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Libra Zodiac Sign Guide

Libra Zodiac Sun Sign

September 23 - October 22

Sun in Libra

Libra is the seventh sign of the Western zodiac. Libra is an airy and cardinal sign, who is known to promote balance and bring beauty wherever they go. Justice and balance are the gifts of the Libra zodiac sign. Those born under Libra are known for their strong desire for fairness and for eye for beauty. Libras will always take the time to contemplate all sides of a situation to create the best outcome. From an outside perspective, this might seem indecisive, but Libras like to be sure they are working from the best possible information they have to make their move.

People born between September 23 and October 22 are represented by the scales, a symbol of balance and justice. It is the only sign of the zodiac that does not have an association with a living thing. The Libra astrological sign falls under the element of Air and is ruled by Venus. Libra is drawn to all things beautiful. They often have an amazing eye for colors and patterns. Most Libras can't bear to be surrounded by drabness or coarseness, so one of the first things they do when entering a new space is to redecorate to create a more harmonious vibe. They have a reputation for being easy-going, but the truth is when Libra is in a situation they see as unbalanced, they can be quite aggressive in making sure balance is restored.

Ready to dig deeper into what makes a Libra tick? In true Libra fashion, let's take in all the rich layers of energies, symbols, planetary influences, personality, quirks, and compatibility of this balanced energy whose charming personality has a magnetizing power of its own!

Libra Mode + Element Libra Ruling Planet Self-Discovery Libra Spirit Animal
Cardinal, Air Venus Achieved Through Balance Swan
Libra House Libra Color Libra Symbol Libra Crystal
Seventh Indigo The Scales Opal
Libra Tarot Card Libra Lucky Numbers Libra Body Parts Libra Lucky Day
Justice 4,6,9 Lower Back, Kidneys, Appendix Friday
Libra Chakra Libra Biggest Fear Libra Guiding Principles Best Pets for Libra
Heart Unfairness I Balance Cat, Shih Tzu, Goldendoodle

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Libra Symbolism and Meaning

Libra is represented by the scales. The Libra symbol meaning is fitting, as it represents Libra's innate drive for things to be fair and balanced. In an argument with Libras, they stay calm and usually take great pains to understand the opinion of the other party. To a Libra, the only way to 'win' an argument is when both parties come away from it with a deeper understanding than they had before, with a solution that is fair to everyone. Because of the desire to give all their options fair consideration, they can take quite a long time coming to a final decision. They are very unlikely to be swayed by emotional arguments and will often tune those out.

"Libras either care too much or they don't care at all." #LibraQuotes

Libra Season, Element, and Mode

Libra Season is influenced by its Element, Air, and its Mode, which is Cardinal. If you are a Libra, you'll experience these forces acting directly upon your personality, and if you're not a Libra, you'll benefit from the energy of Libra Season supporting you in your endeavors.

Libra Season

To understand the gifts of Libra Season, consider the beauty of a fall day, when the trees are ablaze in red and gold, while daylight and nighttime are equally balanced. The world is taking a moment to pause between the activity of the summer and the quiet of winter. Libras understand the importance of pausing to contemplate. They know balance is a moving target and we must take time to truly think about the space we find ourselves in and what is needed to ensure the balance is kept. What brings balance in one moment, may not in another so we must always remain open to new knowledge when it presents itself.

Everyone can benefit from the energy of Libra Season, by taking the time to really examine our lives and figure out where we are out of balance. Have you been neglecting one aspect of your life in favor of another? How does that shift in attention impact other things? In Libra season, you have the wisdom of the scales helping you find your balance so that you can live in a way that is truly aligned with who you are.

Libra Element

Air brings the clarity of clear thought to make wise decisions. Libra energy thrives when stale, old ideas are released to make room for new information. Libra does not hold on to things just because of tradition or sentiment. Libra welcomes new information that deepens their understanding of the world, and analyzes everything down to the smallest detail. The perspective that new knowledge brings is valued, and Libra has no problem changing their outlook based on it. Libras feel the John Keats quote, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" on a spiritual level, because of their need to take in as much information as possible to arrive at the truth and their love of beauty. Libra believes in beauty and harmony on both a mental and physical level. But Libra's wind can blow cold sometimes when they elevate the mind over the heart.

