spices that delight your palate.
  • Exercise, meditation, and affirmations can also help eliminate blockages. Find a healthy outlet for creativity, whether it's writing music or sitting down with a coloring book. Energy workers, intuitives and other healers can also help you find the sources of blockages through intuition.
  • Most importantly, listen to your own intuition and follow your desires. Set aside time to reflect on your goals and passions, and give yourself permission to follow them — no matter where they lead.

Blocked sacral chakras can interfere with your emotions and relationships, so don't assume that a blockage will dissolve on its own. Instead, actively pursue ways to connect with your inner child and honor your true passions in life.

How to Open the Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra—also called the manipura—is found in your solar plexus, which lies halfway between your belly button and your rib cage. A blocked third chakra can cause a general feeling of unbalance in your life, but it's also associated with more specific negative consequences.

How Does a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra Feel?

The symptoms of a blocked third chakra typically relate to your confidence levels. You might feel insecure when you give a presentation at work or express your feelings to a loved one.

In many cases, a blocked solar plexus results in a loss of appetite. You might lose weight for no other reason than your lack of interest in food, and you could develop insecurities surrounding your body image.

If you can't concentrate on the task at hand or if you feel scattered as you attempt to achieve focus on a plan of action, you might need to take a closer look at your third chakra. It's associated with concentration, drive, and energy.

Some people also experience excessive energy in the solar plexus. If you swing to the other side of the spectrum, you might feel more argumentative, aggressive, and competitive in your interactions with others.

Why Does Your Third Chakra Get Blocked?

All of your chakras can get blocked from time to time. You might have neglected self-care, which can lead to an unbalance. In some cases, a blocked solar plexus also results from a blow to the ego — or a series of events that reduces your confidence.

You might not know how your third chakra became blocked. Significant blockages often occur over an extended period of time — months or even years. Consult a phone psychic to help you uncover the reasons behind the blockage so you can overcome it.

How Do You Unblock Your Third Chakra?

  • Start by introducing yellow foods and beverages to your diet. Surround yourself with yellow objects and meditate on the color yellow at every opportunity. This is because yellow is associated with the third chakra.
  • You can also participate in yoga and other centering exercises.
  • Most importantly, though, take care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and spend time with loved ones. Focus on empowering yourself to clear your solar plexus; as you gain confidence, the blockage will dissipate. Spending time in the sun is also beneficial, as is repeating positive affirmations related to confidence.

A third chakra blockage can prove frustrating because it attacks your self-image. You might feel unmotivated and unable to clear the blockage on your own. If you start with exercises to improve your self-esteem, however, you'll find it much easier to clear your solar plexus and to regain clarity and balance.

How to Open the Heart Chakra

Everyone has the capacity for unconditional love, but sometimes blockages occur in the heart chakra, which is located in the center of the body. When your heart chakra is blocked, you might struggle to find compassion for others and to create new relationships. Worse, your ability to love unconditionally might slowly disappear. Recognizing the signs of a blocked chakra is the first step toward healing the problem.

Is Your Heart Chakra Blocked?

Your heart chakra can become injured or blocked if you fail to heal from a broken heart. While this could relate to a romantic relationship, broken hearts stem from all types of relationships. For instance, if you lose someone you love, your heart chakra might not recover right away — or at all — unless you find healthy ways to deal with your grief.

A clairaudient can help you determine if your heart chakra is blocked by divining your vibrational frequencies. If you have a blockage, you'll likely experience lower vibrations because you're unable to connect emotionally with yourself and others.

What Are the Symptoms of a Blocked Heart Chakra?

Blocked heart chakras create numerous signs and symptoms that can help you recognize the problem. You might notice that your emotions seem rooted in negativity. For instance, you might feel hatred instead of love, jealousy and envy instead of pride, and anger instead of understanding.

People with blocked heart chakras often can't let go of negative emotions. Everyone feels grief, anger, and loneliness on occasion, but if you can't recover from those emotions quickly, you might have a blockage in your fourth chakra.

Maybe your thoughts continually return to a negative emotional memory, such as the moment your spouse left you or the day a loved one passed away. Alternatively, you might find yourself obsessing over a ruined relationship, unable to move on and form new relationships.

Some people also experience physical symptoms of blocked heart chakras. Respiratory illnesses, thyroid dysfunction, and arm weakness can all suggest issues with the heart chakra. Cardiac symptoms might also appear.

How Can You Open Your Blocked Heart Chakra?

To clear a blocked heart chakra, you must find ways to process and release your emotions. If you continue to nurture anger, resentment, envy, and disappointment, you'll never move on from those injuries.

