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Mercury Meaning

Mercury influences not just how you think and how you communicate, but also the way you communicate – your voice. Endlessly curious, Mercury is a planet of intellect and reason, and its placement within a house and a sign on your astrology chart influences how you classify, analyze, and synthesize information, find the meaning in it, and articulate it to others. By seeking out a professional astrologer for insight, you can learn what Mercury seeks to influence in your life and how it goes about it.

Mercury in the Houses

Mercury in the First House

There’s an air of mischief surrounding people with Mercury in the first house. They often use quite colorful language to get their point across, but there’s no mistaking their meaning. It’s very important to those with this placement to be heard, and to speak first if possible. They may make several irreverent but highly witty comments when you first meet them. Starting new things rarely intimidates them.

There is a tendency for those with this placement to talk over other people. They want to get their thoughts out as fast as possible and sometimes they ignore the niceties. Those with Mercury in the First House often will go off enthusiastically about their latest obsession at any opportunity. They can also fail to read the room if they’ve gone on for too long.

Mercury in the Second House

Speedy Mercury can feel a little constrained in the Second House. While those with this placement likely will find they can make money in fields involving words or communications for other people, they may find it hard to promote themselves or talk themselves up in any way. People with Mercury in the Second House may find that money goes out as fast as it comes in if they aren’t careful.

Words are important enough to those with Mercury in the Second House that they feel they need to take time to get them right. They are people who mean what they say and say what they mean though. When they do take the time to speak up, their words are pragmatic and centering. People with this placement make quiet friends, but they listen well, and give down to earth advice.

Mercury in the Third House

Mercury feels right at home in this placement! They draw others to them in with their innate conversational skills and are comfortable talking to just about anyone. Those with Mercury in the Third House approach life as if they were perpetual students, curious to learn as much as they can. They often end up learning quite a bit because they are remarkably fast learners.

People with Mercury in the Third House are as quick with their wit as an old west gunslinger is on the draw. While that can amaze and entertain some people, others may find it grating. They are as good at talking themselves into trouble as they are at talking themselves out of it. They also have a way of talking their friends into their schemes too, which may not always be appreciated after the fact.

Mercury in the Fourth House

People with this placement are often soft spoken and many might describe them as genteel. They might seem to be more at home with their books than they are with other people. But they will happily discuss ideas from those books and how those ideas make them feel with close friends. History is often a favorite topic for them, as is politics and psychology. If they don’t go into any of those fields, they still end up being fairly knowledgeable about them.

Those with Mercury in the Fourth House sometimes put such a strong level of importance on traditional (some might say old-fashioned) thinking that they are resistant to new ideas. While they may pride themselves on being cerebral, there is often a strong emotional component to their thoughts that it can be hard for them to be completely objective. They can and will get emotional in a heated argument and it may cloud their ability to express themselves.

Mercury in the Fifth House

Those with this placement are the ones mostly likely to give a bold and motivating speech. They are very charismatic and naturals at any sort of speaking that involves a dramatic flair (from political pronouncements to Shakespearean monologues). People with Mercury in the Fifth House can be inspirational and engaging teachers. Their students remember them fondly as their favorites. Quickness of mind is often a big turn-on for them.

Those with Mercury in the Fifth House are fun and lively lovers, though they might also be fickle too as they often are curious about new people they meet. People with this placement have to be mindful of an unfortunate tendency to over promise and under deliver. They also may talk too much about themselves without realizing it. They love games that allow them to show off their intelligence but can quickly become over competitive.

Mercury in the Sixth House

People with this house have a special genius for being mindful of and remembering all the tiny details needed to make things run smoothly. They may be gifted with photographic memory or perfect recall. They’re whizzes in fields that demand a lot of memorization or detailed knowledge about complex systems. Those with Mercury in the Sixth House make excellent artisans as well. Their meticulous attention in producing their wares attracts a lot of notice.

People with this placement may find that they have issues with anxiety because their mind is always concerned with what could go wrong or what they might have done wrong. They also have a hard time keeping their inner critic from pouncing on others as well as themselves. There is also a tendency to over worry about health issues, even if their meticulous nature has them rigorously adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

Mercury in the Seventh House

People with this placement have a way of making flattery sound sincere and telling people to go to hell in such a sweet manner that they look forward to the trip. But even though they can be utterly charming with their words, those with Mercury in the Seventh House enjoy a good debate. Their mental flexibility makes it easy for them to play either side of the argument. It is also helpful for them to talk things out so they can better understand what it is they actually think.