Libra Mode

Libra's Mode is Cardinal, meaning that the Sun enters Libra at the beginning of a season. Cardinal signs are born leaders, initiators, and movers and shakers. Libra relishes the exchange of new ideas and loves vetting each one thoroughly to see how they add to their understanding. Sometimes they can get a little caught up in their need to digest the next new bit of information, especially in our data-heavy world, where new knowledge is being churned out every second. An emotionally healthy Libra will do their best to keep an open mind while understanding that at some point they must act on the best knowledge that they have at that moment.

Libra Ruling Planet

Venus, the Goddess of Love, is the ruler of Libra. Venus energy is feminine, ruling over all aspects of beauty and harmony. Libra is drawn to all things beautiful; indeed, they tend to become obsessed with appearances, including their own. They're uncomfortable with coarseness or crudeness, often comporting themselves as perfect ladies and gentlemen. They always have an elegant air to themselves and their living spaces. They do their best to keep the harmony between a group of people. Because Libra is a cerebral sign ruled by Venus, they tend to describe ideas using words typically descriptive of appearances, as in "a beautiful thought," "an elegant design," or an "exquisite concept."

Libra Ruling House

The Seventh House of the zodiac symbolizes our relationships with others. It's usually associated with marriage, but it can also touch on long-lasting friendships, business partnerships, and even enemies. With the Sun in the Seventh House of Libra, it confers on Libra an ability to be able to work with just about anyone, including avowed enemies. Their innate charm helps to win people over.

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"Words that terrify Libra: Decision, Commitment, and Deadline." #LibraQuotes

Libra Traits and Characteristics

All the astrological factors come together to define the pattern of Libra traits and characteristics that make up their personality. While Libra characteristics may be expressed in nuanced ways based on common social patterns of gender, the basic construct can be universally applied to understand Libra men and Libra women alike.

Libra Personality

Libra traits include being fair, harmonious, and pleasant. Libras care about social status and they want to be liked. They value tact and diplomacy, so their communication is frequently indirect. Libras share the trait of intellectual curiosity with their fellow Air signs. To a Libra, the more information they have to work with, the better. They like to have a deep understanding of a situation from every possible angle before they render a decision.

What Libra fears are lack of harmony, lack of balance, and unfairness. With a Libra zodiac sign as your Sun Sign, you naturally prefer that things are calm and harmonious around you. But since you are so sensitive to any discordant notes in your environment, you have been known to take dramatic steps when needed to return things to what you perceive as a soothing state of equilibrium. Indeed, the dark side of Libra can lead them to be quite despotic and manipulative when they want to achieve something. That may well surprise people who are only familiar with Libra's laid-back style.

"Sometimes Libras want to make others feel happy so bad that they forget to make themselves happy." #LibraQuotes

If there's a Libra in your life, you know they are so open-minded that they can talk themselves into and out of a particular stance, sometimes several times in one conversation. Recognize that their need to fairly consider all the pros and cons means that they will take their time making a decision, and also that once their decision has been made, they will have a line of sound reasoning to back them up. Try to rush them, and they may smile and give you a diplomatic answer to keep the peace. But they will take exactly as much time considering as they were going to take anyway.

Libra Man

The Libra man personality is that of a sweet talker, brimming with the desire to talk about ideas with just a few people rather than in front of a large group. He has a good balance of both masculine and feminine energy. His ability to get along with a wide range of people means that you'll never have to stress out too much when introducing him to your friends and family. As long as he's within his comfort zone of intellectual ideas, culture, and worldly experiences, he can talk to anyone.

Libra's charm wins him many admirers, so he doesn't often need to pursue though he can. Since he is also very much a gentleman, he never pushes either. Good manners are exceedingly important to him; he won't tolerate being treated in an impolite or vulgar way. Venus as his ruling planet adds a romantic streak to his personality. He loves little gestures of affection, like cuddling, as well as being an enthusiastic lover. Although it can take him a long time to make up his mind, he is looking for a partner to have a happily ever after with.

The Libra man is a cerebral Air sign balanced by romantic Venus as a ruling planet. He can be inwardly insecure, yet project overconfidence. He seeks a partner who balances him out, bringing out more of the best he has to give. Keep in mind that he will shy away from people who cause drama, especially in public. You can read more about the rewards and challenges of Loving a Libra Man in this article by Psychic Iris which further describes Libra man characteristics.

Libra Woman

The personality traits of the Libra woman embody the beauty and beguiling nature of her ruling planet, Venus. The Libra woman is a vivacious conversationalist who has no problem being the pursuer or the one being pursued. A committed relationship is her ideal, but she's willing to wait for the right partner to come along.