If you can practice compassion and forgiveness with yourself, you can apply those same kindnesses to others. Meditation, prayer, and reflection will help you move on from heartbreak and dissolve heart chakra blockages.

When you're connected to unconditional love and able to love freely, you can make a tremendous difference in other people's lives. A blocked heart chakra prevents you from making those connections, so don't ignore your symptoms. Find a way to release your negative emotions so you can feel the positive ones.

How to Open the Throat Chakra

You know the feeling. Every time you try to swallow, you feel a tingle. Sure, it could be a cold about to arrive. But that feeling can also act as a signal from the throat chakra warning of coming tension. When energy in your fifth, or throat, chakra gets blocked, it can also block needed communication.

Is Your Throat Chakra Blocked?

Every conversation you have adds to or takes away from the energy of this point of your body. The throat chakra is your center of communicating with the universe around you. But communication isn't just a one way street; listening is as much a part of communication as is speaking.

Your throat chakra can become blocked when you don't say what you want to share or stop listening to someone important to you. You may notice this if you have a nightmare, such as a dream of getting strangled. You may also have physical manifestations, or have an unexplained need to wear a scarf or a turtleneck. Covering your neck is a clear sign that you have blocked energy in your throat chakra.

What Are the Symptoms of a Blocked Throat Chakra?

Since your throat chakra is the center of your communication, it impacts all areas of the ways you communicate. That doesn't just mean talking. Listening is also a huge part of communication, and an imbalanced throat chakra can affect your listening, too. A person with a balanced throat chakra expresses himself or herself well, and these modes of expression aren't always of the verbal variety.

At the same time, symptoms of an imbalanced throat chakra include talking too much, arrogance, lying, manipulation, and even timidity or fear. If you've ever felt a "lump in your throat," that could show how emotions get stored at the spot of this chakra. It's a physical expression of sadness.

It's not just that one spot in your throat, though, that's associated with the throat chakra. The shoulders and ears link to this chakra, and they're two other places where you can experience physical discomfort if something is out of balance with this chakra. That's why an earache could be a sign from the energy of your throat chakra telling you to speak and listen for a response. Getting physically ill also has its effects on the chakra system. If you come down with laryngitis, for instance, your throat chakra could also be affected. In this case, it's time for cleansing.

How to Open Your Throat Chakra

Singing and drinking water are two simple ways to unblock your throat chakra. Thinking of the color blue, since it's the color of this chakra, also helps to open the chakra. Visualize a blue light at your throat or in the other associated areas where you're experiencing problems. You can also wear jewelry, like a necklace or earrings, that use blue gems to balance the chakra. Finally, speaking with love is a great way to keep your throat chakra balanced.

How to Open the Third Eye Chakra

Everybody has the potential to access the third eye. Most people just don't know how to open it to reach its power. The third eye can allow you to visually sense and interpret the energy that exists around you. It lets you see motion, activity, and the exchange of energy.

Is Your Third Eye Blocked?

Though you've likely heard of the third eye, you may not realize that it's also associated with the sixth chakra. The sixth chakra is your psychic chakra. It's found in the middle of your forehead, just above your eyebrows. The chakra is also closely linked to the pineal gland. In most cases, the pineal gland stays dormant in people. The same is true of the third eye.

In the average person, the pineal gland and third eye remains unused and atrophied. Exercises, though, can unblock this tiny gland and open the chakra and third eye, giving you access to a world of possibilities.

The Symptoms of a Blocked Third Eye

Though it often stays dormant, everyone in fact has access to his or her third eye. When you have what many call a gut feeling, or a hunch, and you act on it, you're making use of your third eye. Your third eye is a sense, and acting on hunches is only the beginning of its potential. You can develop this part of you to be more accurate and refined than a simple hunch. A natural part of every person, the third eye is like a part of your body that brings your mind and senses together to form a more powerful sensory organ. You're using it already when you notice patterns happening in your life. The third eye puts information on top of other senses to reveal patterns to you. But you're leaving this potential blocked if you don't fully open your third eye.

How to Open Your Third Eye

You can use the sense of your third eye in many diverse ways. It can give you insight into hidden connections to answer questions. Those who work with energy can feel the energies that surround them, and then take conscious steps to manipulate that energy. On a simple level, when you have empathy, you're using the third eye to feel the emotions that other people hold.

Easy exercises can open your third eye. For instance, while sitting straight and breathing comfortably, put light pressure on your tongue with your teeth and repeat the "thoh" mantra. Do it five times in a row, and repeat for a few days. You may feel a tingling sensation or even get a headache. But you'll know you've opened your third eye, and with it endless possibilities for empathy and vision.