If anything, people with this placement are a little too good at talking out of both sides of their mouths. People have a hard time pinning down where they stand. And there’s a good chance that’s exactly the way they like it. Deciding on one definitive position is very difficult for people with this placement! People with Mercury in the Seventh House may waste a lot of mental energy fretting about their relationships. They need regular communication with their partners in order to feel secure.

Mercury in the Eighth House

People with this placement do not do small talk. They far prefer to talk about metaphysics than the weather. They are good at sizing people up quickly. Journaling is an especially beneficial activity for those with Mercury in the Eighth House because it helps them sort through their deeper (and darker) thoughts. It’s also far preferable to them than opening up when they aren’t ready to do that.

People with Mercury in the Eighth House are not overtly aggressive with their words…unless provoked. Then they will unleash verbal fury that has an added punch from their ability to see to the core of a person and pinpoint where their weaknesses are. It is always best to be as upfront as possible with these folks, and not waste their time. If you get one talking, the conversation may take some turns into the strange, but it will memorable.

Mercury in the Ninth House

Usually the jokester of a friend group, people with this placement have a breezy way of communicating that keeps people smiling. But every now and then those with Mercury in the Ninth House will remind you that there is more going on in their minds than planning the next quippy comeback. They’ll happily share some more philosophical thoughts if the situation calls for it. They also seem to be able pick up a second or even a third language quite easily.

Sometimes it is hard to tell when people with Mercury in the Ninth House are being serious. Their reputation as an affable goofball is hard to shake, even when they are trying. Their jokes don’t always land they way they want them to, and they need to watch that they don’t come off too blunt or abrasive. They aren’t the most subtle of folks and may end up saying things they regret later.

Mercury in the Tenth House

The words of someone with Mercury in the Tenth House carry weight. They are proficient enough wordsmiths that their dream careers often revolve around writing. People with this placement are excellent communicators with a strong ability to convey even the most subtle nuances of a complicate topic. They are mentally sharp enough to excel at a variety of careers and may sometimes have several drastic career changes during their lifetime. They will stay longer in positions that offer regular mental challenges.

People with this placement can have a bit of a Machiavellian streak. They know the weight of every word they use and often like to use them to feel a person out. Those with Mercury in the Tenth House like to observe the reactions to their words and know exactly how to tailor them to suit their audience. It is difficult for them not to be disdainful of those who don’t pass their verbal ‘tests’, but they do a very good job of keeping that disdain hidden if it suits their purposes.

Mercury in the Eleventh House

People with this placement are wildly intelligent but also often wildly unconventional. They are the classic absent-minded professors, with their minds so busy turning over their most current big idea, that they forgot to brush their hair and zip up their pants before they left their house. Their enthusiasm for their ideas is infectious, especially when they take the time to explain their reasoning to others. Those with Mercury in the Eleventh House like to surround themselves with anyone who can bring fresh new perspectives to their thinking. This also includes people who they may disagree with, just for the mental challenge of debating their ideas.

As mentioned above, practical thinking isn’t their strongest suit. They just don’t want to be bothered with anything that distracts them from their mental pursuits. They have no concept of wanting to fit in and can come across as highly judgmental of people who don’t show similar levels of devotion to intellectual activities or are overly conventional. If other people think they are strange, it doesn’t bother them a bit. That makes it very difficult for them to modify their behavior, even if dialing it back might be better in some situations.

Mercury in the Twelfth House

Those with this placement often express themselves better through poetry than prose. Words are interesting to them for the multiple levels of meaning they can hold. If someone is in distress, people with Mercury in the Twelfth House know exactly what words to use to soothe them. They are often able to pick up on the subtle non-verbal communication going on around them to get on other people’s wavelength.

Traditional learning does not usually work well for people with this placement. Instruction that is based less on rote memorization and more on experience and creativity suits them better. They need to feel it is safe to express themselves to say anything (though even then they aren’t always the most communicative). Others may dismiss them as day dreamers or space cadets and try to take advantage of their gentle nature. People with Mercury in the Twelfth House need to take their head of the clouds often enough to make sure to protect themselves from ill-intent.

Putting It All together

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