The world doesn't always live up to Libra's standards for fairness and beauty, and she may be prone to depression. Libra women can obsess over appearances, leading to anxious rumination about how others perceive her, and a drive to find an outlet for the pent-up energy of hidden fears and insecurities. This may manifest itself in a quest for more knowledge, certifications, or degrees, a relentless drive to improve her physical strength and appearance, or even compulsive shopping.

All Libras value a beautiful and comfortable home, and you will often see the Libra woman be quite adamant about the décor choices. Art collecting may very well be one of her hobbies. She actively seeks out all the worldly luxuries that life has to offer. She doesn't have the minimalist tendencies of Virgo, but all the elements must harmonize with each other. She may well be a fan of DYI projects, so long as she is sure that the end product won't look amateurish or out of place. She may also be a fastidious gardener, loving to incorporate beauty in her outdoor spaces as much as her indoor ones.

Libra Strengths

Libra strengths are as charming, fair-minded individuals who want to be a part of ensuring a peaceful and idealistic environment. As a progressive thinker unafraid of change, Libra is attracted to cutting-edge ideas and technologies. Libras seek to bring people, information, and ideas together to cooperate and collaborate. When faced with what they perceive as confrontation or negativity, their first impulse is to run in the other direction, but when they take the emotion out of the situation, they make wonderful mediators between people with conflicting ideas. Because Libra has a hard time taking sides, they prefer to play the part of a referee till all parties reach some form of consensus. Although Libra is far more comfortable in two-person partnerships than larger teams, adding Libra to the mix of any situation increases the chance of cooperation.

Like other Air Signs, Libras can be social butterflies who know how to network. They enjoy making introductions and are experts at putting people together. They share Aquarius and Gemini's passion for talking about concepts and ideas, but each sign expresses it differently. Aquarius gathers with a large, lively workgroup to brainstorm the next breakthrough; Gemini is the life of a party sharing insights and facts drawn from all over popular culture and media, and Libra is starting a book group with one or two close friends to discuss the latest application of academic research to address real-world challenges.

Libra's affinity for beauty often means they have terrific taste in clothing and know how to make the most of what they have, often appearing younger than their years. As Virgo is drawn to organize, Libra is drawn to beautify. Another Libra strength is striving for harmony in their personal relationships. Libra wants to make sure their partner knows that they hear and respect them.

Libra Weaknesses

Libra's accommodating personality can have its drawbacks too, which include indecision, procrastination, and reluctance to take a strong stand on things. Libra wants everyone to be happy, but sometimes can over-rely on things like little white lies to keep the peace. While a Libra will eventually notice when a situation would be better served by shaking things up, it might take them some time to reach that conclusion. Being pushed to decide quickly or having to negotiate too many differences can make them feel drained. Libra may end up defaulting to saying things are 'fine' while absolutely seething on the inside. They are masters at keeping their anger hidden or at least outwardly minimized. They evade confrontation, remaining quiet and composed while holding fast onto grudges. They need to learn how to assert their beliefs without resorting to passive aggression.

Conversely, Libras can come across as argumentative, often enjoying taking a role as devil's advocate. As much as they claim to want peace and harmony, they enjoy testing limits, even if it generates chaos and conflict. To them, this is simply trying to see things from another perspective, but many Libras possess an unacknowledged egotistical streak which causes them to believe that the best perspective is their own and to use the process of collecting feedback as a cover for validating their own conclusions. Because they work hard to keep this trait hidden, others see them as people who aren't firm in their convictions. It's true most Libras do not like to be pushed into taking a stand until they have all the facts. They simply feel a need to analyze complex issues, hear other perspectives, and weigh pros and cons. Many come across as cold because they aren't terribly receptive to emotional arguments. If pushed past limits continuously enough, they can be calculating and vengeful, but most often they will simply shut the other person out of their life to restore equilibrium.

Libras often surround themselves with "yes men," partly because this preserves the illusion of harmony, and party because they're dependent on others for help with making decisions and for keeping up appearances. In this regard, they may lead a double life and can be somewhat hypocritical. Their ego drives them to project an image of impartiality and objectivity, despite being inwardly vain and judgmental. Their insecurities can lead them to obsess over how others see them, yet they may remain blind to all but their well-crafted self-reflection in the mirror. At the same time, they truly don't want to be deceived, which sets up an inner conflict and their karmic journey. The path to growth starts with acknowledging both their shadow and their light, as one cannot exist without the other. With greater self-awareness, they can begin to apply their drive for balance to their own inner and outer life and reconcile the conflict between self-concept and behavior.