Opening your third eye gives you access to the empathy and energy inherent in your daily existence. Building on those hunches and feelings you experience anyway, an unblocked third eye opens a world of potential. How to Open the Crown Chakra

As the foundation for the spiritual body, the crown chakra plays a huge role in your day-to-day existence. A blocked crown chakra can make you feel very disconnected from the spiritual side of your life, leaving you feeling helpless and lost. It can also mean that you're less open-minded to those around you. Learning the signs of a blocked crown chakra and how to open it again can expand your potential for love.

Is Your Crown Chakra Blocked?

You can find the crown chakra, or seventh chakra, at your crown area or the top of your head. A block in the crown chakra can manifest in spiritual disconnect. If you find yourself feeling disconnected from the Source, which for you could be the Universe, God, Consciousness, or Spirit, this could indicate a blocked crown chakra.

When this happens, you will likely feel lost and like you don't belong. If you're having a hard time expressing or even simply accepting the spiritual side of yourself and your life, this is a sign that your crown chakra is blocked. You may experience these feelings as a sense that something divine is missing from your daily movements.

What a Blocked Crown Chakra Feels Like

A blocked crown chakra can show itself in many ways. If you're in a situation you can't control but feel overcome with bitterness or frustration, this is a clear symptom of a blocked crown chakra. Likewise, feelings of insignificance or helplessness in the world can also mean your crown chakra is blocked. Fortunately, there are things you can do to open it. This is true even if you don't consider yourself spiritual or believe that anything exists beyond the physical realm. Consider that everything functions as energy. This means that focusing on freeing your own flow of energy can translate into a more rewarding, richer life overall.

How to Unblock Your Crown Chakra

After unblocking your crown chakra, you'll feel like you're born anew. Opening this chakra enhances your sense of self-love, which then expands outward. To do it, first sit down and cross your legs. Put your hand on your stomach, letting your little fingers point up and away from your body. Touch the tops of your fingers, and cross the rest of them, keeping your left thumb beneath the right one.

Now, direct your concentration to the area of the crown chakra, the top of your head. Quietly and clearly, chant the sound "ng." Make sure you do your best to keep your mind at peace and remain completely relaxed. Do this for a few minutes. A blocked crown chakra can disconnect you from the spiritual side of life while leaving you feeling helpless and closed-minded. Luckily, exercises can help you unblock the crown chakra and expand your love.

What Can Help Balance Your Chakras?

By aligning your chakras, you'll feel more at peace with the world. There are literally hundreds of ways to support chakra alignment, but take a look at these six most common and most effective ways.

  1. Aromatherapy
    Every sense in your body plays a role on your chakras. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to only focus on sight and hearing. Aromatherapy can do wonders in aligning and supporting your chakras. There are many different types of incense that can have an effect on the body. For instance, lavender and chamomile are very calming. You can use scents to transform bad energy into good energy to align your chakras.
  2. Meditation
    Meditation is all about clearing your mind so that all the good energy can flow into it. Find a quiet place to think where you can be alone. Then, sit quietly and focus all of your energy on removing negative thoughts from your mind. When your chakras are out of balance, it takes more time to meditate than general maintenance meditation, but don't get discouraged. You can also add yoga to your meditation routine when your chakras need a little extra help. Learn more about meditation in this guide.
  3. Positive Thinking (White Light)
    Another way to align your chakras is through positive thinking. It's similar to meditation in that you clear your mind, but then you think of a bright white light circling around you. This white light protects you from negative energy. It heals your chakras and prevents you from future attacks. If you’re not sure how to perform positive thinking and white light rituals, talk to an online psychic for guidance.
  4. Color Therapy
    Color has a lot of power. For instance, if you walk into a restaurant that is painted yellow and red, it makes you hungry and also makes you want to eat faster. Likewise, other colors have an effect on your body and your chakras. You can create a color therapy routine to help you align your chakras. Incorporate blues, whites, purples, and grays to calm your body and heal your soul.
  5. Reiki Healing
    Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique that heals the chakras. It helps people with low energy rejuvenate their bodies. Reiki is all about hand placement. The technique forces bad energy out of your chakras so that it can be replaced with good energy. Reiki is actually easier than you think because it focuses on natural healing—something that everyone is capable of doing. Learn more about Reiki in this guide.
  6. Auras
    People often mention auras in casual conversation, but they're not always clear about what they mean. From seeing auras to understanding them, there's plenty to learn about them. Discover what different auras mean and how you can begin to see them yourself in this guide.

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