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"Libras only lose their cool when they fall in love." #LibraQuotes

Libra in a Relationship

As a friend, Libra is sympathetic, kind, and someone you can count on to really listen and understand what you have to say. Be aware that they expect you to pay close attention to them in return, as one of their triggers is to feel that they haven't been heard. Differences in background usually present no stumbling block towards friendship with Libra. They think of themselves as mentors and enjoy helping others with their problems.

As a lover, Libra is a curious balance of both head and heart. Despite being governed by the Goddess of Love, it's Libra's head which rules their heart. Still, they are happiest when their partner is happy too. Libras love pleasing their partner, whether it's with a thoughtful gift or a tender lovemaking session. Outwardly submissive and inwardly dominant, Libras are masterful in getting their way in a pleasant and non-confrontational manner.

A Libra won't rush into a commitment but ultimately does want to find a partner with whom they can have a loving, long-term relationship. When a relationship ends, their analytical nature and ability to emotionally detach help them recover quickly with little to no emotional downtime.

Love assets for the Libra Sun Sign are thoughtfulness, willingness to listen, and a desire to please. The love challenges for those born under the Libra zodiac sign include swallowing their feelings to keep the peace, manipulation, and passive-aggressiveness.

Dating a Libra

In dating, a Libra is fine with initiating or letting their partner take the lead. They don't have a problem with casual hookups in theory. But too many of those leave them longing for something that feeds their romantic nature. At the same time, they do not like rushing into anything. They want to be sure that they and their partner are on the same wavelength on most things to ensure a better chance at a peaceful life. Libras love the 'getting to know you' phase of the relationship, especially when it opens them up to new perspectives they hadn't considered. Like other Air signs, they don't tolerate boredom or being stuck in a routine all that well, though they will stick it out for a little longer than the other two to keep the peace.

Libra's favorite dates include anything that has a touch of beauty and refinement, like art museums, symphony performances, or poetry readings. When planning a getaway, be sure to appeal to their love of beauty. Pick restaurants known for their ambiance and presentation and pack clothing designed to flatter and entice.

Libra Expectations in Relationship

For those born under the Libra Sun Sign, their goal is to find the perfect partner and live a life of beauty and contentment. Libras want love, but it has to be on their own terms. They don't like to deal with messy emotions, and they want an attentive sounding board for their ideas. They seek a partner with complementary traits, because only by comparing themselves to others in a safe environment can they begin to explore their own strengths and weaknesses -- a critical part of their spiritual journey.

Once they do commit, they will do all that they can to support the health of the relationship. They accept their partner has a balance of positive and negative traits and will support them in their interests and encourage their development. Though they admire strength in a partner, as a Cardinal Sign they need to lead the relationship, preferably without any pushback or resistance. If that happens, expect to engage in several lengthy intellectual debates that prove why your Libra was correct. Libra is looking to win the argument but wants to feel like there was a fair compromise and not that you simply acquiesced under pressure, even if that is exactly what happened. Despite this blind spot, a Libra in love is loyal, willing to give of themselves, and make their relationship a top priority.

Libra and Sex

Ease, stability, and beauty are the three magic ingredients for this sign. Libra is an eager to please lover who takes great delight in their partner's satisfaction. The ability to visibly give their lover pleasure is in and of itself a major turn on for Libra. Communicating your desires to them is very appreciated because it makes lovemaking easier. Libra's approach to sex is physical and mental.

Libras need the stability of a loving relationship unencumbered by drama, conflict, and deep emotionality. They can't handle a partner who wants to hurry through lovemaking or fakes an orgasm, though they're not above faking it themselves to keep the peace. This is not a sign that welcomes make-up sex or one that seeks a spiritual union through lovemaking. And it's not a sign prone to cheating either. Libra simply wants a devoted, loving relationship they can count on.

As with most things, Libra appreciates a beautiful aesthetic. Take the time to set the mood with romantic touches like rose petals and beautiful lingerie. Libra enjoys mirrors in the bedroom and finds it hard to get in the mood if the lovemaking space is cluttered or dirty.

Best Compatibility with Libra

Grounded and sensual, the most compatible signs with Libra are other Air Signs -- specifically another Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius, and Fire Signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. A pairing of air signs offers intellectual attraction, communication, and compatibility, though passion may be somewhat lacking. Fire signs offer the passionate spark that draws air signs in. As for signs incompatible with Libra, Earth signs are too grounding and water signs, although sharing some free-flowing properties, are just too cloying.

Keep in mind that compatibility is driven by more than your Sun Sign and its associated Element and Mode. Knowing where the Ascendant, Moon, and Venus appear in your chart and that of your partner or person of interest can help you understand zodiac combability at a deeper level as these positions can mitigate or overcome incompatibility at the Sun Sign level.

Libra Libra

Libra and Libra

Two Libras have amazing rapport with each other. They share a deep appreciation of all things beautiful and want nothing more than to be surrounded by loveliness and harmony alongside an understanding partner. But navigating life's practicalities may be a challenge for Libras who deal with unpleasantness by procrastinating. And with two people who tend to be indecisive and beat around the bush, someone needs to take the initiative to be direct when it's needed. This couple needs to trust that their relationship can handle disagreements better when they are honest about their needs.

Libra Gemini

Libra and Gemini

These signs are very comfortable in a world of words, and often will start their relationship after a few rounds of the witty banter that naturally flows between the two. Gemini adds a lot of fun energy to Libra's life. And Libra adds a touch of elegant refinement that Gemini can't help but admire. Both signs love to share ideas, travel, and experience new adventures. You both prefer sex that feels comfortable and light-hearted, a balanced mix of variety and romance. But Gemini needs to make sure that they aren't talking over peace-loving Libra, who needs to feel listened to and heard. And Libra needs to remember not to take Gemini's lack of filter personally. But they are very well suited to each other if they can overcome these issues.

Libra Aquarius

Libra and Aquarius

Libra and Aquarius both are very social signs and have the ability to talk to just about anyone. This couple likes to go out often to experience new things together. And they love the stimulating conversation that comes afterward. Libra admires Aquarius' fast-thinking, creative mind, and Aquarius is attracted to Libra's romantic ways. The risk in this relationship is that while they both are extremely aware of the expectations of their social circles and society at large, Aquarius has a rebel streak that might come out too often for people-pleasing Libra's liking. And Aquarius's disdain of conformity might make them frustrated with Libra's reluctance to shake up the status quo unless absolutely necessary. They need to understand that there is a time and place for both harmony and rebellion and respect that their partner will be with them through both phases and everything in between.

Libra Aries

Libra and Aries

Lively Aries creates fireworks in a relationship with Libra. They usually have an intense emotional connection right from the start and the sex between the two of them is passionate. But they need to remember the strength of that emotional connection when friction arises. Brash Aries will eventually do something that rubs Libra the wrong way. And Libra's slow way of making decisions is like torture to speedy Aries. But Aries has the ability to help Libra be braver and Libra can help Aries find the finesse and structure they need to reach their goals. The key to making this relationship work is to commit to work as a team, with each of you playing defined roles that play to your strengths.

Libra Leo

Libra and Leo

Charismatic Leo loves showing off their smart and attractive Libra. And Libra's gift with words and knack for knowing what people need to hear is music to Leo's ears. They both love attention and have a need for some sort of outside validation. Without it, Libra tends to wilt a little inside but show a good face on the outside, and Leo will throw a fit and assume the issue is with the other person, not themselves. This outlines one of the biggest hurdles between them, assuming they know how the other is thinking. Leo's shouldn't take Libra's lack of complaint as an indicator that things are just fine between them. And Libra shouldn't assume their relationship is doomed every time Leo acts like a diva. Communication is good for any couple, but these two really need to be clear about their feelings. Libra needs loving reassurance and Leo thrives on appreciation and praise.

Libra Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius

Libra admires Sagittarius' adventurous spirit and Sagittarius loves Libra's open-minded intelligence. The two are very well matched in terms of desire for romance and sexual compatibility. And they love spending time debating ideas with each other with an intensity few other signs can match. But Sagittarius has to watch themselves when they're being too dogmatic and blunt. And Libra needs to learn to give themselves permission to discuss their emotional state as freely as they share ideas with Sagittarius. They'll need to compromise on spending money, as Libra's desire to spend on the best clothing, cars, and luxuries will feel frivolous to a sign who would rather spend on experiences than things. Fortunately, this match shares a sense of humor that can transcend these differences. These two have the potential to bring out the best in each other, but they need to trust each other.

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The Libra Parent

Libra parents love having a beautiful, peaceful home for their children to grow up in. Their goal is to give their offspring an idyllic childhood that will serve as a good base for them as they grow into adults. With a keen sense of fairness, Libra parents listen to both sides of an argument between their children and will help them come up with a solution. They'll delight in exposing them to art and culture, with lessons to follow any aptitude or interest their child shows.

Libra parents tend to be inwardly critical and outwardly competitive, which can translate into putting pressure on their children to outshine their peers. They're often keenly interested in parenting trends and they do their research. They need to spend less time agonizing if 'they're doing parenting right' and more time just enjoying the growth in the little person in front of them.

The Libra Mother

Positive qualities of a Libra mother are gentleness, fairness, and being a good listener. Challenges for the Libra mother include trying too hard to keep up a veneer of perfection, and nervousness over how well their child fits in. A Libra Mom will impart a strong sense of right and wrong in her children, and her children will see her as a role model. But sometimes her need to be a fun mom keeps her from enforcing the sense of structure that children need.

The Libra Father

Positive qualities of the Libra father include being a good-natured, supportive of his children's interests, and lots of fun. Challenges for the Libra father are setting boundaries, being inconsistent, and not knowing how to say 'no'. The gregarious Libra dad wants to be liked by his children, and his sense of humor and kind mannerisms often have him succeed. But every child is going to clash with their parent at some point, no matter how well they get along. He needs to set aside worrying about how he will be perceived to figure out how to proceed.

"Be there for Libra, especially when they have to make up their minds." #LibraQuotes

Libra Career

Libras are at their best in any situation that requires a partnership. They don't gravitate towards leadership positions unless it involves sharing the power and responsibilities in some way. A Libra can often find a good resolution to a situation involving two wildly different points of view. They are excellent negotiators as the most difficult negotiations call upon their outward drive for harmony and their inner competitive streak. Another natural fit for Libra is law, given their concern with fairness and able minds. Clear, rational, and detailed thinking, and a facility for communication will win over a judge and jury. Libras are also natural diplomats. A career in politics might suit them very well.

They also may find a home in the fashion and beauty industry because of their impeccable eye for beauty. Some Libras excel in fields related to arts and culture such as museum curators, theater critics, antique dealers, or talent agents. And of course, any business that regularly deals in public relations would benefit from having a Libra on board.

Libra and Money

Libra likes having enough money to keep themselves surrounded by beauty, luxury, and the signs of social status. Their charm allows them to do well in their careers, leveraging their network so that they are earning a decent living. They sometimes dither about the smallest financial decisions, like how to exactly determine a budget or which savings plan to choose. They're indecisive about investments, and they like to have money in the bank. They enjoy haggling over price and assume everything is negotiable. If a negotiation isn't going in their favor, they're not afraid to walk, and this alone can usually turn the tide.

A fair amount of Libra's budget goes to clothes, cars, multiple homes, tech "toys," and the like. Yet they also have a very practical streak when it comes to spending. Libras can be great bargain hunters, especially if outings are framed as an adventure. And a Libra is discerning enough to know when something is a treasure, or if it's best left on the rack.

Cherish gifts of clothing given to you by a Libra. A lot of thought was put into how well it would look on you.

Libra Intuition

Libra's way of making friends easily gives them an insight into other people's behavior. Since they know so much about what people find appealing, they develop a sixth sense around what others might do in a given situation.

Libra Health and Wellness

Libra is associated with the skin, lower back, kidneys, and appendix, and health concerns often manifest there first. Low back pain and rheumatic diseases are common Libra complaints. Libras are sensitive to cold temperatures. If a Libra is under stress, they will try to hide it but the condition of their skin can belie their emotional state. They tend to prefer whole foods and prize good health and fitness.

Libra loves spending time in the beautiful home they make for themselves. They find deep contentment in just being in an expansive, comfortable space, especially if there's room for a home spa. Scheduling a little downtime when they don't feel rushed is a must for Libra. If it's unstructured, even better, just to give Libra space to really get a feel for what is actually going on in their own minds and hearts when they don't have to be 'on' for others. They'll do best if their meditative time involves movement over sitting in place, as their tendency to sit with decisions needs a more active outlet.

On weekends, Libra loves catching up with friends, whether it's over brunch in the morning or drinks in the evening. Libra's OK with it all, as long as their need to socialize is met. Expect beauty to be involved somehow, whether it's as straightforward as getting a massage or facial, or part of a long-term maintenance plan for a strong and beautiful body, like Pilates, yoga, or barre. Libras prefer a tough group workout, over a solitary work out at the gym. They prefer outdoor activities that involve manicured gardens, but they know how to put together a cute and functional outfit if they will be involved in a more physical activity.

Libra Chakra

Gentle Libra resonates with the Heart Chakra, located in the center of the chest. An open Heart Chakra can inspire overflowing love and attraction, while a blocked Heart Chakra can lead to emotional pain and substantial sorrow.

Libra Purpose, Inspiration, and Mantra

As a Cardinal Air sign, Libra thrives on forthright thinking. This is why a Libra's purpose in life is to create situations allowing for a fair exchange and vetting of ideas. Libra wants to be the one who can create good solutions from the synthesis of the best thoughts people have to offer. Inspiration comes from hearing both sides of a story.

Because the flip side of Libra's nature is to be indecisive in the face of conflicting information, a mantra such as "I have the wisdom needed to make timely decisions" would be helpful in bolstering their confidence in themselves.

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Other Unique Libra Facts

Food Maybe Libra doesn’t need a four-star dining experience every time they eat, but food should look appealing. They like having a variety of colors and textures on their plate, which is a good thing as that’s usually recommended as part of healthy eating.
Fashion No one knows beauty like Libra. No matter what their style, they always look amazingly put together. Even the most low-maintenance Libras manage to make a t-shirt and jeans look runway ready.
Color-Palette Pretty pastels suit Libra’s delicate nature, with special attention given to light blue. They do pull off bold jewel tones, but those don’t feel as natural to Libra as the lighter colors do.
Libra Luck Libras are lucky with finding the perfect pieces of clothing to flatter and dazzle.
Halloween Costume Fashion icons would be appropriate for Libra like Audry Hepburn’s look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, or Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
Travel Destination A Libra needs downtime to turn off all the browser tabs open in their mind and space to be themselves. Pick a peaceful but gorgeous venue for your getaway, like the Grand Canyon, Tuscany, or Venice.
Gifts for Libra

A Libra will always give you a polite thank you no matter what you give, but if you care for them, make it appeal to their mind and make it pretty.

  • Framed art
  • Beautiful coffee table books
  • Autobiographies of people they admire
  • Home spa items
  • Luxury skincare
  • Perfume or cologne

Libra in Your Chart

Moon in Libra

Your Moon Sign describes your emotional energies, instinctual reactions, and what you need to feel emotionally complete. If your Moon is in Libra, you may often find yourself wondering why everyone just can't get along. You regularly get cast in the role of peacemaker (which when combined with a more opinioned sign manifests as almost a compulsion to 'fix things'). You'll usually find yourself drifting away from situations that stay complicated despite your best effort. You have an unconscious drive to add a spot of beauty wherever you go.

Rising in Libra

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, describes how you appear to others, as well as how you go about getting what you want. If you're a Libra Rising, you may appear to the world as beautiful, graceful, and even-tempered. Signs known for their emotional outbursts will wonder at your ability to retain your composure when tempers flare yet might also see you as chilly. Signs with more definite and rarely changing opinions might question your sincerity. But those with Libra Rising have a way of turning enemies into allies, or even friends. Such is the ability of this sign to create harmony from discord.

Venus in Libra

The position of Venus in your astrological chart describes how you relate to others romantically. The appeal of Venus in Libra men and women is their ability to indulge their sensual side fully while being discrete. If you have Venus in Libra in your chart, you know how to take an ordinary encounter and elevate it into something extraordinary. Lovers often come to you quite easily, but make sure that you don't downplay the specialness of a connection because it comes too easy for you. Stop second-guessing yourself in matters of the heart.

"Libra views romantic relationships as art, it needs to be beautiful or it's not worth having." #LibraQuotes

What Does Your Astrological Chart Say?

If you're a Libra or have Libra in your astrological chart, you've probably recognized yourself in these descriptions. Now it's time to apply Libra wisdom to your life -- the situations you're facing, the decisions you need to make, and the possibilities yet to be revealed. An astrologer can guide you through all this and more, building on the Libra Awareness you have from reading this guide.

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